<--- no spoilers--->

So I bought ME3 a while ago and I loved it. I played the s**t outta that game, logging hours past midnight until 6:00 a.m on the Saturday morning weekend.

I finally beat the game today and lets just start off with the fact that I am emotionally invested in this series. I fell in love with the fact that I had choices and those choices effected who lived, died, what would happen later, etc. Everything you did mattered and changed the game in some way for the next one.

Then came the characters, oh lord the characters. While playing they had come to worm a place in my heart because even if they hated each other I was the one to unite them under a greater cause. With each one having different personalities so when their lives were in danger you feel bad that you might lose them for the next game. Well also I can't help it the ROMANCE! heart XD You can romance a team mate and I always chose


Garrus the turian. I mean in the second game he was such a sweetie and so funny when you expressed your like to him. Plus he was just overall the best choice of the guys to pick from. His love scene in part 2 sucked but I still loved him anyways.

Now lemme talk about part 3. It had atmosphere like it should. All the games built up to this moment and it showed. I could feel my heart clench as decisions I made were no longer, save the civilians or kill the bad guy. Now it was how many people do I have to let die to get the outcome that I need.
This was war and the game never let you forget about that fact. If you the player didn't get that effect, they made it show on your shep. Hell my shep had an argument with another crew member because of the stress of this mission. Even your love interest (Garrus) tries to console you at one point. It was great, and it had my heart in the palm of its hands....then I got to the endings.


THE ENDINGS SUCKED! I mean I feel SO bad I even bought the game after I played the ending. All that effort of saving as many races as I could. Getting all those war assets and busting my a** tiring to save the galaxy for all those times. ALL of it boiling down to 3 options in the end. Which is funny becuase they all have the same effect....They all are the ERASE ALL BUTTON

What I mean is that no matter the ending you chose, it nullified all the choices you made in previous games. Did you destroy the geth in part 2? Did you release grunt from his tank? Did you get all the quarians killed somehow like I did? (I still dun know how I did that)
Well guess what, IT DOESN'T ******** MATTER IN THE END! I may as well never played the story and just played this game, that's how cheated I felt. The only thing I can enjoy looking back on it now was the dialog and the Garrus romance. Which in this game was infinity times better than part 2.


the date(not my shep)


The final goodbye to squad members in case anyone dies.

They were such touching moments it made me tear up a bit. It was all such a great game but the ending was just....Uh I don't even want to replay it again for a long while thanks to that, Yea I just typed that, think about it! This is coming from the girl who was willing/ searching for the $80 Special edition version! AND even considering buying the DLC for the extra character! Im sooooo glad I didn't now! ******** erase all buttons...hell I feel so dis heartened by the endings I'm going to go search for fanfiction alt endings. -sigh- and this was like one of the few series I was a fangirl for. (outside anime/Disney realm)