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This is cancer. Don't read the old ones.
Hayate no Gotoku!!
Hayate no Gotoku. Hayate the Combat Butler.
Well, it was a long 52 episodes. I know there's another season, but I was too tired of it to watch it. I thought it was funny, but it got old easily. I liked it a lot, but it was randomness each episode. There were a lot of characters that kept poping up outta nowhere. It reminded me of Ranma 1/2, but 3/4 shorter. What also was REALLY cool is that they incorporated other animes in this one. In one episode with the robot-building woman as the new teacher, in one scene Kagami from Lucky Star was there, and in the Sanzenin rez, there was statues of different characters, like Inuyasha and the guy from that detective show... (cant remember his name...) Oh, I watched the whole thing on the iPod app CRUNCHYROLL!!
Hayate no Gotoku was pretty funny. It had the different personalities of the characters, like the jealous, yet cute Nagi, and the shy, "fresh" Maria.
Wait. Now that I'm thinking about it, Hayate no Gotoku is JUST like Ranma 1/2! Let me explain how.
Hayate is like Ranma(obviously). Why? He went to Nagi's house, like Ranma went to Akane's. He also does martial arts and pouffy hair. Hayate is also loved by all the girls, like Ranma.
Nagi is like Akane (naturally). Why? She is jealous, sort of like a tsundere... (Is Akane a tsundere?) Nagi also calls Hayate "BAKA", and beats him up, like Akane does to Ranma.
Maria is like Kasumi. Why? She is gentle with Nagi, usually quiet, but can be funny when she wants to. Maria is super nice to everybody, but she can be pesty sometimes.
Sakuya is Nabiki. Why? Cause she is funny, speaks whats on her mind, and is sharp towards Nagi, Hayate and Wataru.
I'd have to say that Isumi is like Ryoga. Why? She gets lost easily, and she loves Nagi. Easy as that.
Wataru.... Goodness this is getting hard... Nobody really loves Ryoga in the series... I'd say that Wataru is Mousse. He is easily jealous of anybody who gets Isumi, and challenges them (cough cough HAYATE) to battle, like Mousse does with Ranma to get Shampoo.
Hinagiku is Ukyo. Why? Cause she just is. Hina is sweet, but she could be violent, just like Ukyo. She doesn't make Okonomiyaki, but Hina has a headband, and Ukyo does too.
Klaus is a toss up between Soun and Genma. He is old, and strict, but has his funny side, as do the two men.
Oh God. What did I just do.
Anyways, Hayate no Gotoku was funny, and it really didn't have any romance. just your typical harem anime. The opening songs were catchy, and I liked them. I also really liked the different butlers like Nonohara, Shion and Haruto.
Hayate no Gotoku was a great anime. It was funny, and innocent. Hayate looked pretty cute as a girl too! biggrin
Hayate no Gotoku gets six tsundere slaps out of ten.
I might watch the second season... if I want too..
I have 17 more to watch on Crunchyroll before I get desperate...

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