Yuuuup. Postin' again. It's like a once-uh-month-thang. |D I don't go one FB much, but lately I've been going on a lot. It's . . . :U lovely, I guess. They use strange faces like " smile " and " sad " and " biggrin ." Ya know, noob faces. :T No me gusta ~noob faces.~ They're gay. I use them, too, though, because I don't want to look like a loser. 8| Unless I'm around my anime-obsessed friends. That's when I use faces like "e u e" and "; A ;" Man, I luv dem faces.

I remember back in the day when I 'restarted' this account, I was all "omfg I wanna be all in character and stuff" and now I'm all like "I'mma just roll w/ it." :B I dooooo wanna be in character and stuff, though. I just suck. |D;;; Even though Soma and I are a lot alike, because we're both ... loud? I guess? Yeahsurewhatever.