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Insanity of a Crazy Writer... Er... Typer?
A journal of all my randomness including my odd stories.
Lucinda Regis Loki

Age:: Varies from roleplay to roleplay, though originates from the Victorian Era.
Race:: Vampire
Occupation:: Student // Writer(Novels, columns, journalism... Just about anything)

On the outside...
Hair:: Pale blonde, reaching near the middle of her back in gentle waves. Typically not very styled, though is often pulled over her right shoulder. For formal occasions, she may wear some sort of barrette or such, but that's about it.
Eyes:: Hazel // Almond-shaped
Figure:: Lucinda has something of a rectangle-shaped figure, her bust and hips generally the same with no real definition in her waistline that would create an hourglass form. She is generally quite slender.
Height:: 5'7"
Skin:: Pale pink as she is not one to stay out in the sun, though not deathly pale.
Outfits:: Typically, Lucinda wears more dresses and skirts, never reaching more than an inch or so above her knees. Tops are always blouses and often times with loose-fitting sleeves. Never, ever t-shirts and jeans. Shoes typically consist of heels or some sort of flats or mary-janes. Accessories include a variety of fine, delicate, or small jewelry and the occasional ribbon tied around her wrist or neck.
Marks: She has a scar on the right side of her neck where it she was bit multiple, multiple times. Typically, it is covered by her hair and the main reason why she pulls her hair over her right shoulder.

On the inside...
Likes:: Strawberries(and sweet things in general), reading, poetry, quoting poetry and other writings, felines, dancing, sitting in the shade of a tree, spring, snow, Mica(her lover)
Dislikes:: Arion(her husband), being told 'no', special treatment from others(except Mica), most men, clunky jewelry, being alone, anything from a pig, and tight-fitting/revealing outfits.
Abilities:: Lucinda has one key ability and that is the ability to persuade others. Not just typical debate and whatnot, but an actual mental control to convince and essentially make most anyone believe everything she says. Though, it is not something that works on most other vampires.

Brief Bio...

History:: Lucinda was once a princess, not a fact she herself recalls as she was only two years old when she was snatched away and deposited in London. It was a very planned thing that ended up going awry when the young girl was found by a middle-class couple with no children of their own. They raised the little girl as they would have their own child, seeing as how the wife was infertile and could not bear children. Most of what young Lucinda did was read and read and, when she got bored, wrote poetry. She blossomed into a fine, pretty little woman, charming and quite liked. But, for a second time, she was to be snatched away from the peaceful life she thought she was meant for, though not as forcefully as the first.

A proposal came from a fairly wealthy man by the name of Arion Alistair. As he seemed quite genial and purely lovestruck with the charming young woman, the proposal was accepted, with Lucinda's parents' blessing and all. Things changed after their wedding though. The mask came off and Arion revealed the beast that he was: a vampire. Not only a vampire, but one with a taste for royal blood. He abused Lucinda, often mercilessly drinking her blood or forcing her in bed.

One night, when he became extremely agitated with her, he finally gave in and outright turned her, forcing her to become the monster that she saw in her husband. It was shortly after that that she ran one night, getting Arion incredibly drunk before taking what she could and running, fleeing to the home of a friend in Belgium. It was there, in Belgium, that she came upon a man whose name she instinctively knew. As if she'd always known him, though had only just met him. That man was Mikhail Castella Boothe(Mica). Presently, she is still together with him and the two are inseparable for the most part.

Personality:: Lucinda is incredibly gentle and soft-hearted, the type that can't kill a thing. Often times, people will reference her to a sheep or a lamb as a 'sheep in wolf's clothing' as despite being a vampire, her core nature makes her the opposite of deadly. She's rather flinchy and uncomfortable around men, save for Mica. She's quiet and a bit of a bookworm.

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