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OC Slick Southpaw's Profile
updated Aug 18, 2018

Name: Slick Southpaw

Any other names: Slick, Slicky (by Jor), Southie (old family nickname)

Age:Looks about 27, about 300 years old, give or take a couple decades.

Sex:Male. But will change female when exposed to wine. All it takes is a single drop.

Species: Faun

Powers/special abilities: Above average marksmanship in axe throwing, but not supernatural.

Is a brawler when it comes to close combat. Like this guy.

Slick's speed is faster than average human's in short bursts, but due to bulk and carrying Jor, he's slower than most fauns. However, he's more of an endurance character and can travel at a decent click for long periods of time. In female form, Slick is a lot more lithe and a speedster, though upper body strength is less than in male form. Female amazon, if you please.

Specializes in stringed instrument playing. Pipes are rarely used, if at all.

Main *power* is the ability to manipulate beings and environment through songs by singing, depending on theme of song and intent. It's limited by area size, willpower of individual and of course, ability to sing (can't sing, can't activate power unless he has a musical instrument at hand and then can only affect environment around him and not people). How much the song will affect a person is up to their character to decide, Slick merely uses the song, sounds and that music vibe as "suggestions" depending on the task at hand. He cannot forcibly control another character to dance or do things for him when he sings.

Primary environmental response is activation of thorny vines, which are summoned to create an area of effect. These last as long as Slick is singing. If he is in combat, he has to juggle "attack singing" and being able to fend off blows long enough to summon the vines. Since he's a large bloke and thus a massive target, he rather would engage in pure brawling instead of fight songs to promote ease of combat.

However, due to massive insecurity about masculinity and small horns, Slick normally does not sing unless it involved activating medical packs. The packs are able to activate by power of his voice and are able to repair most wounds by congealing the blood, re-knitting tissue, however it doesn't replace blood. If a character hemorrhages before Slick can get to him/her, then all he can do is attempt to stop the bleeding.

He has no knowledge of how to make these medical packs, but rather, buys them off of fairies. Often he has to pay exorbitant prices because they hate his guts.


Weight:350 lbs

Physique: large frame, muscular build based on rough living and travels. His muscle distribution is even, not toned like a gym rat.

Further details of Slick's physical abilities are listed here

Complexion:dark olive toned. Think Mediterranean

Hair:thick, black and curly

Eye color:black

Any other notable physical attributes:Small, stubby horns on forehead, hairy dude, has pointed ears, unshaven beard

-snake tattoo that only appears when Jor bites his skin. Tat stays for limited amount of time, usually being up for a day.
-scars on face that aren't noticeable unless you stare really hard at him.

-Secrets a scent based on stress/fear/lust. As a male, Slick smells like fresh earth and forest, and it is a musky scent. As a female, Slick smells like strawberries and honey.

-has bestial incisors. Smaller than a baboon's but similar in shape.

-thick skin that makes him more resistant to stabbings and claws.

Intelligence level:Slightly above average. Most of his knowledge is based on his travels and dealings with other mythological folk. He is trained as a medic and can do impromptu field medicine when necessary, though is limited when it comes to humans. Has a tendency to underestimate his own strength and regularly breaks things.

Due to looking like a gigantic brute, it's easy to mistake him for a simpleton, especially since his personality makes him somewhat of a "shoot first ask questions later" kind of guy. His jargon does not help him at all. Slick's lack of city know-how pegs him as a country bumpkin. He also has a distinct lack of familiarity with clothing, aside from a few choice pieces of armor. However, Slick possesses an animal-like instinct in combat and will use this in an effort to deal with a situation in a more unorthodox manner. Yes folks, he's a biter.

Mental condition:Sane, abides by his personal warrior code that had been established by his clan

Style of speech:questionably southern drawl, though, really he barely sounds like he's speaking a form of English. Probably comes from speaking to trees too much.

Religion: Currently a member in Jor's cult.

Occupation:trained medic, but currently on -adventure status-, and relatively successful hitman for hire

Socioeconomic status:Fluctuates depending on whether or not he needs to stock up on medical supplies. He has some trinkets of value, but his mobile status has him place more emphasis on location and safety than material items.

Social status:---

Likes:Snakes, being vulgar, “collecting” various artifacts and mythological information, sexing up various beings, regardless of gender (c'mon, he's a faun!). Species doesn't bother him so long as it's not partial serpentine. That's Jor's territory. Also currently enjoying the company of a new demon companion, Flint Jakobs.

Dislikes:Cooked meals, especially meat. People clinging to him, anything that threatens his snake or tries to steal his stuff. Also despises most other fauns and hippies and feels like he needs to break the stereotype. Hates alchemists on sight because he feels they are responsible for decimating a good portion of his clan (faun horns are potent ingredients in alchemy), despite his apathy directed towards fellow fauns. Rather racist against centaurs due to having to fight for every square inch of his tiny plot of land that he called home in the forests by Bass'ken lake.

Personality:Slick has a blunt streak in him, and it usually gets him in trouble. If personalities clash, he will be the first to let you know. He's also insecure about the fact that his power is singing, which he finds to be a total opposite to his appearance and sense of self. Secretly petrified of wine because it makes him change into a female and forever hates Cpl Salus because of it. His manipulation tactics are usually limited to physical wrangling. Doesn't really play mind games but likes to confuse people.

Ambitions:Helping Jor regain his powers. His additional quest is to find a cure for his "condition."

Habits:Has a habit of tasting things to detect magical residue and its origin that he picked up from Jor, lighting up a cigar when anxious. He will also hum various tunes or play an instrument to cheer himself up. His humming and self-playing contains no magical elements.


Marital/relationship status:Married to Flint Jakobs. Somehow
stuck in bromance with Jor.

Known family/friends:
Flint Jakobs
Cpl Salus
Eddie Nils
his mom.

Slick is the youngest of eight siblings. He has seven older sisters. In order from oldest to youngest, their names are: Sibylla, Sacha, Sadb, Seirian, Szilvia (aka Siv), Sudárka (aka Suda), and Sebe.

Relationship to family/friends: Has a deceased son named Skor, who was killed by alchemists for faun horns and reason why he has hate for alchemy.

Corporal Salus was a friend when not actively trying to kill Slick for trying to steal her goods, tops, or women.

Currently in exile due to picking up a stringed instrument, which is seen as slander against the god, Pan instead of playing the pipes. His affiliation with Jor does not help his status as fauns are mistrustful of gods from other regions of the world and when he converted to Jor's cult, he was completely excommunicated from his clan.

Slick's ma is pretty much the only family member that is tolerant of the unusual relationship Slick is courting right now. The rest of the siblings are furious and have gone so far as to ban him from seeing his nephew and nieces. Their current stance is that his relationship is rejecting the forest pact that gives fauns their unusual abilities as well as their time honored stance of being stewards and caretakers of the forest. Every time a nymph is born, another tree grows. When nymphs and fauns mate, it allows the forest to swell in strength and diversity as well as expand its flora borders.

Brief history:Jor is essentially a very stripped down cursed version of the snake god Jormandger, and both are hailing from one of the parallel universes that were unnamed, but affected by the His dark Materials series.

Anything else: Slick has a massive fear of wine. All it takes is a drop. He will gladly face hordes of undead, demons, angry centaurs, whatever, but when it comes to wine, he is petrified. He has a bit of a masculinity complex, despite his great height and muscle bound girth. Years of taunting in the faun clans had an effect on him for having small horns. In faun culture, horn sizes were commonly linked to levels of masculinity, virility, and well, just having a big enough dong to please the ladies.

While Slick's various exploits have proven otherwise, it still bothers him immensely that he is not 'masculine enough', despite being exiled from his clan for picking up a stringed instruments instead of the traditional pipes.

After a fateful encounter with Corporal Salus that involved landing in a pile of highly magical estrogen filled mud, Slick had never been able to shake its effects off completely. He reverts to female form when exposed to wine after the deepest effects were cemented in Salus's fortress. So far the only reliable method he has found to turn himself male involves wrestling grizzly bears and ripping its heart out. By consuming the beating heart, he is able to return back to his male form. The oddly specific limits of his abilities to switch back between genders bothers him immensely and would rather endure torture than deal with switching. Switching itself is an excrutiatingly painful process as it involves extremely rapid realignment of the bones, skin, hair, and adjustment in muscle structures as well as organ restructuring (aka Male Slick literally becomes a female, down to the cellular level).

Slick Southpaw
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    That was just so interesting and fun to read! C: gave your avatar a whole new level <3

    comment SuccuViv · Community Member · Wed Mar 14, 2012 @ 01:05am
    A very fun read for a very complex character. heart

    comment Flames Fuel · Community Member · Tue Mar 12, 2019 @ 06:33am
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