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a bunch of bullsh*t written by a bullsh*t teenager with a bullsh*t hobby. tho it's not like I update that often

Oh god, it's been such a friggen' long three days. I wonder if anyone has noticed I'm gone? I hope Bri got my letter, she never responded back.

I know Rika got mine, she sent a reply back about warning people before randomly disappearing. Also to not get side tracked by animals on the way.

Awkwardly enough, it was during the time I was telling some bedtime stories to a trio of grizzly bear cubs. What? They told me that their mom had never told them one, and they just looked so cuddly...

Ben came back though, and he chirped to me that he sent the letter before going on about world domination this and world domination that.

Birds are weird.

Anyways, I came back to the village publicly again. My dad doted over me, and basically shoved my face with (f*cking delish, I must say) food before going about my hair and my clothes and this and that. He also proceeded to give me horrified looks about all the scars on my arms.

Since all of them have been wished away, you can barely see them at all. Yet daddy dearest always manages to find them.

He proceeded to then cradle me in his chest and burst into tears. 'MY LITTLE LILIKINS IS HOOOOOOOOOOOOME~'

Thank Great Fairies nobody was there to point and laugh. I missed him too, so I hugged him back just as tightly.

Yeah, I'm daddy's little girl.

...Shut up, you stupid book. I was just softened up by all of the delicious food.

Erm anyways, I asked him about where Grandmother might be. She's mom's mom, of course. I never knew what happened to Dad's mom.

His face turned all grave, and he told me to go where? Luke. f*cking 'course. Always my damn cousin who knows everything.

His mom was as snooty and nice as ever, I spose. She fell silent when she heard I got along with the humans fine. And the fact that most of the school's population wasn't really human anyways.

So where do I find Luke? In the grand piano room, where else? He was playing some cheery tune or another. I still can't get it out of my head.

Of course, at the sight of lovely Lily he hits a wrong note and sort of stares at me in shock, all stiffened up.

It's odd to think that I hadn't stepped in that room since I was fourteen. Nothing changed, though. Still as dimly lit, still clean, still only a piano in the middle of the room. Like it's trapped in time.

I almost expected a little boy to be sitting at the piano instead of Luke. Weird how things change so much.

Anyways, he basically asked me in the coldest voice possible what the f*ck I was doing in his grand piano room.

Ah, warm welcomings. They make me feel all fuzzy inside.

After a very stiff conversation, he managed to wheedle out of me that I was looking for the Elder Woods. Though I managed to get the location of Grandmother.

So I teleported to the forest, and basically trudged through the forest before I found this clearing.

There was this hawk watching me, and there was this great big tree. Like, f*cking huge. Of course, there was a house built around/inside it. A tree house, literally.

I'm walking towards it when what do I step in? This sudden patch of flowers, full of pollen. The sleeping powder kind. I think I black out. Stuff was strong.

Next thing I know, I'm sitting on a bed of leaves in front of a cup of tea. She insulted me, telling me I smelled of humans and things unnatural. (Traces of pollution still seemed to have stuck to me.)

If there is one thing, I found out Grandmother disapproves of humans. Completely.

Anyways, I managed to ask her about the Elder Woods. What did she do? She laughed at me. Told me that I wasn't getting any damn info out of her.

"You kids are so foolish, thinking I would give you such important information so easily. You aren't truly an elf anymore, are you? You have turned your face away from the forest. Your ears have been dulled."

"You're nothing but a shame to this family."

...So in the end, I got no information.

I guess I'll be going back, then. So much for being gone for a week. I guess I was just being optimistic.

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