Break ups are hard to deal with. No joke. Simple fact.
Even though you don't know why, because the other person doesn't deserve to be the cause of the pain you hold.
Love is such a dumb, dumb thing. Scary. Risky. Dangerous. Dumb.
Years and years of bleeding your heart out to one person so that they know every little dark thing about you and the little things that make you extraordinary...
And bam, it's all gone, like some star that just self-destructs because it was just too beautiful, just too bright, that it couldn't sustain itself, and nothing else could either.
During the relationship, you weigh the bad things considerably... "He doesn't listen to what I have to say"
After the break up, you can't get the good times out of your head.
But the years pass, and you look back, and it all looks kind of silly but pretty at the same time, and all you can do is sigh and say, "Damn, we had a good time while it lasted."
But by that time comes, you're on to the next one, burning bright, raging against the dark night.
Love is such a dumb, dumb thing.
But it's so beautiful, you simply can't resist... a little taste, that leads to your heart being shredded right down the middle.