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OC Jor's Profile-the Story Behind the Snake

Name: Jörmungandr
Any other names: commonly referred to as "Jor" for short, once called Damballah, but secretly despises it because it reminds him that he was cast out

Age:estimated to be around 3000 years old


Species:Current reincarnation is an exceptionally large boa constrictor with anaconda-like characteristics

Powers/special abilities:
-ability to speak
-can consume various types of solid matter with little fear of poisoning or explosions
-has a supernatural storage facility inside his belly. Meaning, he can keep souls from going anywhere if he consumes a living being(s) quickly enough. He also has a large hoard of treasure hidden in his depths
-accelerated digestion, digestive enzymes in saliva that will automatically begin breaking down proteins in organic matter. It is acidic enough to wear down on metal, but Jor has to be clamped down on it for a ridiculous amount of time, and therefore is practically never used unless cornered by some kind of robotic person/creature/thing.
-reincarnation (if killed, he will regenerated into another species of snake at random, but only if the proper words are said over his corpse within a certain amount of time. Memories will still be retained as long as chants are done quickly)

Mark of the Snake God
This is the tattoo that Jor bestows on all cult followers. It is a magical, living sort of entity though it responds primarily to sensations of the supernatural. However, its effects vary depending on the species and willpower. Jor cannot force his followers to bend to his will, nor does he care to. Instead, he prefers to encourage them through various methods. Depending on how fond of the follower he is, the encouraging will be a form of gentle mental suggestion, an idea or it can be actively cruel and burn and bite, as in the case of Zeren.

Any member of the cult can relish in the fact that this gives Jor automatic knowledge of where they are located because their soul is bound to the mark. He can also sense what a follower is talking about, if he focuses hard enough, and this itself is limited by distance and species as well as freshness of the mark.

HeightLength: 13ft

Weight:110 lbs

Physique: thick musclebound snake

Eye color:Golden yellow with green and black flecks

Any other notable physical attributes:
Common Passive Abilities

Acidic Saliva: Jor’s saliva contains enzymes that are particularly sensitive to organic materials. When biting, this will cause flesh to slowly burn due to breakdown. For living beings only. His saliva has little effect on metals unless he clamped down and drooled all day on them.

Serpentine Vision: Jor has two methods of seeing. Like most snakes, he cannot see in color, but he has excellent depth perception and crystal clear vision. However, as a constrictor, he has a secondary ability to see heat sources and is unaffected by darkness as a result. This allows him to sense hidden individuals by sight alone, which is different from his sense of smell. A body would have to remain at the temperature of the environment in order to remain undetected by his heat vision, and any slight fluctuation would alert him to a potential enemy

Snake Scenting: When Jor flicks his tongue he is able to detect the natural body odors of living things as well as magical essence and machines. Hidden individuals that are able to evade this would need to have another scent to mask their own, and make sure it matches their body heat. Jor can identify various species by heat vision and scenting them out, and irregularities would arouse suspicion.

Crunch: Jor can extent his mouth a whopping 150º when biting. As a constrictor, he is non-venomous. Teeth are not hollow, but solid. However, when not in use, they lie flat to prevent self-mutilation as the teeth are large enough to puncture the bottom of its mouth, and curve inward to allow prey to be pulled in. However, Jor will not attempt to eat a thrashing live individual; instead he will work on slowly crushing his victims so he can eat in peace.

More on abilities can be found in his brawler profile, including descriptions of defense, strength, and speed capacity as well as fighting tactics.

Intelligence level:Extremely intelligent, but has difficulties with non-serpentine creatures, and so appears more primitive. Doesn't remember names except for Slick's and usually refers to other beings by their species and one designated attribute. Vast wealth of knowledge about mythological creatures.

Mental condition:*questionable*

Style of speech:Snarky at times, but resorts to a typical snake accent when startled or very excited. Tends to repeat himself with nouns. His manner of speaking is ridiculous and sounds as if someone is not quite all there.

Religion: Serpent Worship of course. Explore the beginning of his mythology here

Occupation: Claims to be a former god that the Serpentine Priestesses once worshiped and wishes to restore his divinity as a deity. Currently acts as a mythological consultant and conscious to Slick during travels, but recently has been bumped to the third wheel

Socioeconomic status: he hoards souls like they're going out of style, and his belly is a treasure trove that would make pirates green with envy

Social status:---

Likes:female serpentine anything, priestesses, eating cats (particularly a black bibbles), Slick, eating people that annoy him or threaten Slick, and learning about other fallen gods. Oh and snuggling. Just because one was once a feared god doesn't mean cuddle time is out of the picture!
He also loves to cook. He will eat raw of course, but often tries to bully Slick into cooking various meats and is often conflicted by his lack of hands and ordering people to follow his instructions.

Dislikes: Anyone who threatens Slick, Swords, hammers, vampires, things he cannot eat, rivals to his deity status and being stereotyped. Also hates being addressed as anything but Jor unless in the middle of some sacred ceremony.

Personality: While self-absorbed in trying to regain his divinity, Jor often notices things that Slick doesn't pick up on, such as taking care of others or sensing when someone needs to be talked to differently. He also is a magnificent cockblocker when Slick is trying to get busy with the ladies, usually to keep Slick focused on the job at hand. Especially since Slick isn't really keen on interfering with what attracts Jor. Being a primitive former god stripped of all but a few powers, Jor can be highly defensive when it comes to dealing with snake like things and sometimes struggles between his intelligence verses resorting to caving into his instincts as he is stuck in mortal flesh. Even so, he still has a better sense of self and morals than Slick does, and often tries to "guide" him in the right path. But it isn't selfless action, but a vain attempt to gain enough karma that he can overcome his current state.

Ambitions: To restore his divinity and be worshiped as a god again.

Habits:Usually is quiet when meeting strangers and acts as a dumb snake to help Slick pick up valuable information. However, he usually can't stay silent for long, especially if there is a lady to snuggle up to or an annoyingly aggressive male nearby and he can't resist attempting a witty remark. Plain curiosity will get him to talk too. He also likes observing people and doesn't understand boundaries, and often will invade them when feeling a compulsion to snuggle.
After eating, Jor is compelled to take a nap to speed digestion.

Sexuality: strait snake
Marital/relationship status: bro mance with Slick, currently missing a certain rainbow snake
Known family/friends: Slick, Eddie Nils
Relationship to family/friends: Currently claims Nils and Zeren as a follower. Slick is considered a cult follower as well, though with more leniency since he has been with Jor the longest.

Brief history:Jor is extremely loyal to Slick, as the faun was the first creature that had dared to rescue him from his earthly prison under the Mana tree. Since Slick is the only one that can activate the chant of rebirth for him, he is convinced that Slick will be the one to return him to his former god-like glory.

Slick Southpaw
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