This is a concept that states that through cybernetics, perfection is assumed to be reached. But the flaw in that statement is the conditions upon which Perfection is described. When in comparison to the massive influence of human error, cybernetics seem to be more perfect than anything else. However, through the flaws of human error, cybernetics were created, altered, re-engineered, destroyed, rebuilt, and upgraded billions upon billions upon billions of times every decade. So the concept of "perfection" would never truly be reached, the machines that learned and eventually began to create cybernetics and cybernetic beings on their own, were created from human flawed logic, they learned from the flaws of human logic, and they were only able to study the flaws of humans and their imperfect logic. So the cybernetics could only learn and build onto what they perceived and understood of the errors caused by the humans which led to their construction and thus the only things they have had to build upon was Human Flaws and Error. This would mean that no matter how long they tried to reach "perfection" their perception of "perfection" will forever be tainted by the original human perception of "perfection through cybernetics" which resulted in the inferiority of humans and their flaws.