Hello, I opened up my Gaia journal today and I don't know if I'll ever put anything else in it, but it won't hurt to just put in one thing.

Today went off to a really bad start, but now I've found it's getting a lot better. One really nice thing about Gaia is that it lets me fulfill my girly shopping urges without actually having the consequences of me having to physically go places or to spend actual money (well, I guess I have spent actual money, but it's much harder here than at a real store xD). Plus they also have awesome items like impossible pets and fantasy items that sparkle and shine and it's very nice.

I think the pixels also help. Something about looking at the little twinkly pixel art is really refreshing! Not many other places on the internet or. . . or really anywhere, has such an easily customizable system that involves pixels. I've played a lot of Neopets as well, and their flash system is just nowhere near as appealing, probably for this reason.

I've found that using Gaia as a tool for studying can be slow, but highly effective. It's fun, I learn things, and I earn money too! Win-win, right?

I wish my friends went on Gaia more often. I remember what it was like to trade PM conversations with friends back and forth by the second, and I really miss doing that. Nowadays it seems like it's all about getting others' activity in your feed and then moving on; when did the internet stop being about people connecting and became a place where people shoved themselves at each other?

Not that it's fair for me to complain about something like that, hahaha. Complaining is bad. I'm trying to stop complaining.

I hope I learn the knack for earning insane amounts of gold here like I know some people can. I am really very bad at that. xD;;; And so many items that I want are so expensive. . . haha now I'm going to go off and have a little cry.

If anyone is reading this and shares any of my interests, let's have a good old-fashioned conversation! How does that sound? It'd be cool! 3nodding