Those who know me how annoyed by it I usually am, though when I finally did get an account they did something that isn't going to persuade me to log back in again unless I can securely delete the account itself (and I've read enough documentation to be aware of how to do so).

Anyone I've asked has told me that they've never received a cell phone verification screen that they couldn't get past. In my case I can either enter it, log out, or face the angry red message boxes telling me I haven't entered anything when I hit 'Continue'.

If the situation doesn't resolve itself, I simply won't be logging back in. Several of my friends don't talk to me outside of FB (despite me telling them multiple times I'm free most of the day to phone, as classes take up a mere 3 hours, or bloody hell! MSN!) so I guess I'm just going to leave them behind this time. If you refuse to meet me halfway, oh well.