I know I've been neglecting you lately, journal... but I just haven't been in the mood. I guess it's time to update you.

First of all, the Grunny commons and Dorms were destroyed by someone called X (Who I've recently discovered is the old POH, Matilda Gloom). Leon was inside. He didn't make it.

After that, death sort of swept the school. Gio, Sammer Rose, Maj (Well, I wasn't too worried about him. It is his second death) and finally Sui. Sui made a pact with X that if he gave her his magic, she wouldn't harm me. A whole lot of good that did! X's dead! But I promised Sui I'd stay alive for him. I'm sort of happy that he stuck around. Something tells me that he'll never move on because Maj can't.

So now I need to go visit mother. She's not very happy, what with me being her only child left. Only child... doesn't fit right. I've never been an only child. There was only ever Sui and I. Now that I think back... we were more like twins than I thought we were. You know how people say that when one twin dies, the other feels like they've lost half of themselves? Well... I don't know... but I guess that's how I'm feeling. There's no one I can openly make fun of and still be able to laugh it off with. Or someone to casually point at when I'm trying to cover up for a mistake I just made. And, probably the deepest thing I can think of, someone I can look out for who would look out for me just as much. Sui and I were a team and we never admitted it.

Ok, well... I should get home. I hope mother's calmed down a little. I may have to give up my manly clothes for a bit to make her feel better about me... but it'll be all for the best I hope.