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story(ies) just a random place for my story or stories

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fateful dreams chapter 1

"Where am I?" I said to myself while looking at my surroundings, from the looks of it I'm in the forest.

"Yes, yes you are my dear." a dark yet seductive voice said.

"Whose there!?" I replied scared, looking in all directions frantically to see if I could spot the person.

"Oh but you’re looking in all the wrong places my dear." the voice taunted.

"What do you mean? I don't quite understand." I replied

"Oh, but you do, you just refuse to accept the answer, my dear."

"Seriously what do you mean?" I said in an almost yelling tone. I waited for a reply but got none so I repeated myself and waited for a couple more minutes, still no reply.

"Okay since whoever was talking is no longer going to answer me, I might as well find my way out of this stupid forest." I yelled loud enough so that he/she or it could hear me. Okay, knowing me, I will get myself lost if I try to think this through, so I'm going with my gut and it’s telling me to go east.

I walked east for about another ten minutes, before I stopped and began to doubt myself wondering if I made the right decision to follow my gut. Even though I doubted myself I continued going father; no point in second guessing myself now. The more I walked, the more I heard what sounded to be like people talking. That's when my brain told me to run so I did. It only took me about another five to ten minutes of running to reach the people who were standing by a shallow river that ran by their cottage. When I was certain that they saw me, I collapsed not because of the running, but because the feeling the feeling of not getting enough sleep set in.

When I woke up it was around 5:30 in the evening and the family was setting up for dinner. They didn't notice that I was awake, at first, but then the oldest kid by the name of Robin whispered something to his mom.

"How are you feeling?" the mom questioned

"I'm okay, but where am I?" I asked

"You're in our cottage. You collapsed on the other side of the river, so I had my husband carry you in here." the mom stated, the husband waved and then their little girl came up and said

"The name's Chasity, what's yours?"

"Chasity! Where is you're manners when greeting someone new." the mom said raising her voice

"Sorry mommy." Chasity whispered while looking down giving her mom the sad puppy dog eyes

I was silent for a moment while I tried to remember my name; while out of my peripheral I could see Robin laughing hysterically and saying

"Wow, she must be really stupid if she can't even remember her own name."

"For your information Robin, I can remember my name and it’s Aaleyah Hatsuine." I retorted in a very snobbish way.

"What a pretty name." Chasity said while munching on her dinner “mom can we keep her?" she added

"Why would we want to keep that old wench anyway?" Robin hissed

"I'm not old, I'm 18." I hissed back

"Now, now Robin be nice to our guest." the mom and dad replied in unison "and no we can’t keep her."

"Awe man" Chasity said disappointed

Robin glared at me for the rest of the night, what I did to him was beyond me. I wanted to talk to him to see what his problem with me was, but I never did. I chickened out.

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