Love never dies people tell me. Then why do i love someone so much and they love another girl? How can people say hes so nice when hes not? He won my heart when he looked me in the eyes. Ever since then i ain't able to look at any other guy the same way i look at him with his blonde hair. His best firend and me were together off and on but Is is wrong i love his best friend? I Just cant stop tihnking about him so much. I even created a poem about him creepy right? Why does love do tihs to people? I wish it wouldnt have done that to me. The boy i like loes my best friend. Isnt wierd i liked his best friend and he likes mine lol.
Other than that em adn my friend came up with our own hair style and i got a lot of complaments on it. People said i was so pretty and i should wear it like that more offtin. I just cant wait to wear my hair like that again. I hope my friend wont be happy if i date her ex boyfriend. I'll be okay if she dates my ex. Its okay me and him are completly over for now and forever. I hope he just asks me to go out with him already i knew he liked me already why cant he justj like me again right. I have best friends but some of my friends want me to know who my best friend is and i know who is my best friend.

Hope you like my entry,


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