For those who wish that Valentine’s Day did not exist
Maybe for personal reasons or you don’t have a tryst
Could be you’ve encountered a whirl wind of fire
Or just maybe, you lack endorsement of desire

Each year you walk through the catacombs of your mind
And swear up and down it’s only a waste of time
The thought of love really warps your sense of direction
Maybe It’s time to walk to the mirror and cast a new reflection

Yes, it’s you the ripples back with those beautiful eyes
As if unwrapping a present and receiving a wonderful surprise
The curves and lines help to distinguish who you are
The intellect you have achieved is convincing so far

It seems to me this day should be devoted in a special way
A day to embrace with passion, a day to play
After you realize what I have written is true
Wipe the tears from your eyes and say "I love you”