Name: Vyxen Vulpes
Age: unknown
Gender: Female
Race: Originally a fox/neko now is a Psionic Cybernetic Bio-mechanical Hypermorphic Fox Creature.
Casual and non-combat
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Height: 5'3"
Weight: 105 lbs
Form: See for yourself~
Abilities: Psionics, Fox Magic, Demon Powers, Enhanced Strength, Incredible Speed, Acute Vision and Hearing, Cybernetic-Psiobiomechanical-Hypermorphic left and right Arm, right Leg, and right Shoulder.
Weaponry: Cybernetic-Psiobiomechanical-Hypermorphic left/right arm, right leg, and right shoulder.
Battle Form:
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Cybernetic Overdrive - Vulpes Ultima Form
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Vyxen was originally a half-demon fox creature born in the Necrovoid Realm (Same realm as Fear) and had a baby sister named Maiyenix. Fear, Vyxen, and Maiyenix used to spend time together and would hunt to stay alive. None of them were left with parents, and so they had to fend for themselves. All of that changed when Maiyenix was kidnapped by a being that Vyxen only could describe as a Dark Master. Vyxen chased after the Dark Master, leaving her home realm in pursuit of the man and her sister. She was stopped when the Dark Master vanished over top of a truly massive expanse of water. Vyxen had to do whatever she could to get across the water, the ocean that separated her from her sister did not tender the soul link that she held to Maiyenix. Everything that Maiyenix felt, Vyxen felt, and vice-versa.

Vyxen was told that the Dark Master held ownership over a fortress which was built in the middle of the most dangerous part of the ocean. No one knew how it was built or who built it, but one day it was just there. The seas around the fortress were always churning with 30 foot swells and 90 MPH wind gusts which swirled around the fortress like a constant hurricane of raw power. No one was brave enough to venture out to try and reach the fortress, as it turned out, the Dark Master had been taking young girls to his fortress for several decades. Vyxen did everything she could, anything she had to, to bring up enough funds for a vessel of her own so that she could try to rescue her sister. She was forced to do things that she has regretted every day of her life, but it was for her sister, she was willing to do anything for her sister.
After several months of work, Vyxen had worked up enough funds to buy her own vessel, a small but strong boat with a sail and a rudder. That was all she needed. She set out immediately, and much to her own disbelief, she reached the fortress with only moderate difficulty. Upon entering the fortress she was met immediately with the Dark Master. She fought him as hard as she could, noticing a cage behind him which held her sister within its cruel metal confines.

She was defeated in the end and to make her sister suffer, the Dark Master then made Maiyenix watch as he destroyed Vyxen's body, crushing her right arm, shoulder, and leg to a point of no repair. He then threw her body into the ocean to be eaten by whatever carnivorous creatures were hungry and present. Vyxen did not technically survive this, her soul began to leave her body but was called back as an "angel" with six silver and black wings took her into its arms and brought her soul back into her body. The "angel" then pulled off Vyxen's damaged arm, leg, and her shoulder, replacing them with very strange looking cybernetic prosthetic limbs before fading into light.

When Vyxen awoke, her right arm and leg had been repaired and they gave off the same glow that she had seen while she was "dreaming." She then realized that she was back at the entrance of the fortress. With a chill going up her spine she held her right arm out as it morphed into a massive blade with glowing markings and a barrel placed at the base between two bladed spires. She made quick work of the guards that had been sent from the Dark Master to be rid of his uninvited guest upon her second arrival. She cut down any foe that got in her way. Stopping only to notice that the boat she had come in, had grown... old... and had begun to rot away and was already missing half of the sail and most of the boat was tipped into the water as if it had been sitting in the same spot for several decades.

It only then dawned on her, she had been recovering for more than 10 years which seemed to pass in the blink of an eye while she was in that "dream" with the angel. Shaking her head she rushed forth and burst into the main hall of the Dark Master, who stood at the end of the hallway with his sword drawn and the cage which held her sister captive behind him. They fought and she destroyed his sword, deciding to spare his life to show him what mercy was. She looked inside the cage and called to her sister in the softest voice that she could manage over the pain of her exhaustion. "Maiyenix... come out baby sister... it is over... he can't hurt you an-" She stopped midway through her sentence, her eyes grew immense as she saw the cold, pale, lifeless body of her baby sister curled up in the back of the cage.

At that moment, Vyxen snapped, her body exploded into psionic light as she turned around and set to work torturing the Dark Master, beating him senseless and causing as much physical pain as she could before finally cutting him into pieces. She threw his head and helmet into a chainmail satchel, she tied the arms and torso together and used the legs to pry open the cage that held her sister's corpse. She carried her sister's body on her back as she used the massive torso as a raft and the arms served as oars. She rowed her way across the ocean back to the village she had left from.
She left the torso and arms in the water to be eaten by the creatures, she removed the head and helmet from her satchel and stabbed the head upon a spear tip, impaling the spear in the center of the village before heading off on her own with her sister on her back.

She found the place her sister had always wanted to go, a place full of life, light, and serenity. She sealed her baby sister into a chrysalis and used her demonic magic to shrink the chrysalis down to the size of an amulet which she tucked into her pouch to be carried with her at all times. From then on, she set out to grow stronger, learning everything she could about her new powers, her new capabilities, everything that the worlds had to offer her she took and learned. Until the fall... this marked a new beginning for Vyxen. And her lover as well...

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