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For some reason a Jet was flying around my house.

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So i signaled it to go to the next one. Intead the pilot decided to land and came out.
I tried making words with my lips: 'Ask for a horse'.
[I was trying to tell on my neighbors for owning three horses and thinking that the guy was a cop or something.]
And so he did.
He fell in love with one of the horses and so he decided to buy one.

While he waited for his friends to get over to the place and pick up the horse, he waited by standing besides me.
I started asking him how he piloted the jet, and he explained.
He told me that I was the first girl to ever be interested in something like that, and so I believe he fell for me at that time.
He tried grabbing my hand but I pulled it away before he was able to touch a second finger.
Because this was the first time we met he knew that there was no other way to see me nor contact me.
So in a way this was the end of it.

A month later...

While I went to a store, I found a lady that needed help with her things.
I unconsciously offered to help her with carrying everything for her.
She took me into her home.
She was a lovely lady.
As I was offered to go into her jacuzzi and so I did.
I heard a boy had arrived.
It was him!
He saw me on the tub wearing my black bikini.
He told me to go out with him.
That he could not forget about me.
I couldn't say yes.
But he would keep on insisting.
When I finally said yes, he hugged me. I was happy...He was happy.
But because the attention from him was now on me, his grandmother [the lady] started crying like a maniac.
All the relatives wanted me dead.
I ran away.
But thanks to my new boyfriend I was able to escape.
Not even his family would tear us apart.
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