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Kairyyn-GreenUnicorn's Writing
Basically....I like to write....and I also like writing fanfictions. Mostly Percy Jackson and avatar the last air bender, no anime fanfictions. But I do hope to become an author one day and So sometimes I write original things. Sadly i get so much id
Black and White REDONE
Chapter 1
Ever since I turned 15, it began to happen. Every. single. time. Do I enjoy it? No. Is it scary? Yes. Do I remember every single detail in it? Yes. Do I know why it happens?
Absolutely not.
Whenever I am knocked out, or even if I think of the dream, my mind immediately begins to fall. Not as if it's turning off and blacking out. It's As if it's going from my head to another place. In my mind, everything is shimmering in a shower of whiteness, and nothing else. My heart is thumping, a lump in my throat. And then the memory begins, me awaiting it. I'm actually not sure if it's a memory, because it never happened to me. But I always see this same memory, in my dreams, when I'm knocked out, and even when I think about it.
Why is this so called memory so significant? Well, it's not like any other thought I've ever had. It's an image. And I feel like I'm there. inside it. Having it feel as If I'm the one in the memory.
What is this memory you ask?
I'm not going to describe it to you. I'm going to show you. How it feels like when I have this special vision. And why it is the thing that has always haunted my life, made me a bit reluctant to sleep at night. Afraid that I might dream it, feel the pain. And it's what started everything about the rest of my life.
emo emo emo emo
You see a tall girl, around 15 looking, thin and almost as pale as snow, Her nose is sharp, her lips are thin. Her eyes are so blue that they're almost the color of the sky. No, they are the sky. If you look closer into her eyes, you can see shadows ripped through the pretty blue, puffs of white clouds that float across the pupil. Her hair is long enough to touch her lower back, but it is in a loose ponytail that flows down almost like a waterfall. Its blonde, an extremely light color, that it could be mistaken for white. But when she turns her head, you can still see the blonde in its color under the shine of the sun.
She's walking fast, like she knows someone is behind her. Her black boots make a little clip noise every time she stomps off, her blonde hair flying behind her like a cape. She wears nothing but black all except for a white necklace on her neck. A Glass pendant in the shape of a dove hangs from it, and it has this tendency to catch light beams and then bounce them off of its cover, making it shimmer.
As you look at her surroundings, you see she's in a small town, one that looks a bit like the towns that would be in a fairy tale like Cinderella. The girl doesn't seem to fit in with the other girls around her age. Children run around laughing, their giggles making the mood at the beginning of the memory seem almost enjoyable. Your eyes scan around over the shop with newly baked bread for sale and the old man with his donkey until your eyes stop. The girl really was being followed, by a tall bulky man in a dark cape that covered his face as you can't see his eyes. He has a large staff strapped to his back.
The girl turns over her shoulder slightly, looks at him, and then takes off running down the paved road. She leaps over carts and apologizes to an old woman as she almost trips her. She carefully dodges all the crowd of townsfolk, and they all gape at her nimble jumps.
The hooded man on the other hand, pushes through the crowd, bellowing out orders to move for him. They all obey his words, his tone is sharp and demanding. They know that the staff on his back isn't there just for show.
The girl slips into a dark alley as he runs past, her breathing hard. The alley has a garbage full of food and odd objects, and weeds are beginning to grow through the cracks in the wall. Her hair is damp from sweat, but she turns around and is about to run across the other side of the dark alley when the man bumps into her.
"Stop running Kairyyn. Even if you kill me, there are still nine other Zythes that are looking for you. I'm just the lucky one. I'll get revenge for the deed you did."
She girl smiled, showing white teeth. "Sorry Scornv, but your two other friends were asking for it. I had to kill them. Anyway, all twelve of you are wanted criminals in Merlith."
It seemed faster than light, but Scornv pushed Kairyyn against the wall, his hands pushing up her arms.
"We aren't in Merlith kid."He shook off the hood, showing a bald head that was covered in black tattoos of a different language. His eyebrows were scrunched down and scars covered his neck and face. "This is a place beyond your kind. Once I kill you, I'll have to find your Moarx. Once I kill her, then our plans can be completed."
Kairyyn smiled at him. "How do you know my moarx is a 'her'? I don't even know where my moarx is." She said , her words low and deep, as if she was afraid to say them.
Scornv bellowed a laugh as if this was some kind of joke. "You don't know? Of course you know. If you didn't know then how could you be a Keeper? Now spill-" He pulled a pure white knife that seemed to be glass, but was filled with a floating gas like substance from a black sheath on her belt. "Or I kill you using your own weapon."
She rolled her eyes. "I'll tell you again. I don't know. Now will you let me go before I knock you out?" The words seemed confident, but from the look in her eyes, she doesn't seem sure.
"Have it your way." Scornv said, distaste in his voice. Then he plunged the knife through her stumach. She began to crumbled to the earth as she shimmered into white dust, her necklace and knife falling as well. They didn't turn to dust, and Scornv picked them up with a smirk from his lips. "Too easy. And they said killing a keeper was hard."
Suddenly, the dust began to reform a glass like body, organ by organ, limb by limb. Before him stood Kairyyn, in a transparent, glass form. Light shown through her, and you would have thought she was an ice sculpture. But her lips and eyes opened immediately and words left her lips. They were strong and protecting. The words were almost sung, in a bell like tune and pretty to the ear.
"A price must be paid, Scornv.
You have killed a Glass keeper,
the most pure and beautiful of all keepers.
You will pay for attempting to destroy such a priceless being
But she is not gone.
You have failed to stab her heart
and her mind and soul lives on.
The Sithlin have given you warning."
eek eek eek eek
I woke up screaming, and my mouth was dry. My hands were shaking in fear, the image of her words singing in my head. Her voice speaking to me, over and over.
Slipping out of my bed, I reluctantly walked to my dresser to change. I looked at myself in the mirror and laughed. My ink black hair was ruffled on top of my head like bed head, and there were goops under my eyes. I noticed my sharp nose and thin lips. Everyone said my nose was beautiful....and the only thing I think is: Noses can be pretty? When was THIS?
I think that's one of the most scary things about the dream. That fact that I look just like Kairyyn. It's true that my eye, hair and skin color are different then hers, but my the way my eyes curved, or the way my chin is round is the same. I have the same nose and lips, and my hair is the same length and style. It's like she's me....but different. And that's what always spooked me the most.
I slipped into dark jeans and a sweatshirt before running a brush through my long hair. I quickly pulled it up into an ponytail, grabbed my shoulder bag before slipping out the door. I raced down the sidewalk to feel the cold morning air on my face.
It was Saturday in the bustling City of Portland, Oregon, and I could hear the loud bustling city sounds around me. Smells from newly opened shops filled my nose and bicycle riders sped by. Runners and dog walkers walked across from me, and I turned the sharp corner to the left to be immediately in front of the book and coffee shop that my uncle owns. I opened the door and heard the familiar jingle of a bell. Aromas of coffee and donuts entered me and the sight of shelves lined with books of untold stories uplifted my spirits.
"Hi!" I called out to my uncle who stood behind the counter his nose in a book. He waved without looking up from his "Flowers for Algernon."
I walked through the "Employees Only" door and dropped my bag on a hook before slipping on a green apron. I ran to Cory, my cousin who was making coffee that was probably the exact same color of his eyes. He's about a foot taller than me and I had to reach up to pull on his ear beneath his dirt colored hair.
"Hey!" He moaned startled, almost dropping his coffee pitcher. He kicked me in the shin and then set the coffee pitcher next to his dad. "Your late...again. Gosh Abby, how late do you stay up at night?"
I smiled at him, and poked him in the rib, which is hard. He's not fat, he's just big. Big boned, like a big teddy bear. "Late enough." I walked back around the corner and started putting down chairs when two kids came in. One was probably ten years old with red curly hair, that was so frizzy it could have been on fire. And the other one was tall and bony with straight blonde hair that was hidden under a black ski cap, around 16. They talked in hushed tones and for some reason both wore all black...it reminded me of Kairyyn, the girl from my memory.
"I'll get them!" I called behind me to my uncle. I slipped my notepad out and walked to them, getting my waitress on. It took me a week to prefect the annoying 'Hi how are you? What would you like today?' and then, 'would you like our special with that?'
The leaned in towards each other, talking with their hands and still whispering. I pushed a black string of hair behind my ear. "Hi! How are you guys today? What would you like?" I asked them, my smile trying to greet them. The girl immediately looked up me with a smile that was so big it could have reached her ears.
The little girl's voice was buoyant and light, like she could burst out laughing any moment. "Umm, can I have-"
The boy put his hand over her mouth the second he looked at me. His blue, almost grey eyes narrowed up at me, like they were contemplating something. He looked at my face, up and down, then back to my face. "We're still looking." He said, his voice cold and almost sad, as if he was the exact opposite of the other girl. Like he never smiled. I turned around on my heel, about to walk away until I heard what he said.
"Bekah! Her face, her eyes, her nose, everything about her. She looks just like Kairyyn!" The red head just laughed to that. He scowled in return, "She must have something to do with her. She must know something!"
"No one knows where Kairyyn is Maze, and the last time anyone saw her was last September!" She just looked back into her menu. The boy grumbled something in another language, and it sounded like a curse. "Vilgon says we can't use that language. Can I get a doughnut?" The girl scolded without looking up.
My head pounded, the lump in my throat. Don't think about it don't think about it.....don't zone out.... I warned myself in my mind. Taking a breath, I turned around and stomped back to them, thoughts running through my head. "How in the world do you know that name?" I asked them, breathing hard. The boy raised an eyebrow at the girl, with an I told you so kind of way.
The red- head rolled her eyes. "My name is Bekah by the way. Grump over here is Maze." She stuck a thumb out at the boy.
Impatient, I demanded again, "You didn't answer me. How do you know that name?"
Maze sighed, and looked up at me. "How badly do you want to know?"
I thought about it. Its true I didn't understand the memory. I did want to know what it meant. And I definitely wanted to know why it happens. "Bad....really bad. Do you know another name?" I tried to remember the hooded man without really thinking about it. "Um...Scornv? And....the Zythes?"
Maze jumped up and put his hand on my mouth in a flash, his cold breath on my cheek, his blonde hair touching my forehead. "Never, ever say that word again. Do you understand me?" He whispered harshly. I struggled and squirmed out of his grasp. "Which one? Scornv or Zythe-"
"I TOLD you not to say it!" Maze growled, looking like he might explode. Bekah stood up and put her hand on his arm, giving him a childish look. He sighed and sat down, watching her.
"The second word, the-" She gulped, resistant. "The Zythe word. Our kind believe it's a bad omen. Like the word Voldemort." Maze rolled his eyes as if she was being ridiculous.
"Your KIND? Like SPECIES? " I screeched, almost yelling. My uncle looked up from a costumer. It's nothing! I mouthed to him.
Bekah smiled her smile, showing her childish self, her green eyes glittering. "Yes. Our kind. The Keepers and Moarxes of Merlith. "
My mouth gaped open. Keeper? Moarxes? M-merlith? I immediately tried to shake them out of my head, but it was too late. I felt my mind slipping, my thoughts turning white, until my head thumped onto the table, and the memory replayed in my mind like a movie that I'd seen over and over.
arrow arrow arrow arrow
I was half way through my vision, just itching for it to be over, when suddenly it froze, stopped. Everything around me began to be covered in ice, the cold substance slowly forming around all the people, until it finally reached Kairyyn. The instant it completely covered her, I woke up, my head on Maze's lap. His fingers were massaging my temples, and I was seriously confused. I tried to look around, but Maze's grip was strong and he wouldn't let me move my neck, only so I could look up at his eyes.
"Wha-" But I stopped. His eyes shimmered and I looked closer into the grey, only to see something. I couldn't make it out, I squinted harder. Ice. Ice was in the coloring of his eyes, glaciers and icicles. I remembered the ice covering everyone in my mind, slowing down everything.
Bekah kicked Maze in the shin making him yelp in pain and drop me. I sat up and looked around, to find all the costumers looking at me, and my Uncle and Cory at their knees looking at me with concern.
"Oh man, your awake!" Cory said happily, reaching out and helping me up. "You, er, fainted. Apparently....er...Maze? Is that your name?" Maze nodded. "Weird. Anyway Maze apparently knew the perfect nerve point in your temple and woke you up. Are you feeling okay?"
I nodded, but stumbled a bit and landed on Cory's shoulder. "Actually..." I said, having second thoughts.
"Take the rest of the day off okay?" My uncle told me as they set me down. The customers had forgotten us, and I began to feel better as I sipped water.
"I'll take her home." Maze said immediately, his ice eyes looking almost scared. Bekah looked on the other hand, content as she completely ignored the situation, while she sat on her chair swinging her legs back and forth in her own little world.
"Do you even know her?" Cory asked, looking at him with interest.
Maze nodded, "Yes, we go to...er...school with her." He lied. I could immediately tell he was a terrible liar just by the way his eyes scrunched down, his voice got higher and his breathing went faster. But apparently that was good enough for my uncle and he walked back to the counter with a wave.
Cory turned to me. "He does? I've never seen him at school.."
"He's knew." I said immediately. I may not know this Maze and Bekah, but they know something about my blackouts. They know about these 'keepers' and 'moarxs'. And I'm curious.
"Okay then...but if you need anything then just-"
But I didn't hear what he had to say because Bekah and Maze had already dragged me out into the city. "I WANT YOU GUYS TO SPILL!" I screamed at them, my hands at my hips once Bekah finally let me go.
Bekah giggled behind her curls, but Maze gave her an ice look. She scowled. "We will." Maze said. "But not here." Bekah turned around and lead Maze and I towards a back alley. It reminded me of the one in my dream, with garbage everywhere and weeds. "Tell us what you know." Maze demanded immediately.
"I don't KNOW anything. Ever since I turned 15 I've been having this memory. It's more like a nightmare in my opinion. Anyway its of that girl Kairyyn and some dude."
Bekah looked up at Maze, then nodded as if in agreement. "Tell us everything about this memory. Everything."
I poured myself into describing the memory. The way Kairyyn looked, the tattoos on Scornv's head, every word they said. Bekah nodded with everything and would interrupt every now and then with a question, which I would describe. She knelt in front of me with her red curls flowing in front of her shoulders.
When I finished, they were both quiet, as if lost in thought. "Well?" I whined, wanting them to talk.
Maze looked up at me, his ice eyes cold. "We know who Kairyyn is. That's why we came to earth, to look for her. On her birthday in September, she went to her home dimension to see her family. She never came back. We were told to find her, and so we started by looking in her home dimension. The only thing we found was a pile of dust, her necklace, and her dagger. The necklace had begun to, er... lead us to earth, then to that shop." He pointed to my uncle's store.
I gulped. This wasn't exactly helping my questions. Just...making more. "I want to know who sent you guys exactly...and who Scornv is. And who the Zythes are-"
"HAHA....I'm sorry. He's got anger issues." Bekah whispered to me, smiling with her hand on Maze's mouth. She let go.
A stern yet playful voice that was so familiar entered."I figured that out pretty early."
I jumped when Cory walked into the ally in his high school lacrosse jacket. "CORY!" I moaned, my head falling into my hands. He just laughed his big billowy laugh and sat down on the cement next to us, scraping a piece of paper away. "I can't believe you were eaves dropping!"
He smiled. "Well, I wasn't going to let a stranger walk you home."
"He's not a strang-"
"They go to school with you? Yea right. That girls at least nine she would'nt go to school with us, and that kid is a HORRIBLE liar."
Bekah got up and stomped her foot. "I'm TEN AND A HALF!"
Cory waved his hand like he was tipping a hat. "I apologize." Bekah, looking satisfied, sat down. "Anyway, I heard everything, and now I'm curious, so whatever you tell my cousin, you tell me. And anyway, where ever you go, I'm going with you. She won't be alone with you at all."
Maze sighed, then turned to Bekah. They seemed to be having a conversation, and I thought I saw Bekah laugh. Then they agreed on something...I was getting annoyed with these "silent conversation" things. Cory looked as annoyed as I was.
"Were going to take you to the home of the Sithlin Society."
I almost choked. "Sithlin...as in.....SITHLIN?" I remembered that word, it echoed from my memory again. "And where exactly is their home?"
"Merlight of course."

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