Wow haven't been in this part of Gaia for a while..
I guess to start off, I'm glad to be back. Thanks Holy and Gaidin.
Twas a great Christmas gift a year ago. Too bad I was busy fishing against Joe in Overall razz
That was a great month. I was Number One. Ah yeah. But I made many mistakes, mistakes I shouldn't have done. I'll get to that later though.
My ventures with Kisarah were great. A part of me is glad I guess I was banned? I wouldn't have met so many people if I wasn't. I don't even know if we would've talked. Yeah I was with someone and that stuff shattered, but I had my newfound "Bass'terd topic" which maybe I should pick up again. I've done 2/3 quests. May as well try to finish it I suppose.
But anywho, how I came back, was complete random. I looked at September 2010s stats and was like "wat. I can do better". So I told Jessylyn I should fish. I have nothing to do. And I did, and won Gold Gambino easily. My first Gold I've actually won.Had no real threats besides Im Sorry for a while, but once I was ahead a ton, it was just keep the place. So December came around and I went all out. I slacked a ton of course. :p
But I won. And was glad. I won the only item I've ever wanted on here. But I lost something in return. I lost my love of my life. We've had our off and on's, but now I'm here. Alone...
Wish it didn't hurt that much. I would take back everything I did (which was a lot) to have her back. But it's too late. Things will never be the same without you.