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Hollow Graphic's Journal
RP Character Info [Under Construction]
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Age 21
Sex Female
Mother [Unknown]
Father Jack Arcane [Deceased]
Siblings [None known]
Sexual Preference Open
Known Abilities Telekinesis (not mastered), Pyrokinesis (not mastered), and advanced physical strengths, such as strength, flexibility and speed.
Drives '86 Chevy El Camino (Black) [pic]

Physical Description 5'4", slender build. black hair, cut short. Grey eyes, usually hidden by her long bangs. Tanned skin, a result from her past 6 months on the road.

Clothing A lot of black, mostly torn jeans, t-shirts, and an old, worn-out black hoodie from her godfather. She's not one for shoes, and is mostly barefoot or in flip-flops.

Bio Trina was born to teen patents, and raised without a mother in a small, undisclosed town on the border of three Southern U.S. states. As a single parent, her father, Jack, was forced to work as both a homekeeper and a breadwinner until Trina began a stream of part-time jobs at the age of 15. As a child, well into her teens, and up until the year she left, she coud never seem to avoid getting into trouble with the local authorities. She often skipped school, took up grafitti for a short time, set a series of "unexplained" fires, and even had a "drunken incident" involving her father's Oldsmobile and the local church bus at 18. But between all the aforementioned events and many more, Trina was ultimately never punished. This small, religious, group of townsfolk instead took pity on her, writing off her dangerous, sometimes potentially fatal antics as "teen pranks;" a cry for attention, based on the fact that her mother was never in the picture. She attended and later graduated a year later, towards the bottom of her class, from the local Catholic high school.
A year after her graduation, her father developed cancer, forcing her to take on a job at one of the nearby gas stations. But only 6 months after being diagnosed, Jack Andersen died from cancer at the age of 36. With no other living relatives, her mother in the wind, and no one left to sheild her from the religious townspeople shoving their views at her, Trina lost control after one night in a pub just outside of town, where the local pastor, after a few rounds of whiskey, attempted to rape her. No one believed her, but instead, once again, took pity on the sad little girl who had no mother and just lost her daddy to cancer.
She couldn't take it. Months before her 20th birthday, she packed up a few of her things, quit her job, sold her father's car and the house she grew up in, along with all of it's belongings. She kept only her dad's 8" Bowie knife, wrapping it up in an old handkerchief, once belonging to her her unknown mother. She loaded it, along with a backpack full of clothes, and all of her savings and cash from the house/car, into her truck and set off in the middle of the night.
Before she skipped town, she decided to pay a visit to the pub one last time, in hopes of saying goodbye to the bar owner, who had been her father's best friend and brother through the past 20 years, taking him and little Trina in and helping him get on his feet. It had been Hank who helped Jack purchase the home Trina grew up in.
She'd only intended to stay a few minutes, but soon, Trina and Hank were remeniscing, laughing and sharing stories about her father and shuddering at the things she got away with. It was after a few beers and one last game of pool when the pastor walked in, already plastered and falling on himself, ordering a shot and eyeing Trina. Not wanting to stick around, she said her last goodbye and headed for her truck. But just as she pulled out her keys, a beer bottle smashed into the back of her head, knocking her unconscious.
Trina woke to the priest, hovering over her, panting and grunting as he had his way with her on the ground next to his car. As it hit her, she knew no one would ever believe her. She was still the poor girl with no parents who started fires and got away with it. Everything she'd done was all a desperate cry for attention to them, from dying her hair purple to crashing her dad's car into the Sunday school bus in broad daylight. And they'd all look at the priest and see this wonderful, religious man... only a victim of her angry outbursts.

"They see you as a victim," Trina thought as the Father William kept going, unaware of her conscoiusness, "You've caused nothing but chaos and grief since the day your father brought you to our humble community... And now, I'll make you a true victim."

Her eyes fixed on the broken bottle that lay a foot away from them, a she had to do was reach...
Almost as if he'd read her mind, Father William gripped her wrists and dug her hands into the unpaved ground, looking her in her now wide, tear-filled eyes.

"You think I don't know what you're planning?! May God have mercy on your soul." He stuttered, "I don't want to kill you, Trina, because I know your carelessness will lead to your own demise, and when you join your father in Hell, I hope you find true---"

His words were stopped abruptly as Hank ripped him off of her, tossing him into the side of the vehicle. The preist put up a fight, though, knocking old Hank back on his injured leg. Trina leaned back against the car and watched helplessly as Father William pulled out a small switchblade and held it to Hank's throat.

"May God have mercy on this sinful--"
Once again, he was cut off from his rant, but this time the broken bottle Trina had been eying was now lodged in his troat. Hank jumped to see Trina was still crying against the car, her wide grey eyes fixed on the bottle now stuck in his throat as he lie bleeding on the ground.

After pulling themselved together, they had gathered Father William's body, tossed it into the bed of her pickup, and Hank was now driving, slowly down an abandoned road, Trina blankly staring ahead from the passenger seat, until they pulled into an empty corner of the cornfields 20 miles from town.
They buried the body under an old, abandoned barn and drove back to the pub, where Hank held Trina, asking her to promise to leave as planned and never come back. She agreed, kissing Hank on his scruffy cheek the the last time. He handed her his old, beat-up zip sweater. "It's not much," he sighed, "but please stay warm, JenTee." She smiled and once again, hugged her godfather, never wanting to let go.
Before she left, though, she asked Hank about the bottle. He decided to be honest, with her, seeing as how she'd be leaving for good after this. After tonight, and the life she'd had before this, she deserved to know what little he knew about where she came from.

Trina's bio [Hank's story.] He confessed to her how he and her grandparents had been neighbors, and that Jack used to come over to mow Hank's lawn when he'd had an old house in Louisiana. After Hank's wife died, he moved into this small town to take over his also-deceased brother-in-law, saying goodbye to little Jack. Jack's parents had abused him, and Jack became quite the troubemaker, and though it killed Hank to leave him, he needed to move on and live out his life.
That is, until Jack came to his door at the age of 17, holding a baby girl with shocking grey eyes, wrapped in nothing but an old t-shirt, clutching a handkerchief and staring into the sky.
Jack and his daughter stayed with Hank, who got him a job in a friend's factory, and two years later, a loan to finally purchase a home of his own. But before he agreed to sign over the loan, Hank finally asked Jack about Jentina's mother.
It came out that Jack had had sex a few times with a young woman during one of what his parent's called his "troubled times." She was part of a group of strange women the religious town had labeled "witches," all of which were blamed (and some later persecuted) after a series of unexplained killings had taken place. An estimated 27 people were brutally slaughtered, their insides splayed across the ground, faces battered beyond recognition. One of the final victims had been Jack's own father. It was then that the girl Jack had been seeing came forward to him that she was pregnant. There was no doubt who the father was, and Jack's mother agreed, after much persuasion to keep her hidden in the house for the duration of her pregnancy. The widowed Mrs. Andersen would later drink and medicate herself to death. Days after Jentina's birth, the truth had started to come out about the 27 killings. With no expanation, Esthme (Ehz-MAY) packed up her things in the middle of the night and was gone by sunrise, along with about 1/3 of the other women. Soon, word had gotten out that one of the girls had given birth, and the religious people of town were breaking down Jack's door to have the baby girl killed. "To prevent future massacre's" was the people's excuse. But before they had a chance, Jack grabbed his baby girl and hopped a freight train, fleeing town until he made it to Hank's door. Hoping to keep Trina from seeing the dark side of the world, he enrolled her in Catholic schooling, and talked down the people that had wanted Trina punished every time she raised hell in town. He defended her until the day he died.

Bio [cont.] Trina listened as Hank told her the story of her father's previous life. It sounded nothing like the hard-working, faith-driven man that she'd grown up knowing. She loved the man dearly, for he'd been all she had, but to hear this version of his life, started to make sense as to why he was so reserved, why he never went out, and why he never had much of a dating life.

But with the sun beginning to rise that Sunday morning, people were starting to wake and soon would be heading for church, and soon enough there would be a mob out looking for Father William.
As she started up the car, she thanked Hank for telling her the truth, and he made her promise once again to never come back.
"It's a beautiful world out there, Trina. Don't let yourself be tied down like your father and I did."
The last words told to her by Hank.

Life on the road It's been about 6 months since she's been to her hometown. She has since then traveled from town to town, occasionally staying in a motel, but most nights she sleeps in her car. The way she sees it, the time will come for her to settle when she finds the place.

Hollow Graphic
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