I remember walking one moonless night and seeing two very bright eyes getting closer and closer to me. As the large, metal creature neared, I could feel its deep growl reverberating in my bones. I was too fascinated with its appearence to think about stepping out of its way or even defending myself from its fast approach and apparent attack. The night went black. Morning came and found me broken, bloody and bandaged. Someone saved my life and I'll never know who it was...

My name's Takehiko Tsukito, but I sometimes answer to Ilkay Yilmez or Jamie Softpaws. My age is whatever you want it to be because I've managed to forget it.

I'm male, approximately 5'9" (1.75 m), roughly 156 lbs (70.8 kg), and quite flexible. My purple eyes glow faintly in the moonlight. My hair is mostly black and flows to my lower back; there's a patch of gray: my bangs. My left eyebrow is gray while my right is black. I have a "clawed" tattoo on my right hip with the inside of the marks showing snow leopard fur.

I'm not your typical human: I can manipulate dark matter and shadows, communicate with animals, and spend most afternoons sleeping.

My favourite season is Autumn. I love watching the leaves turn different shades of fire before dropping below but unable to reach their intended destination.