This was a concept that was introduced to me by Fear. Psionic-Biological/Bionic-Mechanics. From what I understand, it is the synthesis or the fusion of a Biological source or being with a Mechanical source or being which function as one due to the similarities of the Biological Functions and the Mechanical Functions. The power source for the fused Biomechanical Mechanism/Creation, is that of Psionics. Psionics not being just the powers that allow for kinetic capabilities and psychic abilities. Psionics meaning the flow of energy which allows for those powers to be unlocked and used, being harnessed and used to power the functions and capabilities of the Biomech unit. The Psionics being a flow of kinetic energy as well as existential in some cases, the Psionic capabilities that trigger the functions of the brain to allow for the kinesis to occur are channeled through the Biomech Unit giving it a direct flow of the energy and thus allowing for Psionic functions to be performed via the unit itself.