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a bunch of bullshit written by a bullshit teenager with a bullshit hobby. tho it's not like I update that often
Phoenix Tears and Strange Stones

Woah. Weird day today.

I was killing stuff in Shallow Seas, being badass and stuff, when this water spout dropped something odd. It was this blue rock. On any other occasion I would have passed by it without even noticing it, but why the hell was it in a Sea Spout?

I decided to get out of there and teleported back to GEIOW, only to see that Liz and Ezra was having some fight. Apparently Tsuki was asking depressed, Ezra asked what was wrong, Liz got bad vibes and yelled at him. Blah blah blah stupid fight.

Anyways, I showed them all the rock. Kara got the idea that 'Ooh, maybe it's a dragon egg!' And suddenly everyone started freaking out. Idiots.

I told them it was impossible--what kind of dragon egg is at the bottom of the ocean? And I slammed the thing hard on the ground, just to prove my point.

Ezra and Liz looked at me with 'What the ******** have you just done' faces, while Kara and Tsuki sort of calmed down. The stone started pulsing, oddly enough. And then there was this weird glow around it...

Kara picked it up, and there was a flash of bright light. She panicked and began to run off with it...only for her to suddenly disappear. I got curious and approached the stone, picking it up--

Then the feeling that I'm falling. ALWAYS a welcoming feeling, ALWAYS.

Then, somehow, we arrived at some sort of castle. Jinx fell in, and this really irritating little kid all dressed in fancy whites started annoying everyone. Kara picked him up and threatened him, but he just grinned. 'Now you've done it.'

Next thing you know there are guards filling up the hallway, and some handsome dude that looks similar to the annoying little boy in the front. He doesn't attack, though. Instead he bows to us and kisses Tsuki's hand.

He introduces himself as George, and his little brother as Landon. Landon takes a taking to Jinx as she rescues him from Kara, and Tsuki seems to blush around George, who plays special attention to her. Ezra and Liz seemed to know where we were, the kingdom of 'Bellum' or something.

Apparently their mom had took them here, and she knew the king. George warned the others to keep low around the king, and invited us all for dinner. Needless to say, everyone was charmed.

Everyone of course, except for me and Kara. Kara because she's an evil b***h and me because I know never to trust charming strangers.

So after we all got attacked my the maids (oh GOD THE PAIN, THEY DID MY NAILS!) the two appeared again. And so in pairs, Jinx/Landon, Ezra/Liz, George/Tsuki walked off to dinner.

Meanwhile, me and Kara snuck off to the library, to you know, investigate. Everything about the place struck me as suspicious, so we decided to search through the books. Kara found some red-velvet covered book and I found a blue-bound book.

The blue bound book had these pictures of this really pretty woman who looked similar to Tsuki. Her name was Julia, apparently. And the first few pages were burnt, but I could make out the words 'wine', 'demon', and a few others.

So of course, Kara started screaming about them being demons, until I found the word 'possessed'. And since 'demon' wasn't plural, there was only one person it could be...


So Kara ran out of the library and I was about to, when this sapphire dropped out of the book. I decided to put that in my garter (yeah, they gave me a damn garter) before running out with Kara, who had stopped to tell me to hurry up.

When we come back, George is looking all weird. Tsuki apparently fainted on the ground, and Jinx disappeared. I decided to run into the dining room, George on my heels.

I grabbed a glass full of wine, only for George to grab my wrist. Damn, he had a tight grip. Kara thought it was a great idea and surprisingly, threatened George to let go of me.

The good part of boots. Crotch kicks.

But in the moment the glass in my hand threw out it's wine and fell to the floor with a CRASH! The wine touched both George's feet and my boots...

And George, something odd happened. His back looked like it was going to burst, and then it did. Black, shiny, bug like claws appeared out of his back.

And then Jinx burst into the room, Gloom tattoos all over her. She screamed at me to where the 'stone' was. The one in my garter. I tried to pretend I didn't know, and I was backing up into this wall.

Then the demon came after me. I was struggling to get my wand when suddenly Jinx appeared in front of me, her violin blocking the hit.

Cue epic fight.

Ezra yelled at me to run, and that's exactly what I did. First I ripped off my boots and broke open the window, Kara with me. We basically jumped out of it before I caught onto a windowsill, getting Kara by her hand. Liz followed, and we found a map.

We were about to jump out of the window to escape again, when I heard Jinx scream out my name. And the way she said it...it reminded me of so much the old person she used to be.

So instead of falling, I divinitied myself up. The other two did the same, and we burst through the window (broken glass catching on my dress) only to see Landon pointing a gun at both the demon and Jinx. His eyes were full of tears.

A gunshot.

The demon fell onto Jinx, and Landon just crumpled into a ball, beginning to sob.

Apparently he knew all along his brother was possessed. But 'big brother' didn't want his new guests to be scared and leave...

Kara started screaming at the poor kid, but Tsuki, really quietly said, 'No one wants to be left alone.'

And well, no one does. We can all pretend that we're fine going off by ourselves, but the truth remains the same; we aren't who we are without our friends. No matter how twisted, how immoral they could be. After all, who else are you supposed to share your laughs with?

Landon healed over Jinx's horrid wounds with phoenix tears, something apparently his older brother had had. He gave it to Jinx as a parting gift, I think. Think the little guy got a crush on her.

Anyways, Ezra and Liz gave him some special card to visit us at GEIOW, since the poor little guy was left alone. (The king was on some adventure.) And just to make sure the kid had somewhere to go, I gave him a flier to Terra's Tavern.

When we first left the forest/mansion, me and Jinx didn't really know where to go. So, who took us in? Hard-core Terra, bad-a** peppermint smoker but soft for kids. She favored Jinx more than me, and we did use to have a lot of fights...

But in the end, she was the person who I learned a lot of stuff from. I used to visit her during second year sometimes, and she taught me a lot about the stuff I know now. (She was also the person who taught me alien and about teleport circles.)

But yeah, she's a pretty reliable person. So there was that.

And since Liz was getting annoyed, we all left.

Wondering what Harper is going to do to me when she realizes I have a hearing aid...

(This seems to be written later.)

Little cracked dolly
Who has crumbled to dust now.
Watching over us.


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