Case 4: Zack (Transformation Phase)

I'm Zack Hummings.

I've always been a dedicated student and a music lover. My talents in the subject are pretty prominent in the fields of vocals and mixing. I've enjoyed guitar as well, but I was never as enthusiastic about it as I was in my short yet continuous career as a DJ Brother. It was an interesting family experience now. My brother and sister, both younger than I, joined and proved capable of making some really fantastic stuff. We had much to learn from each other, and outside influences. I had hope for our 3-DJ project. It may have intervened with school a few times, and trust me, it was pretty difficult maintaining an awesome GPA while being the head of the guitar club at school. I was frequently occupied, but that felt pretty nice. I'd hoped that I'd become at least partially productive in my later years of high school. My goal was to have no regrets, but I was demonstrated how that was nearly impossible.

Excuse me for sounding like a pessimist.

You might have guessed that I was on the football team. Well, I was prior to my Junior year. That's another story. The reason I started with the football thing was because of my size. I was six foot five with broad shoulders, a hefty build, and a, admittedly, I was more upper body strength than lower. That wasn't to say I was a pushover when it came to leg exercises. My little sister Zelda--I called her Zeldster--enjoyed poking fun at my long hair. I was a little dismissive at that because, while she said it made me look girly, it was irrefutably popular with the girls at school. I might have been lucky with looks like these. Of course I might have also been an arrogant b*****d. I'm sure the latter was true.

I wasn't the most excitable person. I've been called charismatic before. Maybe all of that emotion and passion was encased in my love for music. I loved to take initiative and keep my head about things. Combined with my personality, I found it a good combination for those tense situations...


But this.

This was ******** out of my control.

I didn't know how you couldn't be dumbfounded by this kind of thing. My brother and his best friend had turned into, of all things, Pokémon!

Now, let's back up.

I was one of those unnatural weird guys who found reading interesting. There was a phase I went through that involved my perusal of fan-made works online and I happened to come across some really strange works called TF stories, or whatever. Most of them were about the game Zelda has been addicted to. I'll admit. I was curious. I clicked the link to one of these stories and had myself an okay read.

Why is this relevant?

Dammit, it was unfolding before my eyes. Here. In the real world.

My brother transformed into a Pikachu on the bathroom floor. I couldn't remember the name of what his friend Vince had become. It was green with a curved spike atop its head, antennae, and clear wings. It looked like a hybrid bug, fairy, and had a plant aspect to it. Or "him", I should have said. It felt rude to give them gender neutral pronouns. But that had to be the last thing on their minds. To not be human with a human mind... Well, while I was human, I was intent on finding out why my close friends were suffering this transformation. Who was next? That was something I couldn't foresee, but I could not describe how much I had wanted to do so.

Crouching in front of my electric rat of a brother following the discovery that Vince was the green Pokémon, I offered to take him to his bedroom so that he could rest. He was stubborn, which I had reason to believe was Vince's nature rubbing off on him. From what I've read, and what luck it was to have read about this, I recalled transformations, in most cases, exhausting the body. You had to be pretty clueless to think that my brother was not worn out from this shape shift. His breathing was different and his heart rate was up. I saw from the look on his face, even as a Pikachu, that he didn't really want me touching his chest to feel his heartbeat. Where else was I going to obtain it easily? His palms were too small, and the body fat around his neck flowed more into his back than a human's.

"Zatch," I started. I usually called him Zatchers, as I felt it was fair enough giving a nickname to my brother as well. I didn't use it in times like these... Let me restate that. I didn't use it in tense moments. "You need to lay down and take it easy."

"He's right." Vince agreed, which felt as good as it did odd. For one, he had been through this exact thing. That was the odd part. The other half was his experience with cross-country. He was no stranger to how exhaustion worked. "My whole body felt like jelly after I changed. My wings felt fine because they're a new uh... attachment." He fluttered them briefly, glancing over his shoulder. "So I flew to cover. But you need to get some rest, and probably water."

"Oogh, fine." My brother finally relented. He allowed me to scoop him into my arms. It was the sort of thing that seemed stranger if he were a human at the time. It might have appeared suggestive! I was in no way homophobic, but I did have a girlfriend. Her father was a lieutenant of the police force around here, and the only reason I have made that clear was because of the investigation in the woodland which he was surely a part of... Zelda gave a nice holler, by the way.

"Oh no. Guys!" She exclaimed. I wasn't sure how she managed to get everyone's attention in the cramped room. "What if we're all gonna turn into Pokémon?! How will we live?!"

"Don't worry about that." I assured her. Well, I wasn't assured myself. I was simply being the adult and telling her not to worry. I didn't know at the time if it worked. (It didn't matter in the end). "Maybe this is only temporary. I'd Google it, but I'd probably just get some crazy fan fiction stories about how people--yeah, never mind. C'mon, let's get you to bed bro. 'Scuse me, Zeldster." As I rose, I moved passed my excited little sister. This had to be a treat for her. Her mind was younger than her body, I tell you. As unreal as this all looked, the urgency felt natural. It felt like my brother had received a terrible gash in the scalp or broke his arm. He wasn't injured, for all I knew, however.

I turned the corner in the hall, cradling Zatch carefully. I had asked if he cared to be tucked in or not. He declined with a shake of his head. In his bedroom, I hadn't realized Vinced had followed me. He was walking briskly, and his new incredibly lightweight body nullified his footsteps. As I set Zatch down, my head began spinning. Maybe I had too much coffee this morning? I dismissed it as a slight caffeine headache. Which didn't make sense. I had long since removed that from my body via something called the toilet. I hoped I didn't need to revisit the toilet to perhaps vomit. I felt nauseous...

"Alright little bro. Try not to do anything reckless. I'll get some water. Can you watch him Vince?"

"Yeah, sure."

"Wait, Zack!" Zatch, laying on his back with his bolt-shaped tail out at one side, reached for me dramatically. Was he doing that on purpose? He made it look good, I'd say. "You're not going to tell Laura's dad about this, right...? 'Cause I--"

"I won't. What are the police going to do?"

"Nothin' but transport us to Area 51 as aliens." Vince remarked. That sounded a lot like him. I couldn't tell you why that was so comforting.

"I feel better already." Zatch closed his eyes, head all the way back. "Where's Topher?"

"I think he went to Zelda's room to check on her. I'll be right back." I left the bedroom to the two Pokémon, walking with the occasional jog step. Though, I was hindered by something. I stopped right before Zelda's room, a palm against the wall. There were two forces at play. There were these trails of invisible light that my blurring vision could make out as a color that I've never seen in my life. My head pulsed. My body throbbed as though my organs and bones were bouncing off of the inner wall of my skin. I wretched silently, my other hand now pressed tightly against my lips. I shut my eyes. It was a burst of excruciating pain... It gradually became worse. I heard Topher's voice in Zelda's room. He was talking about something with relevance to the meteorites. I heard the name of Vince's brother. I swallowed spit and look ahead. Drew was there. He was avoiding me. He left for the kitchen. I refused to pursue, even though it set fire to my head. I took deep breaths, attempting to extinguish this peculiar flame inside of my mind...

It died down.

I couldn't remember how long I'd been trying to get myself together, or why for that matter. I recalled Topher in front of me right after the episode. In his arms was a creature that looked like the new Zatch. It looked like a Pikachu, but it was smaller. Dread struck me like a stone. I had a feeling in my twisting guts that it was Zelda. She was right. We're all going to suffer this. Saying nothing, I hurried past Topher, prepared to confront the Drew entity. It was like he was mocking us. I wasn't about to take that, because I knew in my heart he was the one doing this. I didn't question my resolve.

"Drew!" I yelled, startling even myself. I tightened my hands into fists when I failed to spot him in the house with me. I saw him come here. I felt him move... I was officially spooked. Shaking the thought with an equally shaken state of mind, I snatched a plastic cup from the cupboard, constantly look over both shoulders for any sign of the poltergeist in here... I held the cup against the refrigerator's water lever, tormented by the simple things such as the sound of the water's pitch rising as it filled the cup... As it filled, an unearthly sound whispered menacingly enough to send a shiver down my aching spine. I couldn't hear it very well. But I had a hunch it was him... I was in his world now... I think that's even what he said.

"No. No, Drew..." I spun around, careful not to dump water all over the floor. "I know it's you. I'm not a dumbass. You're changing them. You're doing this to them. Knock it off." I demanded, which I gathered he didn't take too well. There was another eerie whisper, this one more fierce. It had dawned on me how unrealistic all of this was. Was I honestly arguing with the ghost of a kid who turned people into Pokémon? How insane was he? How insane was I? What the hell was going on? ...I backed away from the kitchen, my teeth clenching against each other. This was all too real. "I'm not playing your game..."

I was already within a game.

My chest tightened. My heart skipped beats until it froze entirely. I gripped that spot tightly. It was not hysteria. This pain, this contortion of my body was too real. The hand holding the cup of water darkened. Both of my hands were darkening. They were stinging, and I saw why. My body began producing a light fuzz, which was the source of the recoloring around my hands. It seemed like the rest of my body was becoming more of an illuminant orange. The pain was incredible as the shape of my fingers contorted into one another, ultimately making me drop the cup. Water emptied from it as it rolled across the floor. I lost my balance and tipped to the side foolishly. The room was spinning. Ten images of the room were spinning to me. I oriented myself to my back, unable to beg for this horror to stop. I was giving it my all to resist, though gave up when something came upon me; an epiphany which told me of my own oncoming demise. My death. I couldn't resist this agony. I had to let it take me.

And it progressed. My ears seemed to drag up my head, elongating into some odd curvy V shape with a string-like tip. The next part was the most painful of all. My shape so forcefully expanded that it tore through my clothes. My T-shirt was easily undone, but my jeans resisted as I had done a moment ago. The denim material eventually did give way to my larger hips, as did my socks to my growing feet. But I was shrinking... The dimensions of my body were rearranging, so to speak. Not that I could. Something poke from my back. I was able to control it. It felt like a rope with a paper weight on the end. Out of the corner of my eyes, which were also transmogrifying, I saw that the rope was mine--a tail--with a lightning bolt attached. My hands were not hands. My feet were not feet. They were brown paws. The rest of me was light orange, aside from the brown stripes on my back. I couldn't really see those... I guess there was some white on my underbelly, and yellow circles at my cheeks. For me, the senses were overwhelming right at the get go. My new nose and ears forced me to identify objects to a degree I wasn't used to. Luckily I had the pain to distract me.

I just existed here... On Earth. But I wasn't a human. I was something else, my abnormal body sprawled out on this cold wet tile. How fast had this happened...? Did anyone hear my shouts? Did I shout? I yelled Drew's name.

No one should have been through this. To have your body completely rearrange at that speed was like being mutilated and reconfigured. 'S probably what it was. Just ******** unreal... Ah, my head still ached.



I was hesitant to go and check on Zack. It sounded like he had gotten into a scuffle with... my brother? I needed to wait by Zatch's side. I needed to be with Zelda, too. She just transformed into something like Zatch. Topher brought her in, and I knew right away who it was. Well, duh, who wouldn't have? Zack seemed pretty irrepressible in that he wasn't about to let himself turn into a Pokémon. Not that he had any control over it. If I had it my way, I'd rather have my old body back. There was no receipt for that. No take backs. This was my body. It was annoying to think that this was all being shot right at us. We had no say. We were at the mercy of an unknown ordeal. We were being launched into a children's game...

Come to think of it...

It almost made sense, then, how Zack suspected something of Drew, 'cause he did like Pokémon quite a lot... I saw my little brother before my transformation. Maybe Zatch and Zelda did too. So Zack's freakout over there means that he must've seen Dr--.

My thoughts were interrupted by abrupt actions of mine once again. Zatch sat up, now far more worried about Zelda than himself. I hopped from the bed, as I was sitting next to Zatch to make sure he wouldn't try to get up, which he did, but I had no time to dwell on that. I took to the air. Again, wind or no wind, my wings held me up very nicely. That was a benefit to this little form.I knew there was hidden potential within me. But, shoot, I didn't know how to use abilities. I didn't even play the damn game. And even then, I don't think it taught YOU how to be a Pokémon.

I found Zack... I think... on the kitchen floor, already trying to control his breathing. I knew what he had turned into. He was a Raichu. It was easy to figure out. First of all, who didn't know Pikachu? Who, then, didn't know Raichu? That was pompous talk for me though. I wasn't able to determine what Zelda had morphed into. I recalled seeing it somewhere. Poor Zack though. The guy had just told his little sister that everything was going to be alright. Was it? No! Almost everyone under this roof was a Pokémon.

"Zack! Zack, say something!" I cried, landing beside him and nudging at his back with my hand, or whatever it was called now. As a reply, he groaned with a grimace. "That's not what I meant!"

"Your voice is so loud..." He coughed weakly. He sounded different, but it didn't matter. He was still able to talk, and so soon after his conversion. I had trouble with speaking right away, and I'm sure Zatch did also.

"You're a Raichu..." I dumbly announced. What else was I supposed to say? I couldn't help him up right after this. I couldn't pick him up either. He was still a pretty big guy.

"Ah, hell..." He took deeper breath. "This is... happening."

"Nah, it already happened man. I'm sorry." My head fell under the weight of our combined problems. I sighed, blowing the air from one side of my mouth. "It's like I should never have left the woodland."

"Hey, stop. Here, give me a hand." He lifted a brown-tipped paw pretty helplessly. I hovered and grabbed that paw with both of mine (paws or hands. Again, hard to tell) and hoisted him up. He didn't stand, but he sat up as Zatch did, leaning his head to one side a tad and rubbing at it. "Guh... I feel all messed up inside."

"'Might be the electricity. Give it some time, and you'll get used to it pretty fast. Not saying I had that in me, but it's a guess." I continued to float beside him, my arms now crossed. I remained vigilant, surveying the area. "You saw Drew."

"You know?" He kept rubbing the side of his face, but watched me with one eye closed and the other open.

"'Not too sure how, but yeah. I know. He came to me too. Right before it happened. Erm... This... " I dropped my arms and, once more, lowered my head, though only gesturing at my body.

"Yeah it sounds like I'm out of my mind, but I think Drew's doing this to us."

I didn't respond right away. I allowed that to seep into my own mind. As much as I hated the idea of my innocent little brother somehow making use of a paranormal plane to cause paranormal occurrences. Essentially, he was making us pretty miserable all for his enjoyment, and I didn't want to believe that. It gave me heartache right there. I denied a few of these unproven points. He didn't want to do this. Maybe he had to do it. Maybe someone else was behind this? I just didn't want it to be my brother. He loved me. I loved him. Why'd he take the trouble to cause this suffering? These changes? No matter how optimistic you were, you couldn't say that this was meant to be. Because none of it was "working". It was all nonsensical. Unorthodox. Beyond the understanding of anything on this planet... Drew...

"I saw Drew in the woodland before I changed. I thought maybe I could wait it out and I'll revert into a human. Maybe he was playing with me..." I paused, shutting my eyes and picturing the woods. "Zatch came along. Then he changes. Then Zelda changes. Then you change. Back to back to back."

"I saw Zelda, yeah. I got pissed over that. I hate to blame your brother, dude, but this is out of control. Everyone in here's gonna change..."

"...What about Topher?" I think both of us blanked out then and there. Topher had been with Zatch from the start. He withstood these spiritual-mental forces. The transformations seemed like they were lightning flashes striking targets, no pun intended, and Topher was completely unhindered and unaffected but surely apprehensive.

"You know," The newly changed Raichu began, strain in his voice as he tried to stretch his back in both directions. "We need to ask that guy a few questions. He's been really quiet. I know Cruce got knocked out by the meteorite too, but I've had enough paranoia for one day."

"No, I hear you. That raises a good point. Cruce is going through the same thing Drew is, I'd imagine." I shrugged, crossing my arms again. "That's gotta be affecting something somewhere."

"Let's not waste time then." Zack grunted, clearly giving a good effort in standing on those long feet. "This is freaking weird. 'S like I'm hunched but I can't stand any hi--yeah never mind."

"Wow. You sure you're good?" I was pleasantly astonished to see him coming through this quickly. Maybe muscle had a role in this? It wasn't likely, I don't think. His body has completely morphed. Unless muscles were somehow preserved, I doubted it.

"Nope. C'mon." To my amazement, he actually led the way, albeit clumsily. He didn't teeter from side to side, but walking froward looked like a challenge. I silently praised my wings. They were so simple to manage and unquestionably amusing. I asked Zack if he was alright to lead on like that, but he dismissed it. I understood that this whole ordeal was a tad embarrassing. After all, each of us were probably cuter than we'd ever ask to be. Maybe not Zelda. But it did sort of bring up an ironic twist on how Topher was usually the one getting all the adoration and ranting on about anything cute. I knew he was still down about Cruce, like I'd mentioned a moment ago, but there was no doubt in my mind that he thought Zatch and I were both adorable. So yeah, it was a little embarrassing.

We returned to Zatch's room to find that Zelda was coming to. She was curiously looking up at Topher, who had taken the liberty of watching her in his arms. Zatch looked like he was doing better also. That led me to the conclusion that the aftermath of a transformation was painful and awkward for a short time, which, then led me to a state of marvel. Our bodies were that prompt to adapt to physical conversion of sorts? It was fascinating, to say the least. Especially with the inclusion of powers natural to Pokémon...

"Bro?! BRO!" Zatch called out, an arm directed at Zack. "Ahhhh, not you too! ...My mind is too far blown to continue." He fell back, laying flat with both arms out.

"We're all in the Pikachu family?" Zelda asked, facing out at us. "So Mom and Dad will be Raichus like Zack? But why is Vince a legendary?"

"...Hm... I think we had best listen to what Zelda has to say. Out of all of us, she has the best knowledge of Pokémon. After that, we have a few questions for Topher." Zack explained exactly what I was about to say. Since I could not have said it better myself, I kept my mouth quiet, anticipating what their little sister had to make of the situation. It was very true that she knew Pokémon well, and what luck. She already identified a pattern. Plus she called me a legendary, which might have been flattering in any other situation.

"Uhm..." Topher blinked, saying nothing more. That alone told me he really wasn't scheming. He was watching this all occur before his eyes as an innocent--very innocent--bystander. But that didn't excuse the fact that he was still a human. And these transformations felt tied together. They seemed to spread.

"I turned into a Pichu." She started, answering one of about a hundred of my questions. "Zatch is a Pikachu, and Zack's a Raichu. So we're all in the same line thingy! It's weird 'cause Vince is a Celebi, who's a legendary Pokémon..."

"What's that mean though?" Zatch asked a tad impatiently.

"It means... um... He's super special and super rare. And he has some cool powers! Celebi can travel through time!"

I was struck speechless, of course. Travel through time...? I certainly felt like I couldn't do any such thing.

"Vince can time travel?!" Topher exclaimed. "How can he do that?"

"I don't know." Zelda started again, shrugging her tiny shoulders. "Maybe it's just like how we can use electricity."

"Maybe..." Zack began, most likely eager to hear from Topher, which could be identified in his new recipient of attention. "We've already got a jump on the pattern of how this happening. We don't know what's going on though... Topher, shouldn't you have turned into a Pokémon by now?"

"Uhm, I-I don't know. Probably. I don't know why I'm not one yet..."

"Maybe it only effects certain people." I spoke, heavily vexed over the idea that my brother was very possibly behind the transformations. "We'll need to figure all this out some other time. Right now, we kind of need to think of how to deal with your parents when they get here, guys. I'm not just saying that we need to hide, but if you look back at what's happened in the past few moments, I'm pretty sure your mom and dad will also be affected by this." I motioned to my body, while, of course, referring to the Pikachu family. It did make me wonder who else was predetermined to become a legendary Pokémon, if that was how it worked at all.

"Vince has a point." Zack agreed, looking to the carpet. "School's out of the question, but Mom and Dad are going to be here soon. Honestly, I don't think there's any other way around it. We might have to--" He was interrupted by a fairly aggressive pounding at the front door, which was left unlocked. "Holy crap. Topher." He didn't have to say anything more for me to have known what he was implying, and neither did Topher, who stood up promptly and set Zelda down on the chair.

"Okay." He spoke softly. I offered to tag along behind him and listen closely in case there might have been trouble. We both understood forceful knocking was a little intimidating, but there was not much to be worried about in Autumnridge with respect to crime... With Zack, Zelda, and Zatch agreeing to stay behind and hide. I kept quiet in the hall, standing with my back against the cold wall. The door was opened. I could hear the sound of a dog collar clanking around. That was certainly not good news. The presence of a dog suggested there was a search, and that search was undoubtedly targeted at me. Was the officer's dog capable of tracking my scent as far as transformation goes? If I was honest, I didn't think I smelt the same. However, I was covered in my clothes at one point through all of this... I heard the officer's voice. I'm not even sure how I knew it was truly an authority. Something told me...

The voice belonged to someone I think I knew.

"Topher? Well I couldn't forget your face, of course." The voice sounded authoritative, as it was supposed to. It belonged to Al's father, Lieutenant Sanders.

"Oh! Mr. Sanders!" Topher spoke his name. It didn't surprise me that this man was known throughout Autumnridge. He was probably one of the most predominant reasons why this place seldom saw crime. He was incredibly intelligent, not to mention very skilled when it came to memorizing faces. Then again, Topher was easy to remember. "H-how can I help you? Are you looking for somebody?" Topher faced upward at the man, gently petting the German Shepard; the lieutenant's canine partner in crime.

"I am, actually. See..." He paused, focusing on the hound as well. "He led us here in search for Vince Maire. I'm sure you know him? He was reported to have gone missing in the woodland." Topher did not have time to respond to Mr. Sanders. The canine's nose was on the doorstep. His leg moved forward, and he practically led the officer into the house. Topher opted to move a second before this. "Easy, easy." He commanded, though with a lack of a dominant voice. This told me he encouraged this behavior. It was nice and all to see man and man's best friend working together, but under the circumstances I felt endangered. I also felt tempted to return to Zatch's room. That was logical, however inconsiderate. If I was to be discovered, I was not about to allow my friends to share in this. However, was that inevitable already? Allegedly that failed to be of significance in the meantime. The German Shepard's cold, wet nose was sniffing at the back of my head...

"Eta!" The man called out. If I recalled correctly, that was the name of the dog. He sat obediently just as I faced the officer, looking far up at him. When I wasn't in midair, it really never failed to surprise me how small I was now. "What on Earth...?"

I felt my shoulders rise in a very slow shrug as I shrunk away from him. I could tell by the confused looks Eta was giving him that the dog knew who I was. So, I underestimated the magnificent ability of a hound's nose.

"Vince?" The officer crouched, and eyebrow raised into his wrinkled forehead. He was a frightening man, and fairly cynical from what I have heard. "You know Eta doesn't lie."

"You're right..." I confessed, wings still as they have ever been. My head drooped forward a little. "It's Vince, sir."

"What did this to you?"

"My guess is as good as yours, sir." I shrugged with the lie. My guess was better, likewise worse. I was incapable of emphasizing how much I hated the idea of Drew being the suspect. I lifted my head, now aware of Topher behind the man with a clear frown upon his face.

"Something tells me otherwise." He saw through my feigned ignorance. Though I saw through the fact that he suspected nothing of my brother.

"Yes, um, it might have something to do with the meteorites." I responded. That much I knew for sure. Before the presence of the meteorites, this was mere fantasy.

"Then that's our only lead. Well, it's been a pleasure searching for you. Good to see you're... Well... Good to see you." What a strange man. He extended an arm for me to shake his hand. I obliged happily. Was this all that was going to happen? Were they just intent on searching for us? That was too good to be true. He was about to do something. He was about to say something... Something bad.

I was dumbstruck. Had we just made physical contact...?

"So Topher." The lieutenant stood, without turning to face Topher. "Anything else you and Zatch have decided to hide from authorities?"

I heard Topher gasps silently.

"S-sir, how do you know we were in the woodland?" All I thought at that moment was the word no. That was the worst response he could have made.

"I didn't. Now I do. I heard from my son that you two were off to do something in regards to the meteorite. I was not surprised when Eta led me here. Where is Zatch?"

"Zatch is here, sir. The only reason we wanted to stay away is because of how outlandish this is... I mean look at Vince." Topher gestured one of his open hands at me. "It's very difficult for them, sir. We're sorry for the inconvenience. I'll show you to Zatch." He began walking down the hallway. There was something very admirable in that boy. He was very mature for his age, not to mention very calculating and farsighted in this situation. He was more like his cousin than he thought. And upon looking at the two side by side, you would have received a headache right there. Although there's one thing he might have slipped up on in his apology. It was about to matter much less anyhow.

"You're a sincere boy, but... 'them'? Is Vince not the only victim of this?"

"He's not." Topher shook his head, leading the cop to the bedroom. His canine fellow followed loyally. Perhaps Cruce's cousin made the wisest possible move in this scene. However, it disturbed me deeply that the lieutenant was so unperturbed by my appearance. While he was startled, something felt off about it. Insidious, rather. Did he know something that I did not? No! How could he have? ...D-do they know more about what happened to Drew? My little brother... What Zack said... Could that have really been true? And what about Cruce? ...I needed to return to the hospital. But how was I to remain hidden in such a populous area? I had been seen by officer Sanders. There was not a doubt in my mind that the whole world was about to know about the existence of Pokémon who were formerly humans...

I had to make a choice...

Was it better to stay with my fellow Pokémon friends?

Or was it better to seek out answers...? ...To seek out Drew and Cruce?

Either way, I have a sinking feeling that I will not see the end of these transformations for some time.