"In a dream, I was a werewolf..."

I suppose its only fair to think about ya every now and then.
Mostly about how much of a worthless b*tch ya are.
How you really f*cked up, how ya did me wrong.

Still, I wonder, what was the thing that ended it all?
Just one of those weird questions I don't expect nor want an answer to, yet at the same time do.

Honestly, I'm the happiest I've ever been.
Today marks four months with my amazing, almost perfect boyfriend Luis.
Perfect for me. No need for an almost there.

My grades have drastically improved.
I've faced on my tickets.
I have an apartment for school next year.
Luis and I talk every single day. And we're so happy, he makes me feel whole. Like a part of me was missing and I never knew it. He is, in every sense of the cliche views, my soul mate, my one and only, my forever, and my everything.
Everything in my life is going so well.

And I'm so lucky to have it all.
But for whatever reason, I just wonder why things went the way they did.
We were obviously growing apart, which is fine with me.
These are things I can accept.

I guess its just weird when you think someone that you cared about so much... you just don't give a sh*t about anymore.
I found it weird that I felt that way about you, that I still do.
That I can think of the good times, but I feel nothing.

Its sweet, and bitter, and interesting, I guess.

I really wonder how people react with these relationships.
Platonic, romantic, etc.

You were a virus for so long, sucking the life out of me.
I was dying by your side, but then the medicine came.
And it woke me up, showed me that I just needed someone who knew I was worth all the good things that I'm seeing now.
That medicines name was Luis. He has literally saved me from you.
Listened to me talk about you, watched me cry, held me close and promised me things would be better.

Luis has truly made things better for me.
If he wasn't in my life, I'd probably become a super senior.
He just motivates me to do so much good.
He makes me believe in trying again.

He tells me to write things, stories, poetry, anything.
He loves me genuinely. And it feels so amazing.

He literally takes my breath away.

I guess, the only thing I'm wishing for
Is that you could have been better for me.
That you could've loved me and supported me through everything.
With my developing relationship with Luis, that we both knew was definitely going to happen because he needs me just as much as I need him.

You even said you just wanted him to ask me out.
He did. We're in love. It's perfection.

But I wasn't supposed to lose you in all this, I feel.
In some cases, life really isn't fair.
But this is something I will just have to suck up, because... I'm still happier than I ever was as your best friend.

Somehow, the ring of Luis's girlfriend has always sounded so much better than Bri's best friend anyway.
There's something much more special in the first title.
Something so much more rewarding.

I hope you're doing well though.
You've always been so bitter.
I hope you've reached some type of happiness.
Finding mine has proven to me that everyone deserves it.
And if you've found it in being miserable, then I guess that works too. 3nodding