*Still a work in progress. Funny thing is when i began this i was mad at my mother because she was mad at me about my grade in English being a 70... but i wanted to get it up but was being lazy too... ironic scenario? but anyways that lasted all about 2 days and it was back up to an 89. but im tring to finish it anyways *

My Life
Yellow Cello
I try to live this life to your expectations
when i fall out of line im forces to harsh probations
this life is just not what i expected
thought fly but no words can be projected

but its time to get things right
to push myself straight into the light
so what if i do things wrong
im going to put myself where i belong

Nobody can tell me how or what i need to do
all you say is that i need is to fix things i cant undo.
my life is hanging me with your own issues
all i want is to learn without yelling from you

thts why its time to get us right
help each other see the light
i want you in my life
just want you there with no more fights
That's why im standing at your door pouring out my heart
trying to stop the things that seem to pull us apart

That's why ill try to make things right
you and me. we're gonna end this blight.