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BB's 'Hidden' Journal
My online record of mostly rantings and complaints.
Bleach Lost Harmony profile
this one might be worthless. Only got like four posts in...

Name: Elemire Oreana Sinaithdu

Nicknames: Dusk or Elly (though it annoys her)

Squad: ex-12

Rank: ex-3rd seat

Gender: female

Age: 103-looks 17

Hair Colour: white base with red highlights and black lowlights

Eye Colour: a pale sage colour

Hollow Mask: Similar in shape to ichigo's, it is white with a green starburst pattern originating from her left eye. the eyes are like ichigo's right before the killing strike upon poor Ulquiorra.

Height: 6' even

Weight: 164 pounds

Appearance: her white(ish) har is mostly strait and flows all the down to her hips. Her skin is a light olive colour. Her eyes are pale sage and half closed most the times from uninterest in the world around her.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. minus the red highlights, and a lot less curvy, but it works too.
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Reiatsu Color: A greenish dark gray colour.

Family: none.

Personality: She's a pretty quiet person, who tries to make everyone she knows think shes happy even though she's sad and brooding a lot so they don't worry. She is generally a non confrontational person, and is vary rational. She tries to think through and solve problems rationaly and fairly for everyone without letting hers or others emotions cloud the solution.

Likes: warmth, the people she cares about, dark, wind, tea, and ramen, calm

Dislikes: humidity, coffee, feeling alone, bright light, people who think they're better than everyone else, and people you are set in their mind and refuse to take into account another perspective or new ideas

Biography: Dusk died and entered the SS at a very young age and found her zanpokuto quickly gaining admission into the academy. After rising to the rank of 3rd seat for squad 12, she reconized the presence of her hollow side. Allowing herself to be discharged from the Gotei 13, she fled into the desert of Eternal Night to conqueor her hollow, self banishing herself from the SS. After many years of being alone, doing nothing but fighting hollows training herself, her inner world became dark, and she secluded herself from other beings hiding in the sand.

Zanpakuto's Name: Xennoth Shii

Sealed Description: Her sheathe is made of pure ebony with oynx inlaid along both sides and circling the top, the handle is black, red ribbon, and oynx stones. The guard is made of ebony and is in a giant lotus, and inside the lotus is a winding vine pattern.

Zanpakuto Spirit: A chimera. The head of a great leopard, the body of a dire wolf, the wings of a roc, and the tail and eyes of a scorpion.

Inner World: Dusk's inner world is a vast island dotted ocean under a starry twilight sky. The sky has a sun whose last fingers of light are stretching across the sky. Higher up in the sky, there a full red moon, and a blue-ish moon that goes through normal phases as her power and mood changes. Behind the sky, on the other side of the receeding sun, there are lots of tiny stars, nebulas, and sun dotting the sky most prominately, the constellation Sagitarrius. The water is calm, clear, and slightly warm, reflecting the stars and moons across the water inbetween the tiny black sand dune islands. Under the water, the sea bed is full of flowing hills, vallys, chasms, mountains, crevices and spikes, plateau's and lava rivers. Across the sea bed, away from the lava rivers, the ground is covered in every type of flower, fern, tree, bush, vine, and any other plant life, with a few small clearings dotted about.

Shiaki: yesh

Release Command: Roar Victoriously Xennoth Shii!

Shikai Released Appearance: Two chained weapons, one is a furigamshi (like the death whisper item here on gaia) the other end is a long pole covered in spikes and blades circling both ends, that im going to refeer to as either pole, or sho'ceed

Shikai Abilities: she knows 'em all as she's been training for years.
1: Shii-ho Lodier--a long beam with a similar composition to a cero that's fired from either end of the pole.
2:Xennoth Celeer--the furigamshi splits into six blades and little spikes spiked in paralisis posion cover the edges of the blades.

Bankai: no

Bankai Description: no

Bankai Abilities: no

Abilities/Special Training: she learned the hollow's sonido being around them for so long, but also knows shun-po if she has to use it.

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