The Concept of cybernetics is rather new to me, as such I only have a small grasp on what it is exactly. But from what I can understand, Cybernetics is the mechanization of an autonomic being or organism with the infusion of both organic capabilities such as physical form, motion, physical contact, sensory capabilities, and a possible emotional drive while gaining the attributes of a cybernetic being which would give vast intelligence and a process of actions which would be untainted by human error and emotional distraction.

Vyxen is a flip cybernetic being. Her personality flips to that of her cybernetic persona upon an emotional trigger being activated such as panic, fear, hate, rage, humiliation, or pain. This causes her appearance to change as her persona is taken over by her cybernetic persona, she becomes cold, calculating, practically emotionless, and incredibly intelligent as well as adaptive. Her body changes with the sudden change of persona, the persona activating a genetic alteration to the coding of Vyxen's body causing her appearance to change drastically like editing a string of code in a sequence. Her hair color changes to black, her hair becomes straight and long, her ears turn into psionic ribbons, her body activates the psionic mechanizations and adaptations become inductive.

Vyxen is left unaware of what all occurs when her persona flips, she develops a mental block when her personality flips to her cybernetic persona that causes her to "black out" and not be consciously aware of what goes on while her cybernetics are in control. The same goes for her cybernetic persona, when the emotional trigger wears off or the task is completed, the changes are undone and the editations to her genetic codes are returned to normal causing her orange hair to return and her cybernetic persona then "blacks out" as her Vyxen persona takes over once again.

This is often times a very strange experience for her when she flips persona to Vulpes in one place then Vulpes flips back to Vyxen in a completely new location several hundred miles from where she "blacked out" originally.

On a side note: The flip to Vyxen's cybernetic persona, Vulpes, deactivates her brain receptors for fear, panic, arousal, pain, and emotional influence.