Narrator: "We've all been through it at one point in our life, realizing that for whatever reason we have found someone that drives us crazy enough to pursue. There is nothing like that first time we fall in love, even years later you remember their name, and face. This is one experience."

A car pulls into a parking space. turns off and a door opens and then closes.

Jim: "Alright I will see you at three thirty." Jim walks towards the door of the small school of about fifty students.

This is it.. he thinks as he opens the doors.

Students shoot curious glances unable to recognize him from previous years.

Bell rings.

Door closes teacher enters and writes on the chalkboard. B I O L O G Y

"Good morning class I am Mr Yerhtug and you will be spending every monday and wednesday morning of this school year with me learning about the wonderful science of Biology." Yerhtug turns to the class.

"who can tell be what biology is the science of?"

Boy slowly raises his hand. "its the science of life."

Yerhtug: "Exactly, we will be learning in a very general way about the mechanics of life. Now would you please open your books to page 3 and follow along with me"

Jim stares off into distance and sound fades.

voices fade in.

"So where are you from?"


"Hello, Jim where are you from"

Jim jumps out of daze

Jim:"Sorry, uhm just moved back from California.."

Cal:"California.. like hollywood and crap.. see any movie stars."

Jim:"No, uhm northern cali.. small town in the middle of nowhere actually.. had an aunt that needed taken care of."

Cal:" Cool, so what classes are you taking...?"

Jim: "Just Biology.. for now. "

bell rings

car door closes

"How was it?"

Jim: "it was alright, met a few people.. the biology teacher is a bit weird.. eyes are really badly crossed so you don't really know if he is looking at you or not."
Jim chuckles.

fridge door opens

Mom" I will be back around 10. I picked up a shift, dont forget to put the clothes in the dryer. "