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The Crazies (Chapter 2)
School was finally over and students stampeded out the doors. One could hear the laughter of a group of girls planning to go to karaoke with some guys from another school. Typical activity for the average highschool student. A few members stayed after school for practice or meetings. Some just went home to do homeowrk or just take a break.
Naomi stood outside the Kendo Club's studio, waiting for Joel to come out. Earlier her hair was down since it was breezy, now she had it pinned up in a flower clip that she got on her birthday. The flower clip was adorned with bells with glitter on the petals. The color was purple with lavender spots and petals, it seemed to accent her brown hair wonderfully.Naomi looked at her reflection in the window and observed herself. She looked a year yuonger than 15, but her figure fixed that for her. Samll shoulders that led to ample and petitie breasts going down to a finely toned stomach and hips. Naomi's thighs and calves were visibly firm, indicating that she plays sports. She used to, but decided that track wasn't in her future. Namoi saw something different but the vision always eluded her.
"What're you doing, baka?" A familiar voice asked. Naomi jumped out of shock and tried to catch her breath. She turned around in a huff and a raised fist before she relized who it was.
"Kaze-kun!" Naomi chimed.
"Yes, yes it's me," Kaze replied while pushing up his glasses, "So you're waiting for Joel again?" he asked.
"Yes, we live right night next door to each so we walk home together." Naomi explained. She looked closely at Kaze and smiled. The 16 year old who was in the same class as Joel had jet black hair that was cut in a punk style. His glasses covered chestnut eyes that resembled those of a cat. Kaze was a finely muscled young man in Naomi's opinion. If he took off the glasses, girls would crawl all over him.
"I see." Kaze pushed up his glasses again. "Well, I'll wait with you." He pulled out the book Sleepy Hollow and began reading.
"Kaze-kun?" Naomi started.
"What kind of girl do you like?" Naomi blushed for asking the question so bluntly.
Kaze's face blushed a cherry red before he could answer, "Uh.. well, see...' He started to stammer and fumble with his glasses that were fixed already. "W-what makes you ask this?" Kaze asked.
"Well," Noami started, "you only seem to hang out with me while girls in this school really like you. Do you like any of them?"
"Oh..." Kaze exhaled in relief. He didn't really know how to deal with confessions of the heart and Naomi would be the last person on his mind to like anybody like him. He thought Joel claimed her as his girlfriend already. That was the assumption by everyone in the school. Even the so called teachers who didn't pry into the students' affairs. Kaze looked at her and smiled, "I do like someone and they like me back. I'm trying to decide whether or not I should let our relationship out in the open."
'Oh is she the daughter of a wealthy business owner? Or maybe a pop idol? A foreign princess? The daughter of the Yakuza leader?" Naomi's imagination was beginnning to run wild like her mouth. Kaze always liked that about her. She was just so alive and innocent.
Kaze ruffled her hair and smiled, "No, but don't worry, everything will come out into the light soon."
"Kaze-chan!" A sweet voice called. A very feminine boy came into view and clung to Kaze. "Kaze-chan, I looked all over for you!' He exclaimed. The bob haircut on the boy shaped his small round face, making him look more than a girl than Noami is. He had a sweet petite figure and a thin waist like a doll. His lilac eyes glittered in the afternoon sun.
"Hanataro! It's nice to see you." Naomi chimed.
"Konnichiwa Naomi-chan." Hantaro smiled.
"What're you up to?" she asked.
"Kaze-chan and I were going to the museum to look at the Great Britain Exhibit." He handed Naomi a pamphlet. It showed the times for the showing of the Queen Elizabeth paintings that were going to be in town ofr a whole week. Even rare artifacts from the 2013 war were going to be displayed.
"Sokka, well I hope you have fun." Naomi encouraged.
"Well, I don't want to leave Naomi alone while she waits for Joel." Kaze ineterrupted the two in their conversation. He always found it rude to leave a girl alone. The father in his life always depicted women as fragile flowers that can't do anything but pollinate the world and should be protected. Maybe that was why Kaze didn't find himself with any female of any particular type. He could befriend them easily, sure enough, but dating....?
"Go ahead, I'm already here." Joel emerged from behind interrupting Kaze's thoughts.. Joel laid a hand on Hanataro's head and ruffled his bob. "Take care of my son, he can be quite aggressive," he joked.
Hanataro bowed, "I shall do my best."
"Whose father are you?!" Kaze raged, "We're the same damn age!"
"Ah, see, see? He's already acting so cold to his own Papa!" Joel continued with the back of his hand over his forehead in a dramatic gesture. Hanataro laughed at the comedy that Joel always seemed to bring with him.
"We'll see you guys tomorrow?" Hantaro asked.
"Sure thing, how about Karaoke since tomorrow will be Sunday?" Joel answered.
"Yeah!" Hanataro waved and dragged Kaze with him.
"Can't wait." Joel smiled warmly. Hanataro blushed suddenly and looked at Kaze. Joel thought Hanataro was really sweet despite the adventures he went through with Kaze.
"See you guys later." Kaze smiled at his two best friends.

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