A big thank you to all these wonderful people on this list and to all those who donated but I forgot to put in this list as well.! emotion_bigheart
Please do not harass them for donations. Respect them.

MARCH 2012

*list starts on March because I closed my old quest thread this month.

EDIT as of 10/9/12 || I have a new quest thread now. It's a joint quest thread with
a friend and his friends. c:

• tehSanshi: red ink(s)
• K of Spades and Hearts : 150k + random items
• Seika Arai : Vampire Sound
• -hinatasan-95: Game items

APRIL 2012

• NOT_a_sexual_username: Game items
• Renia goes RAWR: Game items
• jazz the dragon ninja: Game items
• i_Sexy Goddess: Game items
• x_Riniel: Game items
• Axletia: Game items
• iiGen: Game items
• latte au lait: Game items
• The Bride of Stein: Game items
• EzeKiels_Insanity: Game items + S-pop Club: Rayna and Odele
• tusb: Game items + 20k
• Bes in a Box: Fox's Watch
• Dreaming_of_Hopes: Jaydis the White Queen, Vivacenote, Hook's Cruelty,
Sassy Bass, Nouveau Spring, Nouveau Winter
• buchipeng: The Rightful Heir + 20k
• Princess-Orphelia: A La Fondue

MAY 2012

• buchipeng: 30k, 150k
• Na Noh Sheelo: Datamancer
• Twisted Breadsticks: 400k
• Damia Roncartia: 105k
• Dreaming_of_Hopes: Graffiti Dynamic, Artificial Love Song, Graffiti Shocker,
Style Munitions, Blitzkrieg King
• Beneventum Loves Hannah: Effieminate
• wolf-a-licious: 200k
• Sanga: Ancient Katana

JUNE 2012

• ZekeyDotRawr: 250k
• Pippin Aelaera Nueth: Inky Wisp
• edokitty: 300k, June 2012 Thank you letter, sweet vanilla cupcale
• Dreaming_of_Hopes: 2072k
• Stari_08: 57k
• Britalian: 100k
• Axletia: 50k
• Arinnel: 50k
• The Solarised Night: lots of love and gifts! emotion_bigheart
• Rhysie Piecey: lots of love and gifts! emotion_bigheart
• Shanra the Dragon Bard: sweet vanilla cupcake
• Silk Kanishk: Pink Daffodil Bouquet
• xTMR: Sweet Sealie
• Onewishly: 20k
• Just_Crazy: lots of gifts! emotion_bigheart
• Michael's Girlfriend: Ascended Demon
• Zorable: 10k

JULY 2012

• the White Lily: 12k
• Dai_2011: Revives in zomg, 100 Blood Droplets
• Scarred Secrets: 5k
• Alannaa: 104 Blood Droplets
• ToxicLov3r: 247 Blood Droplets
• Anon: Petit Cherie 2nd gen
• Anon: Clerical Nurse
• Hane-to-Yume: Marble Bubbles, Go Goldfish, Domina's Fall, 300 Blood Droplets
• CB Zombie: 20k+
• Salmon Shark: 3 Blood Droplets


• edokitty: August 2012 MC Letter

• Rhysie Piecey: Modus Operandi
• edokitty: Pepper and Mint

• Alarmingly Charming: 50k
• Raymond Jason Foxx: lots of stuff
• Madam Kagu: 40k
• Thes Waltz: 12k + other stuff
• Bes in a Box: 100k
• Seika Arai: 1 mil
• Princess-Orphelia: A Ghi Amp Deluxe Bundle
• Kasnae_Sunaek: 120k
• LuckyPinball: 50k

• Seraphim Skye: SDPlus #296 Sunny Sally (Any)
• Princess-Orphelia: A Ghi Amp Deluxe Bundle
• Rhysie Piecey: Oisin's Blessing ((OMMMGG))

• The Solarised Night: Pistolera, Ningen, Sir Percy
• Padfoot_Moony_Forever: 20k
• Kasnae_Sunaek: Trinket Heart
• x_Triste_x: 150k
• Mista Pickles: Lots of stuff!
• Doppelganger Love: xmas gift
• Silk Kanishk: xmas gift
• xTMR: xmas gift and dms loot
• Zzyli: xmas sgift
• Margareee: xmas gift
• edokitty: xmas gift
• doctor nikkipuff: 100k