The term hypermorphic came to me when I saw the image in my mind of the transformation of Vyxen's normal arm into the form of her giant weapon. The process took place in a matter of moments and was virtually painless due to Vyxen's pain receptors being switched off temporarily during the persona flip to Vulpes. The capability of the cybernetics to morph and transform so fast and effortlessly led to the whisper in my mind. "Hyper" meaning accelerated or amplified actions or behavior, and "Morphic" meaning that something transforms or changes its form, appearance, capabilities, and functions with a truly expansive range of possibilities in an almost unpredictable manner, allowing for a specific form to be changed to another in a flow of action or motion. Putting these two together gave me the term "Hyper-Morphic" which I used to describe the way her arms, leg, and shoulder would change and take forms rapidly and with multiple possibilities for appearance and function.