Yes, Minecraft!, and Name Change

xd I'm a Douglas5005 there too.. so... I've been playing minecraft for a while now. Since i already had an international credit card I used for Runescape, I bought mine a couple of weeks before the 1.1 Update. Now we're at 1.2.3 and... cat_biggrin I even got some Ocelots ( cat_3nodding tamed Ocelots are such cute kitties cat_crying ) XD....

I play on a Towny based survival server. I was even made a Moderator!!! cat_biggrin
gaia_angelleft WIN gaia_angelright

It's IP and site is:
so.. yes, it's an automatic invite for anyone reading this

xp It was damn a coincidence i've read Laff's status while making this journal so... xD yeah.. that's an invite for you too.. haha cat_3nodding

OH! I was almost forgetting. If anyone noticed, I'm not " I Have Lost The Cookie " anymore, so " The Weekly Cookie " is an outdated joke confused
Anyway... Call me Douglas, Cookie, or Vulpes.. that's all me.. ^^; lol sweatdrop

=====Edit =====

For those who Don't have minectaft yet, there's a suitable option while you gather the money to buy a copy =D
The site Minecraft For Free hosts an online version of the game, where you can play, create worlds, save, and have all functionalities of minecraft Singleplayer.
(no mods will work)

The Multiplayer version will still only work for paying minecrafters :3 later on i'll explain on how to share your world biggrin