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a bunch of bullsh*t written by a bullsh*t teenager with a bullsh*t hobby. tho it's not like I update that often
Amusement Park Adventures (Or; Guess Who Got Chased Again?)
(An arrow is pointed to the entry before, and below it reads; "Thank god I came back early after all." wink


So, I finally decided to get off my ass and go to classes. Mark's birthday was coming up, so we had ice cream cake.

I'm not one for sweets, but it was pretty good. Aku stole mine, though!
Luckily I got another piece.

Anyways I must have sat wrong on my wand, because I got teleported off somewhere! Don't really remember, it was like some dark and damp cave.


Anyways, came back to the sight of Tsuki/Mark talking about something, and Aku/Rin having a staring contest. Apparently Rin has declared that she got 'Aku-itis' from Akuyi. Hah.

After the staring contest, I proposed doing something interesting.

And Tsuki brought up something called an 'Amusement Park'. I was just sort of like, 'who has enough money to make a park out of amusement?' How is making parks amusing, anyways?

Apparently everyone else knew what it was though, and apparently that wasn't it. Then Tsuki said something about a Roller Coaster.

How the hell do you roll on the coast? Apparently it was really popular and fun, too. Wouldn't you get swept up by a wave or something?

Then Tsuki started explaining about some place called 'Cedar Point' (I'm guessing the same guy thought it amusing to call it after some sharp part of a tree.) but Rin wanted to go to 'Disney Land?' What kind of name is Disney?

Ahem. Anyways Rin won the rock-paper-scissors (while Aku was making the hand motions for fun) but she decided we'd all go to Cedar Park anyways.

I had to wear a hood and sunglasses, but it was kind of useless since we were stared at anyways. 'Cos of Aku's hair. Somewhere along the way I think Rin wandered off, since she found us back in the line.

God, we stuck out like a bunch of roses in the middle of a patch of daisies.

So we rode one of these 'roller coasters' (which is actually just a train thing riding some huge ass rail-way thing that has a bunch of twists and stuff. Dunno why this amused person named it after rolling on the coast, though. Muggles are weird.) and it was actually pretty fun.

Not the same rush you get while riding a dragon standing up, but it was still pretty awesome.

After that we took a short break, and sort of split up. Me and Aku left to go to the booths because Tsuki was shoving her face with candy and Rin was being fashionable as always.

I got some new nice clothes too, including this badass black zipper jacket and a dress. Yes, I bought a dress. But it was green...and black...
I hope that I can wear it some day. It's sort of girly.

Anyways me and Aku went to this stands and spotted this one with really really cute stuffed animals. Aku is a bad shot, and I couldn't get it because the damn things wouldn't knock over.

The game was obviously rigged. So what did I do? I give my gun a little boost.

And of course right at the moment I pull the trigger, I hear Rin and Tsuki screaming our names. So I look back and miss.

It's a good thing that I did, though. I blew a hole right through the tarp!
I got a whole barrage of mini bunny plushies though, and a cute frog.

Then while I'm talking to Rin, I feel this big hand slam onto my shoulder. It's some security guard's, and he wants to talk to me or something. Something about causing 'trouble'. Psh.

Anyways he shocked Tsuki with this electric thing though she barely blinked, and kicked him in the nuts.

Yeah. Violent.

Anyways the guy called back up. So we all screamed 'RUN!' and we ran for it.

Before we knew it there was this barrage of guards after us, multiplied by all the weird looks we got because my headcloth flew off. Aku made a comment about 'nice elven cosplay' so I just went for it and told her I worked hard on it.

We ran into the bathroom, figuring most of the guards were male, only there was a lady in there. Then it dawned on me.

Muggles are idiots.

Well, I already knew that. I meant the idea that hey, if we can make some really trippy magic, they'll all think it was a hallucination, right? So I explained this to everyone, and we started making as big a ruckus as we could as more guards streamed in.

We made a sort of circle formation-- Aku was on one side, shooting sparkles and blinding special effects everywhere -- Tsuki was snickering evilly and stunning guards -- Rin was laughing madly as she shot them with water guns -- and I was in the middle of it all, concentrating on the flashiest teleportation circle I could.

It made my wand twitch a little with all the over use of power, but we all tumbled out into the Center, laughing.

After talking a little we all wandered back to dorms to chill/do stuff with our winnings (Aku and Rin had this hat called 'Sweetnote' or something). So here I am, writing in my journal.

It was fun. Pure, endless, not life threatening fun in which there was no drama.
...Huh, maybe it just circles a specific group of people.

But anyways, I guess I got my wish? ...Shut up you book, I know it sounds cheesy.

But you aren't the one with the pile of bunny plushies and a frog one to make fun of Gio, are you? No you aren't!

So eat that, mother fu--I'm talking to a book.

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