Dark times and blood drenched fleeting thoughts. I am not one for usual thoughts of darker area's that most won't think about as in suicide or murder but I am finding my mind lately going thru these thoughts. Whether it be from simply to much stress or other factor's I have been playing with the thoughts all this week on which would be the better of the two as a choice. Don't try to console me as this is just thinking nothing more caused by over stressed and under rested mind stretched to it's limits. Needless to say this week has not been an easy one on the least for me. Anyone that reads this which I doubt anyone does. I will be on Hiatus from posting for a bit while I try to get my mind straight and get some needed R&R when I can pull it during work and all kinds of other things. If you read this please inform others in my RP's cause I really don't feel like posting in Why Not unless it's something to do with RPing.