It's like waking up from a long nap. Groggy, tired, your judgement is impaired only slightly before the full force of your surroundings crash in on you. A tidal wave of memories and heartache. You look to the person closest to you, and they have a concerned look on their face. You don't know why, you can't understand why they look at you with concern, adoration, and hopelessness all in one. Your nerves spike, adrenaline rushes to your brain, and you are now hyper aware of yourself.

This person, you recognize them, but they've aged. You remember them being shorter, chubbier, younger - a child. That's what is wrong with them. They have some how aged before your very eyes. You were just on a beach with them, swimming, laughing, they had such life. Such energy. Are they even the same person?

Now they sit with you, and they don't say a word. They squeeze your hand and you look down. Their hand, once so small, now looks as if they could crush yours with a single brush. And what is it that they're holding? Your hand? It can't be.

This hand they are holding is old. It hand creases in it, age lines, and sun spots. It seems so feeble and weak. It's painful just to look at it.

Some questions must be answered. Where to begin? Who are you? Who am I? Where am I? I feel like I know you.. Why do I know you?

You can feel the heaviness behind your eyes again. It's a familiar sensation, almost like deja vu. Is it possible all this has happened before? You swear you would remember it. Your eyes close, and you become calm. Almost like being at the beach on a warm summer day.

((Eh.. I'm not so good at this.))