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'Til the Moon Falls
Keep calm and play the song.
Date this chart was completed: 2/23/2012

Character's Full Name: Edward Lee Sullivan
Reason or meaning of name: It is derived from Old English words ead (meaning "happy" or 'prosperous') and weard (meaning "guard" wink .
Nickname: Ed, Eddy, Sullie (Only Zanda calls him this.)
Reason for nickname: First two because it's shortened, or popular, I suppose. Third because of his last name.

Birthday: August 3rd
Astrological Sign: Leo


Age: Depends on the point in the story. Currently, around 21.
How old does s/he appear? Again, this depends.
Eye Color: Grey.
Glasses or contacts? Neither.
Hair color: Silver.
Distinguishable hair feature (bald, receding hairline, etc.): It's white/silver, bro.
Type of hair (coarse, fine, thick, etc.)? Fine. (Like the rest of him ;D)
Typical hairstyle: Messy. It's left the way it falls when he wakes up, unless he's doing something important, or he and Russell had hot sex the night before. Can't walk around with sex hair.

Height: 6'1”
Weight: 180; he played football nearly all his life.
Type of body/build: Muscular, but not a body-builder or anything. Most of his strength is in his legs.

Nationality: American.

Skin tone: Milky-white. Unless he's been playing; then he's got... Something like a farmer's tan going on.
Skin type: Rough. (Assuming this has to do with.. Consistency, or whathaveyou.)

Shape of face: Long; heart-shaped.

Distinguishing Marks? Faint track marks in his left arm. Obvious he abused drugs to anyone who might pay attention.
Scars? A few in various places; mainly from football.
Most predominant feature: Hair/eyes.
Resembles (famous or not): I really haven't given this one much thought.

Accent? Nope.

Is s/he healthy? For a moment, after being left by Russell, he was in a state of mental turmoil. Physically, though, he's fine.
If not, why not: Already explained. Adolescents facing rejection go a little crazy. At least he did.

Physical disabilities: As I said, physically, he's fine. Unless you count his doing drugs for a while, and frying his brain a little, although I believe that would be considered more of a mental disorder brought on by physical decisions.

Physical abilities (what is character good at? sports, etc.): He's amazing at sports. Athletic as hell. Because he is/once was a good athlete, he is/was always found in a good mood. Sports were the best way for him to get all his troubles out of his system in a recreational way.


Color: Orange

Music: Rock (this is one thing he and Amber really connected on, both of them loving Metallica)

Food: Anything Italian

Literature: Pfft, Edward's not a bookworm.

Expressions: Lolwhat?

Book: ^ (See two above)

Quote: "You better cut the pizza in four pieces, because I'm not hungry enough to eat six."

Expletive(s) (swears): Eddy doesn't really swear. About the worst you'll hear from his mouth is when he's hanging with Zanda. He might call him a cockbite, or a douche-canoe.

Mode of transportation: Car.


Smokes: Yes.
What? Cigarettes, mainly. He's smoked a little crack, a little MJ, and tried a few other substances, but cigarettes have yet to be quit.
How often? Depends. If he's around people who smoke, he smokes more. If he's stressed, he smokes a ton. Eh, generally moderate, though.

Drinks: Not anymore.
What? Alcohol.
How often? ^ (See two above). He has a family to think of. Back when he was doing drugs, drinking was an every day affair.

Worst bad habit? Doing drugs, which he quit. Because of the drugs, he's obtained this nice habit of constantly playing with his fingernails; biting them, picking at them, running the pad of his thumb against them, breaking them, etc.

Quirks: Leg shaking?


Hometown: I dunno.

Type of childhood: Challenging, but he lived through it. I've never given his father thought, but his mother's a drunk, and he's got a younger brother and sister. Eventually, she loses them, and the kids are dumped into his lap by the state.

First memory: Visiting his aunt's house when he was little, and accidentally setting her living room on fire.

Most important childhood event that still effects him/her: He doesn't let much effect him. He had football to distract him. First thing to really get to him was rejection from his first love interest.

Lower education: I know what this is, but don't know what to say.

Higher education: Still kinda working on this, depending on time-frame.

Book-smart or street-smart? Street-smart. Ish.

Religion and/or religious views and/or tendencies? Nope.


Job? Haven't given this one any thought.

Kiss? Some girl at a slumber party when he was about seven or eight. Truth or Dare is to blame, of course. Poor kid was scrubbing off cooties for days.

Sexual experience? Russell.


Mother (name): Robin Chandler (Never married/changed last name back after possible divorce?)
Relationship with her: He only talks to her to talk to the kids, until they're dumped in his lap.
Father (name): Dunno.
Relationship with him: Nonexistent
Siblings: Brother and sister.
Birth order: Edward's the oldest, and his younger brother and sister are twins. The sister is a couple seconds older.
Relationship with each: He loves them both, and they love him, but they aren't exactly close.
Children of Siblings: None.
Extended family (aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.): No one important.
Close to family? Only siblings.


Does character have child(ren)? Yep.
How many? Seven. Would have been eight.. But the first was miscarried, due to knife. It's a pretty complicated situation. Abusive boyfriend, Sven, with Russell at the time. Whores him out. Edward stumbles across Russell. They have unprotected sex. Russell gets pregnant. Sven knows it's not his, so he quite literally slams Russell against a wall several times, maybe pushes him down some stairs, then grabs a knife and cuts him the f*ck open.
Are all children with the same partner? Yes.
If no, why not? N/A
If no, what is the custody arrangement? N/A
How does character relate to his/her child(ren)? I dunno, he loves all of them. He was a little scared one of them wasn't his for a while.
Which child is character's favorite? Edward doesn't play favorites. (Plus, names for the kids have yet to be picked out.)
Why? Because he loves all his kids equally. They're all with the love of his life. ...And he's always wanted a big family.
Character's most favorite memory of his/her child(ren)? Each of their births.
Character's least favorite memory of his/her child(ren)? Fearing one of them wasn't his.
Is relationship with children good? Absolutely.
Is relationship with children important to character? Of course!


Where does character work? He'll probably end up some focused guy, working in a cubicle in some corporation. Maybe he meets his dad, who's the owner of some business, and is offered a job he can't refuse- for the sake of his family. (This is if I ever figure out what the f*ck happened with his dad. Divorce, or never married to mom in the first place. Either way, he hates his dad.)
How many years? I don't know yet.
Relationship with co-workers? IDK, BROSEF.
Like his/her job? Would prefer playing football..
Why or why not? Eh. Not what he had planned.

Dream job: Major league football, DUH.


Greatest fear: Losing Russell; their family being ripped apart, and the custody battle that would follow.
Worst thing that could happen to him/her? ..anything that effects his family; be it financially, or health/life-threatening.
What single event would most throw character's life in complete turmoil? He would be crushed to lose Russell, but he would push forward to take care of his kids. It would be the loss of one of their children that killed him.

Character is most at ease when: He's chilling with his family/friends.
Most ill at ease when: Russell's past is brought up, or when his own sexual history and drug abuse is brought up. Pretty much the mention of Sven and stupid decisions he made that Zan blames on Russell.

Priorities: Taking care of business, man. Gotta keep the kids happy and healthy, and the “wife” satisfied.
Philosophy: I dunno.

How s/he feels about self: He likes himself enough.
Past failure s/he would be embarrassed to have people know about: The drugs. Only Zanda and Amber know, and he doesn't want Russell to ever know, though, of course, he'll find out.
If granted one wish, what would it be? He'd wish Russell hadn't gone through so much pain.
Why? Because he loves Russell, and hates that he didn't get him out of there sooner.

Daredevil or cautious? Daredevil, mostly.
Same when alone? Yep, but he always tries to weigh all possible outcomes before acting stupid.

Biggest regret? Sleeping around, cheating on Russell, the drugs, and not putting up a fight when he was kicked off the team.

Biggest accomplishment: His children.
Minor accomplishments: Getting clean and sober.

Character's darkest secret: Drugs. Feel like this is being repeated a little too much.
Does anyone know? Yes.
If yes, did character tell them? Yes. Told this secret to Zanda, at least.
If no, how did they find out? Well, it wasn't no, but Zanda found out about him sleeping around, then Edward broke down and spilled the beans about everything to him, too broken to hold back from his friend anymore.


Greatest source of strength in character's personality (whether s/he sees it as such or not): He's loyal, and a great shoulder to lean on.

Greatest source of weakness in character's personality (whether s/he sees it as such or not): I'm.. too lazy to think of something right now.

Character's soft spot: His family.
Is this soft spot obvious to others? Yes. :3
If not, how does character hide it? He doesn't try to.

Biggest vulnerability: His past, and his family.

Which of the 7 deadly sins does character fight (or give into, willingly or not)?
(lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, pride)
Lust, and pride.
Which of the 7 virtues does your character have (or fight against)?
(chastity, abstinence, liberality, diligence, patience, kindness, humility)
Patience, and kindness.


Optimist or pessimist? Tries to be optimistic.
Introvert or extrovert? Extrovert.
Drives and motivations? Family.
Talents (hidden or not)? His athletic ability. He's also good at getting nearly anyone to trust him.

Extremely skilled at: Sports.
Extremely unskilled at: Math.

Good characteristics: I dunno, man.
Peculiarities: The whole nail thing.


One word character would use to describe self: Happy.

One paragraph description of how character would describe self: Happy family man with two of the best friends in the world.

What does character consider best physical characteristic? His.. Arms? All to hug Russell and his children with c:
What does character consider worst physical characteristic? His ass. He has no ass.
Are these realistic assessments? Lawl, sure.
If not, why not? N/A
How CHARACTER thinks others perceive him/her? f*cking magical, duh. Like he IS.
What four things would CHARACTER most like to change about self? (#1 most important, #2 second most important, etc.)

1. Nothing. He likes himself.
2. N/A
3. N/A
4. N/A
If change #1 was made, would character be as happy as s/he thinks? Tch. Read it and tell me.
If not, why not? Because he's happy how he is?


Is character divorced? Nope.
Why? Because he loves his Russell >: And the divorce rate is high enough, thanks.
If yes, how many times? N/A
Has character ever cheated on any significant other? Yes.
How does character relate to others? He's friendly, but most people don't have much in common with him. He doesn't understand normal people.

How is s/he perceived by...

Strangers? That sexy guy with the hot 'wife', and bunch of children.
Friends? The goof who needs to stop having so much sex with Russell, because they don't need to watch more than nine kids. xD
Wife/Husband/Lover? Russell loves him >: I think..
Children? They love their daddy > w<
Co-workers? I dunno.
Protagonist? ...I dunno. He's a good guy too, so.. I mean, there's not really a MAIN protagonist. If there were, s/he'd like Edward.
Antagonist? Sven hates Edward.
What happens to change this perception? Uh.. Edward kills Sven. That's what changes it.

What do family/friends like most about character? His ability to make them laugh? The fact that he can keep a secret, and will always have their back?

What do family/friends like least about character? His feelings get hurt fairly easily.


Immediate goal(s): Raise his children right.
Long range goal(s): Stay with Russell until they both die.
How does character plan to accomplish goal(s)? By living.

How will other people around character be affected? I dunno.


How character react in a crisis (calm/panic/etc.)? He gets his game face on, brosef.
How does character face problems? Head-on.
Kinds of problems character usually runs into: sh*t to do with his and Russell's pasts.
How does character react to NEW problems? Thinks out solutions, unless it's an immediate threat. Then he just.. Kicks ass and takes names.
How does character react to change? He doesn't mind it, if it's progressively.


Jewelry? Wedding ring. Maybe ears pierced.
Other accessories? Nah.
Drives a ... : Car.
Where does character live? In a place.
With anyone? With his family. Near Amber and Zanda.
Where does character want to live? Where he is. If he didn't want to live there, he wouldn't be living there.
Spending habits (frugal, spendthrift, etc)? Eh, he doesn't do much other than pay bills. Other sh*t is up to Russell.
What does s/he do too much of? Sleeping. (Having sex with Russell, hurr > w> wink
Too little of? Kicking ass.
Most prized possession: Family.
Why? Because Eddy's a family man ; ~;
Play musical instrument? Yes.
Which one(s)? Guitar. A little.
How did s/he learn? Self-taught.
Does character like animals? Not really.
Any pets? The kids might have pets. If Ed had one, it'd be a dog. A big dog.
Likes music? Yep.
What kind? Rock; we went over this already.


Owns a computer? Probably.
If not, why not? N/A
Email address(es): N/A
If more than one, each used for...? N/A
"Handle": ...lolwut?
Meaning to character: ^ (See above)
Uses computer for business, pleasure, both? Business.
Play computer games? Nope.
If yes, which game(s)? If yes, how many hours per day? N/A
If so, are they/it multi-player game/s? N/A
Name used on each game & meaning to character? N/A

List 4 online site(s) (URLs) visited daily?
1. N/A
2. N/A
3. N/A
4. N/A


Person character secretly admires: Zanda (though it's probably not some huge secret.)
Person character was most influenced by: Zanda.
Most important person in character's life before story starts: ….Zanda.
Why? Because Zanda's been his best friend for a long time. What I want to know is why ZANDA is the answer to all these last questions! xD

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