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Nothing and everything to say about Everything and Nothing
Kay, so this roleplay I was in kind of did a flop and fail, so it's no longer up and running. But my very first post was one that I especially enjoyed, so I'm going to put it here in my journal so that I will always have it. Read it if you want, and hopefully you enjoy! ^-^:

Cold. Cold air; cold bed sheets; cold window; cold body. Cold. Cold was the first word that sprang to the mind of young Damon as he tightly squeezed his eyes shut. This was ineffective to making the cold go away. With a groan and a sigh, Damon heaved his body out of the bed. As he was only in his boxers, the 6'3" black haired, well toned muscular boy was not welcoming to the icy sensation the bottom of his feet were experiencing as he walked to the closet. The only good thing about all the cold and snow was that it meant it wouldn't be a dry, brown Christmas.
Oh Christmas, thank god you're coming up and I get a break from school. Rubbing his hand down over his face, Damon grabbed a pair of jeans that were torn at the knees and pulled his thin purple hoodie over his head and on-top of a dark green t-shirt. The small rumble he felt originating from his stomach when he finished pulling his hoodie down told him that something warm for breakfast would be the best bet. Last day of school, and then I can have all the pancakes with whip cream on top with five slices of bacon on the side that I can muster. Of course, as a dessert, he would also be having a ginger snap to go along with it all.

Snagging a granola bar from the box under his bed, Damon turned to look at the time. 8:05. He still had an hour before school started, and half an hour before his alarm went off.
Damn. That's the fourth time I've woken up before needing to. Stupid sleep cycle, stupid school, stupid co- The irritated thoughts trailed off as the boy went to the washroom to fix his hair. Normally small stuff like this doesn't bother him, but he has the time to worry about it. When he was done, which wasn't that long after he started, Damon walked back out and plopped down on the giant comfy arm chair that the room had in the corner. He looked towards his roommate on the other bed in the room, envious that he was still asleep. It was strange, Damon found, that even though he had known his roommate for approximately three months now, that he still didn't know too much about the guy. He made a mental note to be more social.

Deciding that it would be better for him to be productive than just sit around eating a granola bar and waiting for classes to begin, Damon slung his guitar over his back and walked out of the dorm. Key card in his back pocket, the tall boy strode down the quiet halls of the school to a section far away from dorms and classrooms where he was positive that he wasn't going to disturb anyone by playing his guitar.

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