Aime is diagnosed with cancer. I was thinking something with her uterus, where they have the option of taking it out(which would solve everything) or only removing the tumors so that she can still have kids, but the second is more risky. She doesn't care and demands the riskier one against Micah's protests, adding to his frustration and loss. Something small where if they had caught it in time she would have a high chance of surviving but they didn't so it's up in the air until after several kemo treatments and one of the nurses makes a comment that in most of these cases the end isn't good? So Micah is terrified he's going to lose the woman he loves most in the whole world! His new bride. He's sitting in a dark room, going back and forth between sitting on a small bed, pacing the floor, and throwing whatever he can find against the wall and finding satisfaction in hearing it shatter. He's sweating and breathing heavy, but not crying. More like he's panicking over something. Then he grabs a jacket and leaves, slamming the door. Walks around the city some, ignoring hookers who try to solicite him and pretty much anyone else he comes across. He looks up at one point and he's standing outside a church. Rolls his eyes like "I haven't got anything left to lose, why the hell not?" and goes inside. It's totally dark inside but he sits in one of the front center pews, staring up at a painting of the Virgin Mary with the baby Jesus in her arms. And after a while he gets angry. Stands up, starts talking to it. Stuff like "What made you so special? What gave you the right to be up there, to judge everyone else? Didn't you make mistakes? Didn't you ever lie or cheat or break something you couldn't put back together? You preached equality and love for everyone, but did you ever really know what it was like to need those things? Did you? You're perfect, right? So how can you say you know what it's like for a regular person?"..... Silent for a little.... He'd look back up. "Are you even listening right now? There are people who'd shoot me dead for even daring to look at you when I've believed my entire life you never existed. So where's your vengeance, huh? Smite me, all powerful Lord of all! Damn! sh*t! f*ck! I'm swearing right in front of you and nothing! Why?! Where are you?! Where are you?!?"... He'd lean back against one of the pews then, a distressed look on his face, his heart beating fast. "Am I supposed to love you or fear you? Do you... Is it possible that you fear me? That you fear what you've created here? Is that why you hide up in Heaven? Are you scared? Were... Were you? When you died?".... He'd sit down again, head in his hands. "...Tell me what to do..." what he doesn't know is that Aime was already there in that church praying in a side room where he couldn't have seen her and she heard everything he said. she approaches him later at their home and asks him if she can help him, try to answer his questions or something like that?? They talk for a loooooong time and He becomes a believer.