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BB's 'Hidden' Journal
My online record of mostly rantings and complaints.
Normally, i would dread the approaching summer. Yes it is approaching. We only get spring or fall for a couple of months. Two. If that. It's mostly humid at boiling or frozen over. Sucks. Anyways. Normally, i would be dreading it coming. And i do a bit, especially since stuff has already bloomed. That means the plants were only in hiatus for 4 months. 4 ******** months. Do you know how much pollen and bugs that's gonna cause?? It almost never reached freezing either so nearly all the insect eggs lived. Ugh.
On the positive side i mentioned, i learned to like the heat. Not the humidity, but the heat. And the beach. Cuz i found out laying in the sand when it's all nice and warm is perfect for napping biggrin just like our short spring is perfect for popping a hammock or laying down on the swing to nap.
I love napping x) so does CC. My white, furry, little napping buddy lol she'll crawl next to me and sleep wherever i am 'cuz she knows i find the most comfortable places. Especially for napping. She loves to nap nearly as much as i do. 'cuz no one loves napping as much as i do >:0
Anyways, it's 9am so there's nothing else to write about. Except mourning my nap i'm being jipped of beacuse homework. HOMEWORK!! so not worth it >.>

As you may have noticed, i posted profiles. Thank the stars for spam filter 'ight? Well i posted them 'cuz i was thinking how i missed my one naruto character. I was kicked due to inactivity, but i really liked her! I could've made a great short story(ies) with her. So in memory of her, and a few other lost profiles, i'm going to post my profiles in my journal from now on. Though i'm going to have to work on them. Some of them (ok all of them except Siniathdu Nazeshikage and my ME character) need updating or a serious overhaul. Yes i'm looking at you Ceri Ithlwed. Laziness does not make a good character.

Oh! Guess what? So yesterday bro said (although jokingly) that to earn my zerg ring, i had to beat an AI protoss one on one eek two failures later, the damned AI threw the match!!! There's no god damned way that when i can build queens and mutalisks that all they could manage was a second nexus and two gateways!!! ******** threw the match. I didn't save the replay, but maybe i should've. Proof of AI....venom? Boredom? Spite? Pity? Something >.>
but......i won biggrin so i get my ring!

Ah....i got almost my homework done for the next three weeks. For my CSI class anyways. I still have my geometry >.>
screw that. It's 15 problems, i'll get to it. But i have to call it an early night 'cuz tomorrow i'm going to Ocean City with miranda. She's trying to cram as much as she can in before she moves. Painful thinking about it. The only friend i have to get me out of this house if moving to mexico. That's two terrible things. She's moving, and she's moving to mexico of all places. And her family only got an average of 4/20 direct hits on the moving targets. First of all, they're only trained in sidearms, so chances are, they'll only have 10-15 shots. Not to mention they've never been in a life threatening situation. All i can do is pray that their selffish father doesn't get them into trouble.....
Lol she's probably going to think i'm weird soon after all the staring i've been doing. I just can't imagine her wielding a gun, or being in an oppressive inviroment. She's never let a man act above her. There, who knows. I wish i could teach her....or better yet, keep her from going. I had hoped she'd have gotten her study abroad in china so i wouldn't have to worry about her being shot (just arrested) but they're holding her back a year and she couldn't afford the summer program, so she's stuck there. Nerve racking.

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