Silent Faith - Silent Faith is a giant black cybernetic claymore styled weapon.

Blind Guardian - Blind Guardian is a massive Psionic Cannon styled weapon.

Fate - Fate is a Dual Spired Psionic Blade with an edge that produces a luminous glow caused by super-heated psionic energy.

Regret - Regret is a Cybernetic Spirelance with a shot capability that allows it to fire off pressure blasts from the two vents near the location where the back of the elbow would normally be located allowing for rapid and repetitive strikes to be made using only blasts of pressure and the Spirelance blade striking the target.

Judgment - Judgment is the Psionic Cybernetic Superweapon of Vyxen Vulpes' arsenal. The weapon is an integration of Blind Guardian, Regret, and Silent Faith, this creates a Psionic Cannon with a Dual Spirelance protruding from the top and bottom of the barrel of the cannon with edges of super-heated psionic energy that can fire off massive rounds of pure psionic energy at a target among other forms of various projectiles.
"The world shall be brought to its knees. And upon the ground shall the meek and powerless pray. Pray to the Angel for a word of comfort... only to learn why she is the Angel of Silence.."

Psionoclasm - A pure weapon of Cybernetic design based off of Psionic flow of energy through the body being utilized to create an aura that would allow for manifestation of psionic weapons and release of psionic energies in the form of focused blasts aimed to destroy large groups of opponents with each strike.

Absorbed from Renati's arms...

Dread - Dread is a Gatling Gun Styled Weapon which Fires Psionic Bullets that Explode with Psycho-Kenetic Energies on Impact. Usually leaving a Fist Sized Hole in the Target Per Bullet. Designed to Severely Damage Armour/Weapons.

Apathy - Apathy is a shield styled weapon, shaped like a buckler, it can adjust its size freely, being able to grow and shrink depending on what's required. When shrunk to its usual size, Apathy can produce eight blades and be hurled like a shuriken. Being bound to Vyxen's mind, it will return to her at her command.

Ignorance - Ignorance is a Scanning Device which Scans the Target and Feeds the Information directly to Vyxen's Brain. Allowing her to Process things Immediately that would normally be Impossible...Complete with a Radar allowing her to Scan the Area up to 100ft around her.

Love & Peace - Love & Peace are Dual Handgun Styled Weapons, At her Command, Love & Peace are Ejected from her Shoulders...Just like Dread, They Fire Psionic Bullets which Explode with Psycho-Kenetic Energies on Impact. The Difference though, Is that whereas Dread is of course, Fully Automatic, Love & Peace are Semi Automatic. Allowing for Greater Flexibility in CQC.

Guilt - Guilt is a Gauntlet Styled Weapon that Encases her Entire Arm. Using Guilt gives Vyxen an Immense Boost to her already Enhanced Strength, Located in it's Palm appears to be a Circle of Psionic Light, This Circle can Release a Pulse of Psionic Energies, Fire a Beam of Psionic Energies, Or Launch A Sphere of Psionic Energy to Explode after a 3 Second Delay.

Insight - Insight is a Sniper Rifle Styled Weapon, Capable of Firing High Caliber Armour Piercing Rounds of Psionic Energy. Designed to Inflict Severe Damage on Heavily Armoured Targets.

Anger - Anger is a Whip Styled Weapon. A Razor Sharp Bladed Whip, If Anger coils around the Target, It will begin to Constrict until the Target is either Crushed or Torn Apart by it's Sharp Blades. Vyxen is also able to Channel her Psionic Energies into the Whip to unleash Slicing Waves of Psycho-Kenetic Energy.

Gratitude - Gratitude is a Rocket Launcher Styled Weapon which Locks On to a Target's Psionic Signature and Fires Homing Psionic Missiles which Doggedly Pursue their Designated Target until they Make Contact. Resulting in a 20ft Wide Explosion of Crushing Psycho-Kinetic Force.

Grief - Grief is a Lance Styled Weapon, Designed like a Drill. Powered by Psionic Energies causing it to Rotate at High Speeds to Tear Through Armour as though it were Paper.

Hysteria - Hysteria is a Gigantic, Pure White Claymore Styled Weapon Containing a Psionic Cannon in it's Center.

Empathy - Empathy is a Bow Styled Weapon. An Immense Longbow, Empathy fires Giant Psionic Arrows which Emit a Unique Psionic Frequency...The Arrow's Frequencies Resonate with One Another with Varying Effects.

Sorrow - Sorrow is a Katana Styled Weapon that is Stored inside Vyxen's Left Arm. Sorrow, Being Created from her Arm, Is able to Alter it's Shape and Size Freely, Just like Apathy. Razor Sharp, It's also coated with Psionic Energy, Allowing it to Disrupt Certain Forms of Energy. Vyxen is able to Channel her Psionics through Sorrow to allow for Alternative Forms of Attack.

Kindness - A Gift from the Son of Fear, Kindness is a Crossbow Styled Weapon. Able to Shrink to a more Portable Form, Or Grow as Large as a Ballistae, Kindness fires Bolts of Psionic Energy. Varying in Size and Power.