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a bunch of bullsh*t written by a bullsh*t teenager with a bullsh*t hobby. tho it's not like I update that often
Coming Out With Nothing More Than A Scratch

It has been a long, long day. Oh god I cried so much, I'm so emotionally spent...

Though guess what? The only fatalities of the day for me was my hearing aid exploding because of a certain DUMBASS Harper.

Ahem, to the beginning.

Well, it was finally the day to get Rika's ass back home. She's missed a lot...Majora lost his body. I cried. Gio died. I cried. (Well not really, but I was in this state of blankness for a couple of days.)

...Damnit why have I been crying so much lately?

Anyways Sharyn appeared from the forest and forced us all into frilly clothing. Except for maybe Harper. Lucky Sui, being a guy and all, got to wear a suit and actually talk. Tsk. Though that guy used to have a really big wardrobe...wonder where all of that clothing is going to go to?

Yes, there is a reason why I used 'were' instead of 'has'. More on that later.

So Bri made us all a portal there, and we all hopped in.

Sharyn guided us around for a while before leaving us in the center. Sui and Bri were watching something, so I looked over to see....

Someone strangely very Freya-like. I knew it was Rika from the moment I saw her, but I was still hesitant to let the thought sink in too far. Bri got Sui to step up, and the two danced. Kid can be freakishly gentlemanly when he wants to.

Thank god though, every time he talked to me it was without the act. If there is one thing that unnerves me, it's talking to someone with the same mask on their face.
(Which is why the first times talking to Majora was very, very freaky.)

Of course, I guess I'm one to talk. I was amusing myself copying the way the nobles around us walked.

After the whole dance thing Rika looked over to us before jumping off and running into an ally.

I was half tempted to chase after her, but Pipi had a horse head and was off stealing things with Kara, while Rin was being loud and Tsuki was just acting tomboyish...

Sharyn appeared again, and we began the trek to the manor in an attempt to get Rika back before the marriage.

I was getting more and more hesitant to enter the place; magic barriers are like that, and I asked Sharyn if we could get rid of it first...No luck.

Right before we entered though, Bri stopped me and asked me what was wrong. I told her about the morningstar, and she showed me a large 'X' on her palm...

She sold herself again. To X, for Gio. His soul, anyways. Apparently it was attached to her...

I'm happy that he's out of X's hands. I'm just worried over Bri. She's X's slave again, than...what if, during the wedding...?

She convinced herself that Joe is going to hate her. That's not true, though...For while I may hate the guy's guts for breaking her heart, I really doubt Joe would hate Bri.

Of course, I also doubt that he'll even notice since I think he got dull in the head during his fishing trip...but I shouldn't say that part outloud lest Bri attack me with her fork.

Anyways, we caught up to the others. Or at least, I did. I let Bri stay back to get a hold of herself, since she looked like a mess.

I come back, only to realize that in the five to ten minutes we were gone everyone was spazzing out like idiots. Oh and Bob was there.
Odd banana, that one.

So Sharyn warns us to hide in the gardens are we are, and we're just listening to her talk to Rika.

I attempt to rip half of my dress in irritation, but Sui stops me. In the end, I just throw away the stilettos to aggravate him and because my feet were crying for mercy.

Anyways after Sharyn leaves; (she gives me a warning look because I was coughing like hell, goddamn barrier made me feel so weak and helpless again) everyone runs to attack Rika with hugs and love.

Me, Sui, Bob, and Angie (who appeared out of nowhere) just sort of stand on the sidelines. Sui questions me on why I'm not over there, but it's just...

I guess I was scared? I don't know. I didn't really want to be yelled at by my best friend. And besides, I haven't seen her for a month. It hurts, you know.

Eventually Sui manages to get me to step foward-- (he actually smiled at me, what the hell) and apparently it isn't going so well, seeing as Rika is coughing her guts out.

So I press a hand against her back while the others just back off, until it's just me, Jinx, and Kara glaring at Rika's back.

She looks up and gapes at me for a second. Like, 'what the hell are you doing here?'

Me and Jinx just start talking to her. She remarks to me about the 'faded photograph' comment I made once...

I was stupid. I still AM stupid, aren't I?

So I told her that she did have a choice to get out of here, that while photographs can fade you can't ever lose your memories. We can't forget, for the better or the worst of us.

She told us that the person we knew was gone. Jinx remarked that she was still there, that we were talking to her at the moment.

She stands up to leave, coolly. She orders for Sharryn, who brings creams cos she has cuts and slap marks on her face. Then she tells her to get us all out of here.

...Especially me.

That, that really hit home. I guess...she really didn't want to see my face, huh?

So she walked off, me and Jinx just yelling after her. Kara attempts to whip her up with her freakishly long hair, but...

She's already gone.

So yeah, we exit the gardens and start heading towards the wedding. Harper appears, pretends to be a gargoyle as Erron appears.

I talk to him, Bri talks to him. He called me a f*cking 'lovely lady'.

...Excuse me while I go dry heave.

Ahem, anyways. Jinx had to hide under my huge skirt because she ripped her dress (idiot) and her tattoos were showing cos the makeup wore off...

And yes, I was wearing jeans.

But anyways, we basically pantsed Lord Erron. Bri looked like she was going to burst of laughter, and me and Jinx were just snickering and high-fiving.

Bucket list.

...So yeah, the whole thing started. Sui got his chance to talk with Erron and flipped on the gentleman switch, so he went off to have a private walk with Rika.

Me, I was already gone by this point. Wandered the stone paths for a while, just wondering to myself 'what the hell was I doing?'

So finally I crash into Rika's party and we're all just talking at once, but Rika brushes us off again. She does allow Sui to take her down the aisle.

Jinx hands me a knife and we both just nod.

Then, finally, the final event. The wedding. For a second, I thought I saw an elf in the shadows...

Sui puts his plan into play and some dance challenge begins. It's Rika's test, apparently.

So they begin to dance and for once, Rika's grinning. And then Jinx jumps in, and begins to dance with Rika.

So then everyone just sort of merges onto the dance floor, and I just sort of watch amusedly with Sui before he takes my hand and we start to tango. He actually was a pretty good dancer. Must have been the whole snooty upbringing.

And then suddenly I'm being pushed away from Sui and twirling with Rika. I plaster a big smile on my face, jokingly ask about our honeymoon before dipping her. She manages to twirl away.

She comes back to Sui and I motion to him that it's time we get out of here. So he nods and starts leading her to the door...

Then, this horrible high pitched noise. I tackle Jinx to the floor, just as a piece of ceiling crashes down. My hearing aid, it sparks and fizzles. Jinx, who can see the obvious fear in my eyes, tells me she'll lead me out and tangles our arms together.

We start heading to the door, when...

A huge, turtle statue of all things, falls onto Sui. Rika jerks foward a couple of odd times before she suddenly explodes.

Yeah. She explodes.

Chaos is everywhere. Nobles are being crushed everywhere.

I think I hear Gert scream.

We both push off the statue from Sui's body...he's dead. Crushed horridly.
And his ghost appears, and Majora suddenly fades in, because he was watching this whole time...

I leave the others to it, when I suddenly realize that Harper has Rika's body.

Cue freak out session. Gio, who is suddenly a ghost and seeable, and me, just rage all over her. He attempts to punch her, I do.

Jinx steps in front of me I think, telling me to calm down. Of all things, how the hell am I supposed to calm down?

Then this huge thing suddenly appears, with Gio's face and a hell ton of other body parts. It's really, really freaky.

I teleport everyone back, and proceed to glare and loom over Harper's shoulder with the sweetest smile I can. She seems really unnerved, which is good. ( Learned the whole scary thing by copying Majora. I think I've been hanging around him too much.)

She also hands me this black box with runes covered all over it. Apparently it's some sort of the 'key'.

Anyways Sui and Majora and Gio were having some ghost bantering thing as I just watched Rika get all fixed up and attempting to fix my hearing aid.

...Yeah the damn thing exploded because of the f*cking sound.

So I went deaf, and then Gio possessed my body just to talk. He remarked that it was 'really quiet in there'.

No sh*t, sherlock.

So Rika is basically a patched up doll. What the hell IS her's, anymore? She has my blood, London's organs, who knows what else...

She's had so many goddamn surgeries...hell, I've only had ONE. And that was to get the shattered pieces of bone, destroyed blood vessels, and ruined tendons out of my ankle.

...Yeah I'm NEVER doing that sh*t again. Broken ankle? Looks like I'll be sitting on my ass all day, sorry.

Eventually I just sort of left, because I was tired and emotionally drained and it was late.

So I secretly packed up the huge f*cking dress in Rika's stuff, undid the hair spell and the spell Jinx used to hide my ears.

And here I am now, sprawled on my bed, writing in my diary. I need to go visit Majora tomorrow, get my magic drained by the heart of the forest so the fountain will start up again.

Hopefully Navi convinced a lot of fairies...maybe I should play some music, too...

Oh great fairies help us all.

This is going to be a long week.

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