Basic Info/Appearance

Name: Shigekuni Genryusai (Adoptive Name; goes by Shige)

Birth Name: Currently Unknown

Age: 663 (Looks to be in his early to mid twenties)

++General Appearance

Hair: Medium length dark brown hair.

Eyes: Shige's Eyes are typically Teal, usually holding a light yet vibrant luminescent glow.

Blood Type: O Negative

Height: 6' 0'' or 182.88cm

Perceived Weight: 180lbs or 82kg

Actual Weight: 300lbs or 136.0775kg

Weight Without Arm: 270lbs or 122.46994kg

Tattoos: Shige's only normal visible tattoo is a series of tally marks down his left shoulder, totaling in at thirty-eight. the emblem once above those tally marks has been removed.

Artificial Arm and System

Name: P.A.H.S (Prosthetic Arm Housing System)

Appearance: The housing system for Shige's prosthetic arms appears to look like a piece of metal armor over the shoulder. the system itself comes up to nearly the neck from his right shoulder and partially covers his right pectoral muscle going down to about the center of the rib cage on his right side. this completely covers the stump of flesh that remained where his right arm used to be. this housing is grafted to Shige's flesh around the stump of his former arm in such a way that it cannot be willingly or forcebly removed. the metal of this housing is composed of a spiritual metal akin to what the zanpakutou are composed of; making it highly durable and nearly weightless to Shige.

++Techniques/Special Notes

Three Part Housing: The system of Shige's P.A.H.S is one specially designed by Shige himself to allow the easy switch between multiple variations of his prosthetic arms. the first part of the housing system is under all of the spirit metal armor grafted to the flesh of the man. this part is linked up to the nerves, remaining muscle tissue and energy/reishi pathways of the body. this is to allow free control through the brain of whatever is attached to the housing system; as if the arm attached to it was Shige's real arm. the second part of the housing system is attached to the first under the spiritual metal as well. this is a computational microchip that provides a separation between the nerve hookups of the first part and the hookup area of the third part of the housing. the microchip itself provides the function of seamlessly linking the attached arm to the nerves while deadening the pain receptors in the first part of the housing durring hookup and detachment of the artificial limb. the third part of this housing system is attached to the second and cannot be seen when an arm is attached to the housing unit. this part funtions as the attaching and detaching system of the artificial arms; along with functioning as a a fully rotational ball and socket joint for the attached arm. when the arm is attached or deattached from this point the second part of the housing deadens the pain receptors for a few moments while the arm is linked up with the nerves of the body so that it can function seemlessly like a real arm would.

++special abilities

At will attachment and reattachment: This ability comes from how the housing system is designed and allows for Shige to detach or reattach an arm at will by simply placing it up against the third part of the housing system. from there the system deadens the area's pain receptors and links the nerves of the body through the system to the nerves of the artificial arm during the time of deadening. as soon as the nerves are linked and checked by the system the pain receptors for the body are undeadened and full arm motion is enabled.


Name: Combat Right Arm

Appearance: This arm appears to look like a normal right arm, even the color of it is flesh toned to the exact pigmentation as Shige. the only giveaway of this arm aside from it being attached to the P.A.H.S is that the very end of the arm shows slight metallic colors to it; this is where the attachment system of the arm that allows it to sync up to the housing system is. in addition to this the combat arm boast a slightly increased muscle mass to its look.


None: The Combat Right Arm holds no special techniques to it.

++special abilities

Energy Output: This arm boast the ability to output energy just as Shige's natural arm would be able to. this allows him to use the energy for anything that the energy is commonly used for.

Enhanced Duriblity: Due to the high end construction of this arm it boast an exceedingly high durablity and is not easily damaged by most tools or weapons. this allows the arm to be used to block attacks bare handed with little to no sign of damage

Regenerative Flesh toned Polymer: The flesh tone that covers the spirit metal housing is composed of a high capacity regenerative polymer that boast an exceedingly high rate of regeneration. this regeneration rate applies only to the flesh over the metal of the arm; causing it to heal over within a few minutes of being harmed and appear to have taken no damage at all.

Enhanced Strength: In addition to the enhanced duriblity the combat arm also boast enhanced strength. this enhanced strength allows the arm to swing with up to three times the usual force that would be associated with Shige's arm swings. this is achieved by filling the areas of flesh that look to be increased muscle mass with more of the spirit metal that the arm is made of; making it weigh more than average and giving it more bulk to be put into the swings.

Micro Energy Gun: The combat arm boast a small quarter of an inch radius barrel that opens up from the center of the palm, this barrel is linked to all the energy pathways of the arm. by using this Shige can focus his energy through that pathway in a concentrated blast of pure energy. this energy blast can be focused up to the size of his hand and carry a force strong enough to create a ten foot crater in the ground. doing this takes considerable amounts of focused energy however; due to the quickness of the forming energy and drains considerably on the user.


Name: EPA (Experimental Prototype Arm)

Appearance: This arm takes a much different appearance than the other arms that Shige wears on his P.A.H.S. the arm is not flesh toned like the others, instead the full metal of it is open to the air. the metal that composes this arm is an alloy composed by mixing spirit-steel and a rare metal Shige dubbed cerberus-steel. the arm taking a mixed black and silver appearance. upon the back of the hand on this arm is a solid green gem, shaped like a diamond; the gem spanning about an inch or so in length.



++special abilities

Energy Output: This arm boast the ability to output energy such as reishi reiryoku or reiatsu just as Shige's natural arm would be able to. this allows him to use the energy for kido or anything else that the energy is commonly used for.

Maximized Duriblity: Due to the high end construction of this arm and the alloy it is composed of it boast a considerably higher durability than Shige's other prosthetic arms. this arm being almost impossible to damage or destroy even by some of the most powerful offensive moves; making it capable of being used to block things that most would not dare to.

Gem of Creation: The green gem located on the backside of the hand was made from the remains of a being that had the ability to create things at will; as such this gem retains some of the power that being possessed. this gem allows Shige to create weapons of masterful quality at will and create false copies of his own zanpakutou; the false copies being in the sealed state are capable of anything the true sealed form it, aside from being released. in addition to weapons the Gem of Creation also allows Shige to create useful items both in and out of combat.

Cerberus Shifting: Due to the Cerberus-steel used in the composition of this arm it retains the special qualities of that metal. the metal itself can be shifted and changed into varying shapes based on the user's will. this can range from blades coming out of the arm to shifting the arm itself into a shield. the only true limit of the shifting is the mind of the user. this ability can also be enhanced by the Gem of Creation ability; allowing further shifting with greater results.

Blood Seeking: Due to the Cerberus-steel used in the composition of this arm it retains the special qualities of that metal. when the arm is used against organic targets it actually seeks out the blood inside the being. by seeking out that blood this ability guides the arm to hit the intended target, making it so the user is less likely to miss their strikes using this arm. when possible the arm will attract itself toward major arteries or the heart; locations in the body that have/pump the most blood.

Energy Dampening Matrix: Built into the forearm of the E.P.A is a highly advanced object designed and made by Takeshi Genryusai. the E.D.M works by expelling an invisible electronic field that reacts to various energies within it and dampening them to less harmful levels. energies of low level would be dampened down to nothing, making them harmless. energies of medium or average level would be dampened down to low level, lowering their effectiveness by up to seventy-five percent. energies of high level caught inside the matrix's area of effect would have their power level cut in half. the downside of the E.D.M is that it effects energy coming from the user as well. the E.D.M can be activated and deactivated at will, initially extending its range out to a twenty foot radius when first activated.

Species: Ex-Shinigami

Racial Traits

++Massive Stamina: This comes from the training and physical demands of being a shinigami. even with powers now lost Shige is granted a tremendous amount of stamina; allowing him to not need rest even in the most demanding task.

++Enhanced Durability: This comes from simply being a shinigami at one point. even with the powers now lost Shige has an enhanced durability, allowing him to take more damage and injury before falling in battle. even life threatening injuries aren't as effective to him.

++Enhanced Strength: This comes from the training and physical demands of being a shinigami. even with powers now lost Shige has an increased strength giving him greater prowess in combat.


Physical Stamina: 100/100
Offense: 80/100
Defense: 80/100
Agility: 100/100
Intellect: 100/100
Total: 460/500

Special Traits

++Lightning Resistance: Due to his heavy use of lightning based Kido during his years as a shinigami Shige developed a high resistance to the element of lightning. even after losing his powers he kept this resistance almost to its full potential. while still hurt by lightning based energy he is able to withstand the pain and nerve damage it causes; making it seem like it had no effect on him.

++Highly Persuasive: Shige is a highly persuasive individual with heavy leadership like qualities. his power to persuade with nothing more than words is almost legendary in a way. he can use words to gain loyalty from his subordinates with ease. and at times is power of persuasion has been compared to that of an incubus using pheromones when dealing with the opposite sex; though he shows no interest sexually to any female other than his wife.

++Advanced Energy Pathways: Using the Gem of Creation upon the destruction of his natural energy pathways Shige was able to reconstruct those pathways and greatly improve upon them. Shige's new system of pathways is a system of not just one but three entirely separate systems of pathways, each running through his body like a maze. in addition to this the pathways themselves are laced with the energy of creation and can not be utterly destroyed by any means. upon being damaged in any fashion the pathways begin to repair themselves almost instantly.

++Spirit Steel Skeletal Reconstruction: Upon his body being nearly destroyed, mainly his torso Shige had to undergo experimental treatments during his healing. these treatments replaced his entire skeletal structure with spirit steel versions of his bones. this drastically increased the man's natural weight but also increased his durability when it comes to attacks upon his body. the spirit steel, tied to his soul makes it weightless for him, so he can move faster without being weighed down by the seemingly heavy metal.

Hakuda -- Level: Master

Hand-to-hand combat (hakuda; lit. white hits) is a combination of several martial arts styles and involves high paced heavy hitting moves for the most part that use one's will to strengthen the natural power of the moves used. while not much is known about this form of hand to hand combat it is considered to be formidable against most all known martial arts

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatants

Masters of this art can take on expert armed opponents and those a few times their size relatively easily. a master should have little to no trouble dealing with most unarmed threats.

Special Skills

++Ikkotsu: This powerful punch focuses ones will into a single fist. if the move connects it has the power to shatter through a foot of solid concrete or six inches of most known metals. upon contact with the body this punch can shatter bones and rupture organs near the immediate area of contact. this punch can also send an opponent back a few feet even if blocked.

++Sōkotsu: This punch focuses ones will into both fist and aims to hit very specific points on the body; namely the solar plexus and stomach area. if both fist connect to their targets the punch aims to rupture the stomach and cause internal bleeding in addition to shattering the rib cage and disrupting the bodies energy flow. with the shattering of the rib cage the lungs and or heart could also be punctured causing a quick or immediate death.

++Tesshō (Iron Palm): This attack focuses the will of the user into the palm of their hand which is used to strike at the opponent. it is a fast strike that when used correctly is capable of fracturing bone or cracking through concrete structures. while not as powerful as Ikkotsu it is a much faster technique, making it a more common technique used in hand to hand fights.

Zanjutsu -- Level: Master

Zanjutsu (Swordsmanship; Cutting Technique)

Master Swordsmanship Specialist

Master Swordsmanship Specialists vary greatly by power and technique. The criteria for a master is simple; one must have masterful skill in swordsmanship above all else. The attainment of this level of skill is a testament to the wielders power and determination.

Special Skills

++Saisho no katto, byōga surasshu (First cut, Drawing slash): This technique is performed by drawing the blade out and focusing ones will into the blade upon the draw into a horizontal slash. This basic technique allows for a precision cut of extreme force and speed, it can casually slice through large, multi-story high opponents. The opponent can be killed with one swift slash so precise, that they aren't even aware of until after it has taken place. it should be noted that usually all one sees of this technique is the blade being resheathed do to the speed involved. those that have seen it say that it appears the person performing it doesn't move at all.

++Ryōdan (Bisection): A two-handed sword technique that has the practitioner bring the sword down with enough force that it can cut an opponent in half right down the middle.


Mage seishin -- Level: Adept

Mage seishin (Spirit Bending) is an art similar to elemental bending. this art was created by Shige and is the only true remain of his once immense spiritual power. by focusing and gathering the spirit energy around his body Shige can take that energy and use it to enhance his offensive and defensive moves, as well as his movement to some degree, though not nearly as much as he could before the loss of his powers.

Special Skills

++Five Foot Step: Gathering a minimal amount of energy around the feet the user can push themselves with that energy to increase their stepping distance. this allows the user to cover five feet of space with a single step. due to the minimal amount of energy required the user can use this technique multiple times in a row without pause.

++Body Flicker Movement: Gathering enough energy to surround the body the user can push themselves forward on that energy with enough force to cover sixty feet within the blink of any eye. the movement occurring so fast that the body appears to flicker and reappear at the end of the technique; giving it it's name.


Name: Danzetsu (Severance)

Appearance: Danzetsu takes the form of a long katana, totaling six foot in length. the blade of the weapon totals five feet in length, being composed of an experimental metal dubbed soul-steel by Tamashī no baransu's research and development division. the blade itself is charred black in color except for the blades edge which shines silver in the light. the guard of the weapon takes the form of the endless knot in a golden hue. the hilt of the weapon extends down a full foot from the guard and is black in color to match the blade of the weapon. when not in use the blade is kept in a gold colored sheathe.

++Techniques/Special Notes


++special abilities

Unnaturally Sharp Blade: Due to the experimental metal that the blade is composed of it is much sharper than any normal weapon. this sharpness allows the blade to cut through materials much easier than other weapons, such as concrete and most metals. in addition to this the unnaturally sharp blade allows the blade to make cleaner cuts.




++Techniques/Special Notes


++special abilities