Example: Calling out to his Skarmory Renashu yelled, "Skarmory use Steel Wing!" With a quick nod of agreement, Skarmory dove from its position above Arthur's Kabutops. Gathering speed as it dove downwards, Skarmory's left wing began to glow silver. With its spread its wings wide, Skarmory pulled up at the last second, and struck at the Kabutops head with its left wing.

Example: Seeing that his Skarmory was injured, Renashu rushed over to it and sprayed it with a Super Potion.

"Thank you for your time Professor Willow."Rynn said to the Professor with a smile on his face as he walked out the door leaving just as quickly as he arrived.

As he stepped outside the pokeball containing Cyndaquil was still in his hand. When he was just in view of the lab he brought out Cyndaquil."Hello their I'm your new trainer nice to meet you."Rynn said in a happy voice and Cyndaquil was clearly happy as well as it was jumping up and down in glee."Now you need a really cool name to fit you..now lets see...um Lily...no..Lith...no oh wait Lilith yes thats it I'll call you Lilith how bout that."Rynn said with an even bigger grin as the newly Dubbed Lilith nodded her head in agreement.

"Now time to start are journey Lilith."In a cry of agreement Lilith jumped up on Rynn's shoulder and without further adieu they headed off towards Route Four.

[Exits to route 4]

Vegeta walked along route 1 alongside his new pal Blaze. Blaze was eager to start battling other pokemon. Vegeta saw a blue four-legged pokemon in some grass. He raised his pokedex which confirmed the pokemon’s identity to be Shinx, anelectric pokemon. Blaze had the move "Metal Claw" which might be electric conductive if the Shinx knew any electrical typed attacks. Vegeta shouted, “Metal Claw!" Blaze charge in and attacked the wild Shinx. The wild pokemon used quick attack and easily evaded the metal claw and rammed Blaze from its side, knocking it over. "Hmm, that Shinx is over confident with its speed." Vegeta thought as he glared at Blaze and commanded it to get up quickly and rush at the Shinx without a pokemon move. The shinx smirked and rushed at a direct path towards Charmander. “Now use metal claw and make an X with your arms to defend yourself.” The shinx collided with the metal claw defense. Charmander looked towards Vegeta and could feel his next order. Vegeta said, “Now throw it to the ground and jump to hit it with another metal claw.” Charmander lifted sshinx up a little and dropped it then quickly jumped with metal claw so it couldn’t evade. The shinx could barely stand. Vegeta threw a pokeball and the wild shinx was captured. “Good job out there Charmander, you can take a rest.” He recalled Blaze into its pokeball.