“So he can shoot swords. Big deal”.

“He’s just some douchebag villain.”


Sit your a** down, because it’s time you learned about the ******** KING OF HEROES!

So, to answer the guy who says, “So he can shoot swords. Big deal”…Do you even pay attention when you read? These are Noble Phantasms, son. NOBLE PHANTASMS. A rank E NP has more power than anything a modern mage can create. Noble Phantasms are even more powerful than warheads - their power is literally described as a condensed warhead, and an individual could take over a small nation on his own with one. So Gilgamesh has that and so many more you can’t even COUNT.

It’s not just swords either, though his fight with Shirou focuses on them (more on that later). He has every weapon fathomable. From a shield to a ******** spaceship. He has more than just legendary weapons, but their originals, and the originals of originals. It’s ******** insane to how much power Gilgamesh has.

And this now ties in to his personality. Here’s a scenario for you. You’re placed into a battle against an ant. It’s just an ant, no gimmicks like it’s a SUPER RADIATED ANT or something. Do you in any way see this as difficult or a threat? That’s how Gilgamesh sees other Servants, because that’s literally the gap between him and the others. He isn’t arrogant; he’s confident. This of course makes him not look at any opponent seriously and instead just shoots weapons. And with Shirou, he enters a sword duel to which he loses. But that’s simply how the scenario played out to his disadvantage. Let’s look at that ant again. So you’re going to “fight” this mere ant. You simply walk up to it, and step on it. BUT it moved in between the creases of your shoes. It then climbs into your pants and ******** bites the s**t of you. And guess what? IT WAS ACTUALLY A POISONOUS FIRE ANT. And on top of that YOU’RE ALLERGIC TO FIRE ANTS ESPECIALLY POISONOUS ONES. And so, you die. That’s roughly how it played out for Gilgamesh in the three routes, and I hope that analogy gives you a better understanding than something as ignorant as “lol Gilgamesh is arrogant” or God forbid something even dumber like “lol Gilgamesh is weaker than Saber/Shirou/Archer/Sakura”.

To continue with his personality, he is The King of Heroes. Call him a douchebag if you want, but one thing he isn’t is a “villain”. An antagonist, most certainly, but not a villain. Learn the difference. Saying he’s The King, and his claims of owning all, etc. make Saber look at him initially as being crazy. It’s quite humorous to see her admit that he is indeed The King twice, before her battle and afterward, in the Fate route. Of course, though she admits that, she adamantly refuses to accept his ways, which is understandable. Foolish, but understandable. Gil and Alex breakdown why she’s so dumb, so I’m not getting into that. Gilgamesh’s personality and ego is so great he can overcome the most powerful curse, All Evils of the World, with ease. That’s what really makes Saber admits he is The King, as if owning every NP wasn’t enough (she’s really dumb).

Gilgamesh likes to call many mongrels. This goes beyond the intent for a mere insult, and it’s the truth. He explains this in Fate route along with the comparison of his original NPs to descended NPs, and uses the United Language as an example. Originally, everyone spoke one language. In Nasuverse, this is simply called the United Language (Gilgamesh knows this, obviously. But that’s digressing). Heard of the Tower of Babel? Look it up. TL;DR everyone ends up speaking different languages and leave, spreading across the world. In Nasuverse, all languages are just bits of the United Language broken up and redeveloped. This happened with people as well. In Gilgamesh’s time, people were far closer to the Original Human. Their Magic Circuits were ONE with their nervous system, and they could interact with gods and the Phantasmal. With time, this was lost, and people became “mongrels”, because they’re no longer “purebred humans”. Furthermore, the population has increased greatly, and thus, the worth of a human has lowered so much that they’re literally worthless. This is the basis for Gilgamesh’s plan in UBW and what he plans to use the Grail for. He’s going to set the world ablaze and let natural selection do its magic. Those who are strong will survive, the worth of a human will shoot back up, and the world will get closer to how it was in the Age of Gods (era where Heroes existed). This is why Gilgamesh is Chaotic Good. This plan is for the benefit of the world and humanity, as not only is he increasing the worth of humans, but he’s letting Gaia live, as humans are cancer killing the planet. Of course, this seems “evil”, but it’s for the greater good. Nothing Gilgamesh does is “evil”, as he is The King whose acts cannot be judged by our mongrel morals and values.

Continuing that with the discussion of original NPs versus descended. Gilgamesh states “the son cannot defeat the father”, so a descended NP cannot defeat its original. This is both correct and incorrect. In the scenario Gilgamesh was speaking about it is correct, which was Gram versus Caliburn. Original NPs have a higher rank, and can thus be considered stronger generally. However, in terms of properties a descended NP can be greater. The perfect example for this is Gungnir ad Gae Bolg. Gungnir is stronger, but Gae Bolg exceeds it as a throwing weapon.

Going back to Gate of Babylon, not many know/realize/remember how he can use it. He can shoot weapons from anywhere in his vision. That means behind his opponent, to their side, under, or above. He did this against Saber in Fate route, and in the dogfight against Lancelot even formed an “iron maiden trap” (which Lancelot maneuvered out from). If Gilgamesh gets serious, it can be difficult, or almost impossible, to escape from him. He can also form a wall of weapons and/or shields to act as defense. This can guard against near-anything, and Nasu goes so far as to say it’s basically a form of Magic Resistance.

Speaking of defense, let’s talk about The King’s armour. A Servant’s armour does NOT reflect their parameters. It’s basically a bonus they can materialize and have. Gilgamesh’s is of course on a whole notha level. He could easily block several slashes from Excalibur, and even withstanding a reflect of his own Enuma Elish (though at low-level, most likely). There’s no details to how exactly his armour works, but from we’ve seen we can already file it under hax.

Now, though he owns pretty much everything, he can’t wield everything to it’s full potential. As Shirou says, he’s an “owner”. But many confuse themselves and believe he can’t fight for s**t. Again, do you even pay attention when you read? Did you not read that entire battle with Saber where he was owning her a**? He can wield all his weapons, just not at a MASTER level like a Saber or Lancer can. Think of him as the all-rounder he knows the basics of everything. Of course, it wouldn’t be farfetched to say he has some NP that grants him the ability to wield everything perfectly.

That’s all that needs to be said about his base abilities, but something I think many don’t ENTIRELY get is how Ea works. It’s an Anti-World NP, not an Anti-Planet. “Anti-World” means it will rip through anything and leave literally nothing but the bare planet itself before any concepts were created, even Gaia itself. The blazing chunk of rock that this is is what Gil calls “Hell” and calls this concept and void created as “The Truth”.

Ea is the most powerful weapon in Nasuverse. It was created before ******** anything happened, and so it can’t be copied or destroyed with s**t like MEoDP, and can even kill Types.

For the actual damage, it’s calculated by Gilgamesh’s STR times 20, with a possible random addition of his MGI added to the STR stat, and then multiplied. The max damage is 4000. Now, this may all be gibberish, but it basically means it’s insanely strong. Under Kotomine and even Tohsaka, he can’t reach this 4000 limit, but it isn’t farfetched at all to think Gil has NPs to raise his parameters. And it doesn’t stop there! It’s stated that Gilgamesh has Noble Phantasms to EXCEED the 4000 damage limit. Yes, Gil has a ******** Limit Breaker.

In the recent Completed Material, it’s stated that Enuma Elish has an output just higher than Excalibur. I’ve seen many misunderstand this as a retcon or such, but don’t worry, that’s why I’m here. The word “output” does not refer to the attack damage, but simply the SIZE of the blast. That’s all to it.

“If it’s so strong how come Saber blocked it with Avalon?” Well my simple-minded student, it’s because of how Avalon works. It’s not a simple BARRIER. Rather, it’s much better to describe it as a TELEPORTER. It takes Saber and places her in Avalon, where she is healed completely and avoids ANYTHING, literally because she’s NOT ******** THERE.

“Well then, since Gil is so strong, why didn’t he beat Shirou?” Shirou’s ability, UBW, is literally the exact counter to Gilgamesh’s GoB. It’s clearly stated. Indeed, Gilgamesh could easily kill Shirou in a number of ways - he was beating his a** before UBW was activated. However, Shirou challenged him to a one-on-one sword fight. He targeted Gil’s confidence. Of course, even if Shirou was an excellent swordsman, Gil should be able to overpower him anyway, as he’s just a human, plus his swords are all fakes. Thus Gilgamesh accepted to put the mongrel in his place. Alas, he did not know the full properties of the Reality Marble and Shirou’s ability. In UBW, swords will appear instantly in Shirou’s hand, whilst Gilgamesh has to draw them from GoB. Shirou is not limited to making exact copies, but he also copies materials and can thus mix and match to create his own swords. And finally, he also copies the skill and knowledge for swords so he can use them to their optimum potential. It was a combination of these things that led him to overcome Gilgamesh. Gil started with weak swords, but before he could even draw stronger swords Shirou was already overtaking him greatly. HOWEVER, Gil could still easily have defeated Shirou by either donning his armour, using Enkidu, or stop using swords. So in the end, the answer is PLOT BULLSHIT.

“Then maybe Gil is just dumb”. Definitely not. Before that battle it’s shown that Gilgamesh could predict and analyze how many swords Shirou was projecting and what it would be. He’s extremely intelligent, it’s just his persoanlity gets in the way and he toys with his opponent. For not overcoming Shirou, if I had to say something besides it being plot bullshit, then I’d have to place it under him just not being able to handle the whole situation of some Faker boy beating him. Also, nearly every line from Gil is quote-worthy, so calling him “dumb” is just ignorant.

“Sakura is stronger than him though”. Hahaha NO. He completely annihilated that girl. He KILLED her. It’s just that Sakura thought of Shirou and wanted his d**k, so she tapped into her power and regenerated. Gilgamesh didn’t know she was capable of that, and as mentioned, she did die - he decapitated her. He let his guard down and before he could react she swallowed him up. However, Nasu has said that Gilgamesh could have ripped her apart from the inside. Sakura had to quickly digest him and almost died.

Here is also a good time to address when it’s stated that Gilgamesh has “the firepower of 5 Servants”. That was from Sakura’s POV, because she saw that amount of NPs from Gilgamesh. He didn’t open the gate or such. We know for a fact he has far more than that.

“Hurr durr Lancelot OWNED Gil”. You’re an idiot. Please show me where Lancelot even TOUCHES Gilgamesh. He cut the lamp post he stood on and made Gil angry. If that’s your definition of “owning” then I’d advise you stick with Naruto and once you grow up you can try Type-Moon again. There’s also when Lancelot shot down Vimana. Gilgamesh gave this many ********: 0. Again, Gil wasn’t harmed in any way, and simply looks at this situation as “every dog has it’s day”. It’s stated that Lancelot’s NP is a counter to Gil’s GoB, but only to a small extent. This is provided Gilgamesh is only using a “small” number of NPs. Lancelot was able to defend against 16. But then, Gilgamesh opened the Gate to expose 32. There’s an entire paragraph dedicated to how everyone s**t them self and stating that it’s IMPOSSIBLE for Lancelot to handle that many. Many like to argue that this is the narrator using hyperbole. So, OK, let’s say it is. How about we double it then to 64? You believe Lancelot can handle that? 128? Is that enough for you, because we can keep doubling the numbers. Gilgamesh has a, quoted several times, uncountable number of Noble Phantasms. Lancelot can move quickly, but it is impossible for him to out maneuver that many NPs. It’s simple common sense here.