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an observation into what makes a great speech.
I've noticed over my 15 years on this world, that communication and the ability to get a point across is key for any story. The more effortless you make it seem, the more flow, the better someone will actually connect and understand it. This also goes along with having the right amount of statics and information to put you in the right mind frame to understand the point of the whole speech. This being said,personal stories seem to be the best to do this. It strikes a chord, gets people feeling like "hey this guy's been through what i've been through, he understands with me on this level."
Let take if the thesis of this paper was "Does race still determine treat in society?" I'd think of personal experiences before even picking up a computer to do research if needed. This past summer I saw it while flying out from Atlanta to Colorado. I was in a group of maybe 35 plus, flying to Colorado for a transferring flight to Utah. From Utah we headed to a small town outside of Cody, Wy. to help the people prepare for the flooding to happen due to the melting snow from the mountains. We also backpacked for 7 days in the back country after we helped. But back to the point, I'm the only white male in this group asides from Joel, a 23 year old counselor whose been with us for 3 years, whom I consider a father in place of mine who passed away in 2007. As we went through security, I watched as all my friends got patted down, same as I expected, and had the thought I would be next. I step up knowing he's going to check here, here, and here, but I stepped and the TSA man simply said "you're good" without a touch, and waved me along. Next one to get to the pat down station named Jusufu got patted, and even pulled aside due to his name, and him being african american. I thought, "Surely in Colorado they'll pat me down coming home in 3 weeks." Once again, I wasn't touched, and my friend Abel was pulled aside due to something in his bag, turning out it was just shampoo. I had charger left in my bag as i got scanned, I'm sure it must have looked more suspect than a shampoo bottle, but it's the desecration of the agent, whom were all white males, aged 35 to 50.
Now, if I'd told that story as one I'd heard, or a hypothetical, it might not have hit you the same (if it hit you at all) more than you knowing out mission and me being in the story. It's very bias, and seems very one sided, but I'd say it convinced more people than a quote. I found myself writing it in a lost of, "this is stereotyping and racism" when I myself don't have the legal expertise or just the experience of racism due to me being a white male. It's a simple story that hits, and makes people feel right there. So, feeling my point being made, and my tea being done, I'll wrap it up with this. Personal stories get people on your side, and sway the most people, yet fall to provide information. Story telling, simple story telling has and will always be the best way to get any point of yours across, I know it was helpful in this paper. So, does this raise a question of news or books that are supposed to be in-bias, opposite? It's up to you for that decision.

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