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New Journal!
I've never kept a journal so i'll just start with my daily life i guess.. what happens here and there between my visits to gaia!
Bringing back a sweetly painful memory!
Yes it's sweet and its painful! Not too long ago i took a trip up to VA with some friends to visit yet more friends. We hung out, did some shopping and shot the sh*t. Well one of us decides to go hiking and everyone is up for it. YAY!! Oh how our lives revolve around our technology.. Yes i have a cell phone.. not great.. but it works. So i take it, just in case someone DIES and we can call for help! Oh but don't let me take my tablet pc with my ENTIRE life held within its plastic and glass sheilding. Oh .. but here we are now, resting safely on the trail near a rushing river. The sounds of the wildlife hushed by the force of the surging water. My friends all frollicing *spell check* and playing, and here I be sitting on a log, and yes there is a large log specifically placed at this point as a bench. Neat huh?, trying to answer some emails and check on GAIA so my new friends can know what i'm doing and so on and so forth. Enter James, He's frikkin HOT! He's so yummy i just wanna nom on his biceps.. and other things i probly shouldn't mention.. here.. *ahem* He grabs my tabby and starts yellin that i'm a nerd playing on my "dag-nabbin comprooter" *yes he said it like that* and tells me he's gonna throw it in the river to save me from a boring life. OMG that was just evil! So i try to get it back. After a short bout of tag *He's strong like a horse so it was a one sided game* He finally stopped and picked me up over his shoulder and held me there like a trophy! *angellic singing* Oh my god shoot me and i'd die happy! He's so sexy!

ANYWAY! I'm too exited and i get girlly as heck when im exited so my legs start kicking and *oh my god he smelled so good* I try to hold on for dear life when all of a sudden i hear "OH s**t OH s**t" and he's still got me on his shoulder darting one way then another. Finally the brute sits me down with a pained look on his face. *my heart dropped* He says to me.. "I'm soooooooo sorry!" And im like... "Well if you give me my tabby back ill forgive you." His face turned white!!
I was so confused i didnt even realize he was no longer holding my tabby. Then he went through the emmensley *spell check again* detailed reiteration *god someone give me a dictionary* of what had just transpired *too many big words* ...
So.. we have several things to look at here.
1.) Tabby is gone.


2.) James is very sad and hurt.


.. ok so it was only two things.. so shoot me..

Conclusion: "I love you James!!"
.. ok so i didnt really say that but OMG did i want to!

*ahem* "It's ok James i dont blame you." *since it was my stupid feet that kicked it out of his hands ToT*

Long story summary. Dont bring portable computers with you on a hike.. or at least make sure to hide it very well.

Tell you a secret.. it was worth it to be carried around by that hunk!!!

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    Robot Magic
    Community Member

    Thu Apr 05, 2012 @ 07:29pm

    LOL !

    Love this story

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