So yea I still love Garrus and his romance in the game. heart

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but the real reason I am posting is that I have heard and read about a new theory that would justify the ending. Once I read it, it would make sense if they release a dlc ending. So I'm posting the theory here, only look at it if you have played ME series or at least part 3. (and yes I agree with almost all of it!)

Here is a series of points from me and others about Mass Effect 3 ending. The possiblity of Shepard being indocrinated.

1. The endgame scenario is Indoctrination/Manipulation from the Reapers (Harbinger) trying to force you into choosing to let the Reapers live. Shepard is not awake during the final sceens!

2. Choosing to control the Reapers allows them to live. Reapers win. They will still exist.

3. Choosing to combine organic and synthetic life: Reapers win. They will still exist.

4. Choosing to destroy all synthetic life: Reapers loose. Shepard lives. Reapers die.

5. Choosing to destroy all synthetic life option is more Renegade in appearence. Controlling the Reapers is more Paragon in appearence. The Illusive Man's choice should not be Paragon colors, just as Anderson's choice should not be Renegade.

6. Shepard awakes at the end of destroying Reapers. But Shepard is not awaking from the aftermath of chosing to control the reapers or combine organic and synthetic life. He is awaking from either after he is hit by Harbingers lazer attack on Earth or after the scene with Anderson and the Illusive Man.

7. Stating that all sythetic life will be destroyed will give you pause; destroying the Geth can force you to a different conclusion. This choice exists for the illusion of choice; the other choices are ment to sound better.

8. Shepard does not awake in the other 2 "endings" because you are fully indoctrinated by the choices you made to allow the Reapers to win. "Assuming Control!"

9. Never trust any child construct, be it a ghost or artificial intelligence, or heck even human. They are just creepy.

10. Shepard awakes at the end because he has broken hold of the Reaper's control.

11. Shepard has spent alot of time around Reapers. Soveriegn, various Reaper artifacts, the Human Reaper, 2 Reaper destroyers, the Artifact from "The Arrival." Its foolish to assume there is not some level of indoctrination.

12. EA/Bioware not only get more $$$ for DLC for the final battle, but big props for INDOCTRINATING A LOT OF ITS OWN PLAYERS! I do not know of another gaming company that has tried to fool all of its consumers, but they look to be the first and reap all of the attention.

13. Definitions: Catalyst = One that precipitates a process or event, especially without being involved in or changed by the consequences Crucible= A severe test, as of patience or belief; a trial. See Synonyms at trial.

14. Shepard is not wearing his armor when he wakes up in the Citadel, implying that this is a dream.

15) As soon as Shepherd "wakes up" after being blasted by the Reaper laser, he's limping. If, as you're playing, you try to look/aim down at Shep's feet, you can't. The view angle get's blocked so that you can't see below his/her knees. If you watch the pace of the legs moving, though, it becomes really obvious that Shepherd is moving considerably faster than he is actually walking, almost floating as it were. At first when I noticed this in the my second play-though I just figured it was designed that way because making Shepherds speed the same as his walk would make the last moments in the game take 3 times longer (and it already seemed to take forever). But if we're rolling with the hallucination/indoctrination theory, then the fact that he's practically floating on his feet just adds more fuel to the fire...

16) The line Harbinger repeated over and over in ME2 was that the Reapers would be "your salvation through destruction." Well, the synthesis and control options are literally salvation for the galaxy through Shep's destruction, buying into a compliance mindset. The only option that leaves Shep breathing is to destroy the Reapers, which has been the point since ME1. All the evidence points to the last sequence being a battle for Shepards mind that is only won when Shep chooses the path that the god-kid tries to convince him not to take.

17. Shepard awakes all tired and sluggish, people saying that they didn't see anyone reach the conduit, how did anderson reach the consil before anyone else unharmed.

18.The kid at the catalysit died in the opening of mass effect 3 and his ghoastly image haughts shepard in his dreams, a constant reminder of the cost of the war.The child's image is taken out of shepards mind and project to him. How can anyone project an image from someones mind unless it is a dream/indoctrination. Why did it take the form of the kid?

19.If the kid is supposed to be some god like power or knowledge then why does he try and convience you not to destroy the reapers (the point of the entire game). The other two options allow the reapers to still be alive giving them the opertunaty to indoctrinate/assume control of people.

20. Shepard is in space yet he is wearing no breathing equipment. But if I remeber right the citidel has a energy feild allowing organics to breathe according too the codex if I remeber right.

21. During the control ending look at the kid behind shepard he lingers for a few seconds, from what I can see the kid appers to be smirking why would he do that? Well the indoctrination was succesfull and the reapers convince sheperd to let them live. The choice was favorible for the reapers.

22. The destroy the reapers ending, if you look behind the kid almost immediately disappers, if shepard is indoctrinated then he disappers it is because it failed to get shepard to show any sympathy for the reapers. Which then leads to the footage of rumble and shepard breathing under it. The rumble around him are all stone from broken buildings no shiny metalic objects that the citadel is made of. And in the background of that scene you can see a building. The ruble is from earth in london, there is no rumble from the citidel explosion so you can assume that shepard never made it to the citadel because nothing from the citedel is made from rock it is made from metal.

23. Some say shepard survived the crash from the citadel in space with no oxygen on the way down and somehow survied the atmosphere not burning up. Look at how died in mass effect 2 it is the same way as how he got to earth and is "alive". He fell from space with no oxygen on the way down and burned up on reentry. Plus the force of him hitting the ground would have killed him even if he survived.

24. Why would this option only have the option where shepard is alive on earth. Because the indoctrination failed and shepard still choose to destroy the reapers.

25.The choice to destroy the reapers is made to look like a renegade choice the bad choice, while choicing to controll the reapers is made to look like the paragon option the good option and equivalent to Illusive man's thinking where you controll the reapers.

26. Many complain that shepard wasen't himself when talking to the catalyst, the fact that he/she didn't question anything. Now think when you are dreaming can you normaly control the dream can you decide what to belive, what to question, and deterime if it is sence, normally no.

Their is mine and other theroys on why the mass effect 3 endings were all the result of indocrination by the reapers. I hope other content, dlc, or books come out and get some closure on the real ending if the theory is correct.

If you agree post a commit with your own insight and if not I would like to hear your thoughts.