I hoped and dreamed and prayed
For you to find your way to me.
And then you did!
What a surprise!
But neither of us saw,
That a few harsh words and bad choices
Could ruin our tender togetherness.
Were both trying to blame ourselves,
Do apologies mean anything?
Because if they do
I will gladly say it again and again!
I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
But you're at fault here too.
You lied to me, said you DIDN'T love me
And then today say that you do, and that's why this can't work.
You say you're a bad person and I deserve better.
I will find someone new.
But what if I don't want anyone else?!
Even knowing all your faults,
And that things will not always be easy,
I still chose you!
I will again and again!
So since I love you and you love me, just the way we are,
Don't we both deserve a second chance?