For the first time I held a newborn baby in my arms today. I have two nieces and a nephew, a few cousins and friends that have had children but I had never held a newborn baby before nor have I been there at a hospital the whole time a baby was being delivered. She was so warm and small and while she weighed 7 pounds, I was still so scared to hold her. I asked my friend, who is the mother, if I could hold her baby, just to make sure I had permission, while they was trying to hand her to me and she said yes. My mother was the one that was holding her then and while she was handing her to me, I kept telling her to go slow, just hand her to me slowly, like if I just took her casual that I would mess up or hurt her. Her eyes opened up and she was moving, she was so warm and I only held her for less than a minuet. Lol I stood there so tense like that I was afraid to move incase I dropped her. Her hands, her feet, everything, was small, and I thought she was beautiful. I only heard her cry once and that was while we were all standing outside in the hall while she was coming into the world. It was amazing though. I mean, I knew there was a small life growing inside my friend, but to see her while she’s still inside her stomach, still safe from the world, and then to walk out and wait for a while just to come back to this little baby in my friends arms. Her stomach no longer showed the signs of being pregnant. It was…just different. My friend was exhausted and her face was red from crying but then again, I would have cried as well if I had to push something that big from down there. Maybe it was different because the experience was different from movies and tv shows or something, but for hours, we just sat there and waited, making small talk, watching when contractions hit with anticipation that it was about to happen, that it was getting closer and when the time came and everyone except for 3 people cleared out of the room, everyone was anxious like. It was awesome, no other words but that.